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ZOJI Z8 – Смартфон с защитой IP68 / Полный Обзор + Отзыв


Hello everyone, although on the table we now have two models from the brand Hampton subsection architects who deals specifically with shockproof smartphones but in this as you understand from the name, we will do a review of the zones for 84 64 budget model of shockproof smartphone this is our bed z11 giant 10,000 battery and in a separate review we will do a full test and check on all its functions and capabilities and the declared characteristics it is with us A separate review will be, and now we are engaged specifically in the homtom z8 model inexpensive average price of 110 120 dollars and although it is called shockproof but this is the first smartphone that I was afraid to lower the water I will explain why a little later let's first see the package bundle it comes in black packaging principle what are all these shockproof models on the packaging that are all of interest to us processor characteristics mt6735 combo tray for sim cards either 2 nano sim cards or 1 we put and a memory card a memory card supports up to one hundred twenty eight gigabytes android 70 gps support and we will check what types of satellites are farther diagonal screen 5 inches hd it means 720 to 1280 and therefore in the u-tube You can watch videos with a resolution of only 720 on top of the glass gorilla glass of an unknown generation, then try to find out 16 megapixel rear camera 13 megapixel front camera RAM 4 gigabytes of built-in a64 declared battery 4 250 well, and the dimensions are indicated in the box that resembles the finale we get next power supply branded from hampton 5 volt 2000 milliampere micro usb charging cable with a very elongated connector on the left usual micro usb and on the right specialized such can find aliexpress on the site if necessary, leave the link in the description under the video just in case, there is also the ability to connect from games using an adapter what is it if you suddenly do not know this connection flash drives of mice and keyboards and you can play games if you suddenly have a native cable damage you have exactly the same elongated the connector you can purchase a yusbi cable on yusb and there is already such an adapter for charging, a clip to remove the tray with sim cards, then I will show you how this tray is removed, it is not like in ordinary smartphones and the spare film is not glass comes as a gift from the manufacturer now the case itself the case is completely made plastic and although it looks quite close to shockproof but it is made of such an inexpensive plastic why I said that I'm afraid lower this smartphone and didn’t do it except that it could sprinkle on it water for video effects but didn’t do it either because the model is very budget and firstly scare these stubs that are gathering dust and at first they climbed out themselves as they were new got them in general, they were in such a state that it’s very difficult to open the clock like this this is this stub sticking out and they strive to open up and if suddenly it will fall into the water and under water and the plugs decided to open the phone will simply everything will be bad it will be very bad therefore I do not consider that it is very reliable but at first, don’t be afraid to use real pressure on these stubs, i

e to close it, you need to besides just placing your hole you also need to press it so that it doesn’t soar but don’t press on the screen so as not to break it all now now in this state it is closed just as with this we press but the fact that it’s soaring seems to help but it clung terribly and it opened so easily so it’s very unreliable look where the nest is you won’t get there with the usual plug; now I’ll show how it is removed there is a hole in the tray but there is an eye on the eyelet tray do not pull the eyelet so as not to break for could push into the hole after pressed almost popped up and pick up with a sturdy we’ll remove it and apply a memory card or 2 nano sim cards now to insert we click until you click everything as you understand the hole there is a lot so take care of the buttons as for me it’s unusual they moved from the right end everything on the left is the power button below and the volume button between them there are no differences it would be better if they made them paired so sometimes it gets confused if like this hold it in your hands then the middle finger turns on the smartphone the buttons have a click striking during shaking no no here we have there is a speaker under a very large mesh this is not protective water net water penetrates there and I don’t even know what to say maybe the dynamics has its own grid, and this is so from large particles I don’t know, we see closed it already opened try again close well, that is, the first times you just need to train I hope that over time they will not grow stale and will not fall out at all but this place which really will open very often, let's see during the tests how he will behave but right in front of his eyes he sometimes noticed that right in front of me it’s rubber or silicone that I don’t know and is trying to strive like that slip out look what I noticed besides being so cool the case but it is made of plastic here and if dropped can give some cracks in the body and although there is metal present glued only here here in the center the case itself is completely made of plastic Well, if you use it here, for example, you can feel such a cavity inside he himself is lightweight and weighs 210 grams, for example, my blackview weighs 290 grams is not natural here glass and everything from plastic; the frame here is also from plastic; there are a lot of hexagons around the perimeter is one camera module, which is basically good because but I have for example 2 but only one bokeh effect works like there isn’t such one Two LEDs shine very brightly but not in warm or cold it is average normal no complaints here there is also a connector for headphones with exactly the same plug and not every plug can be inserted there the microphone is on the right here in the corner above is the speaker some such recesses but you know what scares the screen here is above the case with the effect of 25 d and will take the whole blow on myself therefore I recommend to buy at least a protective glass for this glass protection gorilla glass unknown to me generation glued on top of the film she glued factory and at the bottom of the button on the case they are touch on the screen diagonal screen here but so that you see this modest initially he comes with his launcher but he is so uncomfortable that I had to install the miyuay launcher separately, this is our maximum brightness and in I’m not enough to say that it’s very bright right like this on halves and so minimally set the maximum also I suggest you look at the test for viewing angles and color reproduction according to antutu tests, it issued 67 thousand four hundred and seventy processor an eight-core processor with a maximum megahertz frequency of 1508 processor is very budget but at the minimum of the game, too, without any problems pulls for graphics mali answers t860 pixel density 325 multi-touch test 5 touches wifi dual-band bluetooth 40 and only three sensors accelerometer sensor The ambient light and proximity sensor also have a multi-color indicator o missed notifications my impressions of using this smartphone on the seventh android well works smartly without any problems quickly responds as you can see I'm wearing gloves and copes without problems starting the camera we see the standard application disabling video photos switching to hdr camera flash panorama and colors transmits not bad naturally I would say we will take a test shot focus and shoot video test video during filming 12345 fast approximation we look at how it is configured and it is not configured photo ap u touch just now there is a setting tuned here is such a sound quality study Well, in the studio, too, is recorded on the front camera 12345 verification and sound quality test photos and videos you can see in end of the review and now let's listen to the sound set the sound to maximum this track when standing let's turn on with wheezing low almost none high medium volume I would say if on a five-point system, then at 3 7 that's somewhere like that when on the table the dynamic does not close the sound comes out Shepeleva squeaky popcorn inside no own gallery so all photos we look through google photos and although it is stated that battery 4 is here 250 photos from here from zero to one hundred percent, he took 4112, these are good indicators in In standby mode, it saves energy very well Wi-Fi was constantly turned on and look when was the last time he turned on eight days ago there was a charge and about five days in the same state he can still save energy and most of all the expense took 36 percent that is, I I used it from time to time tested but more after the test he lay on the table here so that you can test other smartphones at the same time he has minimal self-discharge, but this is not all tests we conducted online test for tests in u-tube from 100 to 0 percent and here tips on our channel reviews from the chart, you can see how much he lasted a while running the dpa inpa program while we wait I want to say that of course there is no digital compass in it so the budget nickname if you want to see a shockproof smartphone I’ll leave this link in the end intros as this is the first really start of running DPS tests I see that he needs time to connect in general only by going to street he was able to connect with satellites by going into the house he loses the signal therefore from this we can conclude that it is not very powerful and in a private house can not output normal signal supports gps and glonass type and beidou not supports left to conduct a test in the game asphalt 9 at minimum settings because the maximum is the strongest suspension and see the test photo video this is all the volume in the game even at these minimum settings you can still see some kind of freeze and even the guys hear the sound freezes the strongest prizes right in the box everything is visible and this is not a camera distortion the camera just transmits, that is, it is not for games, it’s a dialer like this called shockproof moisture proof my business was to tell you so you know Now look at the tools and photos and videos, I say goodbye to you, do not forget rate this video like it, thank you all for watching, bye testing now on a homtom smartphone for 8 rear camera currency hi but so that you need to move and be treated, that’s the quality of sound on the street and now the wad will do its own other things and we will test the front camera sun light sock on the screen I see and as it is, there are even present in my opinion a little stabilization I don’t know I’m jumping now like this, as you see, there’s a front camera in action like audible as seen changing angle changing focus well, on an outstretched hand I hold not bad even showing juicy colors Of course I lived on a computer during installation, I see what quality is actually better and nits, and so the principle you yourself will appreciate in my opinion shoots 640 by 480 pictures but not 720 like this and let's check on the macro well the focus is triggered not instant but then it’s not configurable; no need to bring down the footsteps, but now it’s itself touched tuned in and a

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