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Zero-Bezel : next trend of smartphone design


just let's summarize guys, break it down to a lil pieces, the timeline of cellphone from time to time start with the first handheld mobile phone from Motorola Brand found by Dr Martin Cooper on 3rd April , 1973 this device, its weighed over 2 Kilograms

jeez emm heavy enough to be thrown into your beloved one when you find 'em cheating on you well actually there's some other version long before this one but it pretty much nothing more than just a traditional phone, with no cable on it, that wasn't fit enough to be held by hand, so that's not on our list today in couple decades after Dr

Martin Cooper prototype release expansion of mobile phone seems developing rapidly we've got Analogue Cellular, One generation (1G) found in Tokyo in 1979 afterwards around 1990s we had 2nd Generation (2G) Phone with digital transmision instead of analog from 2G it's turn to 3G by NTT DoCoMo, that launched the first commercial 3G network on 1 October 2001 in Japan at this stage mobile phone begin to transform into new basic needs for human beings, obviously also There are thousands of Design of cell phones that have hit the streets between 1983 and now we got, T9 models from Nokia, and turn to be full Qwerty by Blackberry afterwards it become Touchscreen Display cellphone are getting wider and thinner and untill today we seen bezel less model on the market almost every Smartphone manufacturers try to reduce the forehead and chin size of their products even more looking forward to make it pure zero bezel but there's some problem in it we cannot just remove the front selfie camera fortunately there's a bunch of patent lately that perhaps make a pure full screen zero bezel come true very soon we're finally can put the fingerprint sensor lives beneath the 6-inch OLED display that was made by sensor company called Synaptics and it's already applied onto protoype from Vivo a major Chinese smartphone brand owned by the same company behind Oppo and OnePlus that has announced the X20 Plus UD the first ever smartphone to ship with this technology that appeared on a pre-production phone at CES 2018 after we're solving the fingerprints placement, let's move to earpiece in 2017 A UK startup called Redux had developed technology that allows displays or other flat panels to emit sound without the user of a traditional speaker Among other things the technology could be used to build smartphones that don’t need speakers freeing up space for bigger batteries, antennas, or other components But it looks like Redux doesn’t exist anymore because Google acquired the company sometime last year It’s not clear what Google plans to do with the company’s assets but it’s not hard to imagine that an upcoming Pixel phone could use Redux audio technology now let's talking about front selfie camera

theres A new patent by Samsung could offer a solution moving the front camera and other components such as the earpiece and proximity and ambient light sensors underneath the screen A camera that can see through the display would also offer an additional advantage allowing manufacturers to place it towards the center of the screen so that the camera and the face of the person you're talking to would be roughly in the same spot Or we can see the alternative from Doogee brand Doogee’s approach is a slide-mechanism similar to that of the Nokia Legend N95 This design results in the phone sporting a true full-screen design as the front camera(s), earpiece, and sensors are hidden behind the screen and can be accessed by simply sliding down the phone

This design however comes with one flaw you guess a ticker phone What do you think of Doogee’s take on full-screen smartphones? Is this the solution we need ? if you don't mind to be just a little bit thicker then just buy one nex year and even further if all of these kinda things we put together with flexible display (?) you guess yourselves buddy so yea thank's for droppin by cheers me up by subscribing for more you could hit the bell ring if necessarily share to ya'll roomates, give 'em thumbs up and tell me what do you think, in the comments space down below see ya in the next round (:

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