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    Zu viel am Smartphone – können wir noch ohne Social Media? | Unzipped | SRF Virus


    Turn off the alarm clock, flight mode out and then – I always think: ready now! And five minutes later it's my turn again – Deleted! It's just a senseless waste of time Deleted! – I would like to be less on my cell phone but somehow it is not possible, you are so bound to it – Deleted! You make people a little addicted

    – Yes – Do you have a guilty conscience? You probably know this situation pretty well You're on the phone, on apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok The television runs in parallel and the laptop is also opened and you don't do anything else as easy to update I just go from one app to the other then back to the other app and update and nothing happened So it's just a senseless waste of time And quite problematic, I think Tik Tok, where I've been on lately

    I'm just scrolling there for hours and consume like a stupid sheep! My record is really nine hours and I can confidently say: I got really addicted to cell phones and it's time to do something about it That is why we cover this topic in the current report I am in Meiringen and meet with Jochen Mutschler He is an expert when it comes to behavioral addictions, and cell phone addiction is a behavioral addiction He says that in the future every fifth young person will be addicted to cell phones and i want to know from him whether I'm addicted to mobile phones

    That triggers strange feelings in me I really have the feeling that I am stationary now for the next couple of weeks Would also be a cool report Fortunately, the people from my team didn't come up with the idea! Dr Mutschler makes it clear right from the start that cell phone addiction is not a recognized disease

    But research it and there would be clear parallels to other behavioral addictions such as gambling addiction At the beginning of our conversation he asked me about my cell phone use – How quickly after waking up, for example, Mr Carlin, do you reach for the cell phone? – So actually after a second Alarm clock rings, cell phone, alarm clock, Flight mode out and then

    – And have you ever tried to put the cell phone aside for a weekend or even a week? – So not a week now I would find that blatant It's always a little bit

    How shall I put it? Like a bad feeling you have the feeling that you are missing something – So also restlessness, nervousness, things like that? – Yes – These can be signs of mild withdrawal symptoms, which are also described

    Indeed – I think my maximum are already like ten hours Ten hours that I looked at the cell phone in one go – There is no fixed time in the sense where you can say: "This is normal now and not" But you can say that from four hours a day

    From there, the risk increases, so that you can say: There is a very problematic down to dependent behavior there And for us therapists it is important then to see exactly what someone is doing in these four hours And here you know there are activities that

    let's say riskier, and those that are less problematic So when I read the newspaper, for example, or when I watch a movie these are rather harmless things Then it becomes problematic when someone plays when someone is active on social media

    Then the whole thing often has a social impact, sometimes health effects For example, that school grades get worse or that you can't create a class – School grades got worse I had that before Class repeated, I already had that – Then there are sleep disorders, depression, Withdrawal symptoms that may occur – What do you think: Are the apps designed that you get addicted? – designed so that it naturally appeals to as many people as possible, that you like to do it that you spend a lot of time there and that above all our reward system is activated And if this is of course constantly repeated, then there is a kind of learning effect

    And then you get used to it And if you do that for years, then neural actually occurs Restructuring in the brain So it develops with the part of the people a dependency – Would that be a good idea if I personally said: For the next two to three weeks I delete all social media apps, all channels I am no longer active there

    – It is certainly not bad to give it a try It certainly won't do any harm If you want to find out for yourself, whether your cell phone use is problematic then there are various tests you can do on the Internet For example on feel-okch

    So, I decided to: I delete social media for two whole weeks And it's hard for me! Sounds stupid I am an adult, 25 years old and should actually stand with both legs in life I'm still in Instagram with my left leg, I am very attached to these apps Yes, I have painstakingly built it up the whole community, and there is a stress that I always had

    So: Hey you have to supply people, you have to do something Always such a stress of missing something and that's why I'm afraid when I'm just a few weeks away from the window that afterwards I'm really "away from the window" But you We'll see, we'll find out I now take one last picture and say that I'm taking a break

    Caption: “Friends, I'm going to log out of social media for a few weeks Cell phone addiction has become too strong See you soon!" That sounds super sad! It's up, it's up! Insta: deleted! Facebook: deleted! Tik Tok: deleted! Snapchat: deleted! I am a free person! It's the seventh day without social media and I'm doing pretty well But I just looked at the screen time yesterday and I have to admit I'm still at eight hours So it hasn't changed much

    However, I use the time better Because I watch more films I can watch films in full length again And that means it has an advantage I'm definitely not the only one who uses the phone so much, so I'm going to ask around a bit

    Maybe I'll find one or the other cell phone addict Do you find that a lot, ten hours and 25 minutes? – Yes, that's a lot These are the very unproductive days – What are you mainly doing on your cell phone? – Uh, different, zapping three times through the same stream on Instagram I open the app and close it again

    I always think to myself: done now! It is my turn five minutes later – Five hours 35 minutes But it's because of the quarantine, that's a bit mean now – It’s really probably a little pointless because you could use the time differently – Eleven hours 38 minutes

    Don't you feel guilty sometimes? – I even feel good I don't even pay attention to it – How so? – I can pass time without doing anything I would like to be less on my cell phone but somehow it is not possible You are so bound to it Your colleagues, maybe you have a girlfriend, then you don’t write back and get thrown together – I would have said that I ended up for an hour and a half come a day

    – But that's mega little! – Is that little? – This is awesome! – I find that a lot! – Before we had someone who had eleven hours – No, that's a joke? Word of honor? – I already had ten hours! – Seven hours 28 minutes – What would you say would you call yourself a cell phone addict? – Yes – Could you imagine doing without social media for two weeks? Because I'm doing it right now – No

    – No, difficult – Difficult? What's the hard part about it? – Yeah, you don’t notice everything -As soon as I'm not online anymore, it's great for now but afterwards i realize that I just need it – What? The confirmation the verification? – No, not the confirmation Easy to know what's going on in the world

    – What strikes me: A lot of young people say they are on the phone too much would also call themselves addicted to cell phones, but they don't want to change anything They don't give a shit, because they are all in the same boat and it is as it is – I'm meeting Morena now She is an influencer and has around 70,000 followers I want to know from her how she uses the cell phone, because social media is their job

    Do you have your screen time under control? – Of course it depends So from Monday to Thursday you can already say that it works to some extent But then Friday to Sunday is a good eight hours – What is the maximum? – that I ever had? I would have said now, maybe 10 hours Ten, eleven hours, yes

    – Me too That is also my maximum ten hours -What is what you do most on your cell phone? What do you spend most of your time with? – Reply to messages On Instagram Yes, simply the exchange with the community

    That sucks a lot of time, for years I think that 80% of the messages I answer safely But I don't stress anymore if I can't go into everyone It simply does not work – As an influencer, she has a healthy use of the cell phone today, she feels negative consequences actually none despite the high screen time

    A few years ago, things looked very different As a consumer of Instagram she let herself be influenced too much by certain contents – So I have trained women, slim women, just the ideal that I wanted to match I suddenly found that everywhere on social media and I have consumed and consumed and consumed, without Borders The impact of this was that I developed an eating disorder The problems were there before

    I always wanted to be slim and lose weight, just belong But that got the barrel overflowing Precisely because I have unlimited social media have consumed Yes, it influenced me At that time I just had no healthy dealings with social media

    – I feel like there are a lot of young people who are extremely addicted to cell phones or become more and more mobile addicted, which have screen times of eight to ten hours Do you sometimes feel guilty? As part of the system, as someone who feeds this system? You bring the content you kind of addict these people Do you have a guilty conscience? – not a bad conscience, but I know I’m helping that people could be more on cell phones Yes, I do my part, yes But I don't have a guilty conscience because I think: The content that I create is mostly

    Offers added value – Do you have any tips for me or for people who are watching and would also describe themselves as cell phone addicts, that they are not so dependent on the whole? – I think it's important that you keep making yourself aware that you spend a lot of time on your cell phone Um, and that it's okay just put the cell phone away

    By the way, many influencers do this: 24 hours offline Take breaks again and again, to prove yourself: Hey, I can do without! Even if it's only 24 or 48 hours Then you should listen and look inside yourself what that does to you

    It is always important to know yourself so well that you know: how do I react? What does it matter to me, how far can I go? Feel yourself a little I found the conversation with Morena very impressive I take a lot of things with me Primarily, that you can have a healthy handling of it, if you deliberately put the cell phone away Let's see how it works

    But that's what I'm taking with me It's Wednesday My social media break will be over in two days Something has even happened: My screen time is now 11 percent less, than at the beginning of the experiment Sounds like a little, but I have more now Watched films, listened to more music and I still do that on my cell phone I'm still afraid that if I download all the apps now, Tik Tok, Insta

    that I am completely addicted again So that this doesn't happen, I meet virtually with Regine Rust She is a search expert and sure some tips for me

    I was on the street and asked some teenagers what they think about their cell phone use and what their screen time is The basic tenor is: yes, they are already addicted to cell phones, but they don't really want to change anything So they don't see it as a big problem Is this an experience that you have already had? – Absolutely! The problematic is mostly not seen by young people, but the adults These are the teachers, these are the teachers

    This is behavior typical of young people, but also a bit of a behavior that people show who are addicted I think of course you have to differentiate a bit Are the teenagers really all addicted? The adolescents use the term on cell phones comparatively quickly, with other substances you can't say that quickly – Is that always linked to something else? Or are there also those who are really only addicted to cell phones? – So cell phone addiction is a bit And that's what I was talking about I now take your example: So this is my cell phone, but now this is just a platform for everything I can do There are people who have use the phone a lot, but maybe sex addicted There are people who use the cell phone they may have a gambling addiction There are people who use the cell phone and are addicted to shopping But there are also people they also have other addictive behaviors

    For example, cannabis is a common topic which is often linked to gaming And otherwise, as you say, the issue of eating disorders is a big topic So with excessive cell phone use that’s often coupled and that’s something we do for example, always ask about eating disorders, whether someone does it excessively So put pictures on the net – The two-week break that I have now taken does it bring anything at all? Or is it just a cool experiment but not really sustainable? – It is probably not sustainable in the long run, because you took a break and when you don't change anything afterwards, then it's just like once Stop and then it actually continues

    But I think the break can serve that you check yourself And I think it's basic always good to practice alternatives So it can also help you You have noticed that it works and you may have made something new in time, which you might not have done so much otherwise – There are various tips on the Internet, how to counter the excessive Cell phone consumption can proceed

    Like a long password, buy a wristwatch or buy an alarm clock or don't put the phone in your pocket but in the back of the backpack Do such tips bring anything? – Yes, it does a lot, it does a lot For one thing, so if they really A great example is always an alarm clock It's always the classic and in consulting is the first thing we ask: Is the cell phone used as an alarm clock? When the teenagers say they actually always say yes Otherwise I won't wake up One speaks purely psychologically of being within reach That means everything that is close to me what I can grab quickly, I will most likely also use more

    The further away the cell phone is and the best thing would really be You live on the fourth floor and it's in the basement Then I can do it myself make things a little bit harder and thereby control my behavior a bit

    – Now I know what to do I have to buy an alarm clock For me it really is – I have some more for you – Would you still have? It's good – I could send you one – Otherwise I will give the address later The self-experiment is over

    I officially went through two weeks without social And I look at a very relaxed, pleasant time back I would not have thought it I found it easier than I expected In the beginning I still have the classic one Addictive behavior

    I actually always had the cell phone at hand Have looked and updated and noticed there is nothing left to update The addictive behavior then evaporated at some point, was no longer available and I also take positive things from this experiment I could be more focused at work, watching the film, talking I was just more productive and I would like to take that with me too after this experiment

    I would now like to say: "I think I can do quite well without social media" But unfortunately I'm not like that I'm going to download all the apps again, I just hope that I don't fall into old patterns Send messages: allow Ui! It is already poaching me to be inside

    What about your cell phone consumption? Could you imagine yourself like me to do without social media for two weeks? Let me know in the comments below And for more such reports follow SRF Virus on this channel

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