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Youtube studio setup for beginners? | New Things New Tech


Hhey welcome to New Things New tech! Youtubers have different ways to make their videos For today here's a little behind the scenes of our studio that's being used for shooting shows, live streaming and more (intro music) I thought I'd walk you through some of the gear we use to make our shows

I've done a lot of professional work at TV stations and companies over the years, and gathered a lot of consumer and semi – professional gear much of the pro gear I've had over the years is so outdated and unusable for professional work The tech changes so fast that my wallet can't keep up with all the new gear we want to get But you know what using what you have and creating great content should really not limit you by the quality of the gear you have Now I'm not saying that this is a great set up yet but it's a really good start

Some of what I've done might be good in your video creations as well We have a lot of monitors different cameras, mix of lighting, a television switch, a Ninja Blade used for recording and monitoring, a series of lavalier and miscellaneous mics, vocal mics, condenser mics and a Tascam 4 channel audio recorder that I use from most of my audio recording I have three teleprompters I created to use with this hodgepodge set of cameras Normally I would use one or two of the best cameras to capture my A and B role content and finish the edit in Premiere Pro With all this gear I could set it up for a multi camera switching like I have now and can record all this live on the Ninja Blade as well as in open broadcaster or other software for live streaming Or record to each different camera and mix down, color grade and edit and massage in Premiere Pro and After Effects

Blender, Photoshop or whatever other software I can get my hands on My goal is to create top notch shows that both you and I will enjoy Realistically the bare minimum gear that you need for a decent YouTube videos is 4 things A decent camera Tripod, good lighting, and good audio Oh besides the gear you need to have some great content which will almost always outdo the gear you're using in the studio

we have a boatload of equipment that we really don't need but comes in handy now then I'm just gonna cover the basics here and I have other videos that I'll be pushing out soon with in-depth views of some of this gear for you to watch The primary camera I use for most of my footage is the Nikon d3300 it's a cheap good DSLR with really clean hdmi 1080p60 video Put a good lens on this other than a kit lens and you'll find you can do very well I use the Nikon d3300 primarily for all the medium and close-up shots

Next is the Sony NX30 prosumer camcorder, we use primarily as the main wide central shooter as probably it's the most reliable For its time one of the best mid-level pro cameras that you can get full video It's great for events, weddings, YouTube or just about any all-around video shooting It has great XLR audio inputs as well as a great shotgun mic on top for capturing great audio For the third camera in our typical three camera shoot we use the sony HDR CX405HD Used when needed for second person medium shots or overhead shooting

These are cheap low camcorders you can pick up for under 200 bucks The downside is they can be really grainy in low-light and just not that crisp and then there's a few other miscellaneous cameras I can use if needed The Canon T5, The Sony SR1 My phone XR which you can actually get 4k video out of Below the cameras are the tripods This one is the Magnus VT-4000 I picked up three of these at B&H photo for around $129 each

These are nice mid Pro fluid head tripods with quick releases for easy setup and balance In front of the cameras are the teleprompters, one for each camera to ensure we're looking at the camera that's recording the current video These are really simple as something you could build in an hour or two The main teleprompter feed computer sits on the show table here with all the other monitors connected as the second monitor fed via VGA distribution box The 3 cameras are tied together in the Blackmagic ATEM HD studio switcher

This little video switcher can have up to eight input devices ranging from cameras to computers to anything it can be fed via the SDI or HDMI connectors The nice thing is that you could have someone in a different room, or anywhere that they can get to the network, switching your video feed It's also possible to use this for live streaming videos either with a black magic streaming module, or sending the program HDMI out of the switcher into a computer and streaming there was something like open broadcaster The HDMI out of the switcher or directly from a camera, if not using the switcher, goes into the Atomos Ninja Blade video recorder The Ninja Bade records directly to an SSD hard driving can also be used as a camera monitor

Great for those cameras that don't have a flip-out screen There's also a lot of cool features and benefits to use, in one of these, which I'll cover more in another video For audio I used the Tascam DR-60MKii recorder This thing is great for up to four channels of recording audio The audio recordings are super clean and easy to sync up and editing

By connecting and output from the Tascam back to the camera or a video recorder you can get a reference audio as well as add a sync tone when you start recording For Mics, I primarily use the mobile LV 402 XLR phantom power level lavalier omnidirectional microphones There are great cheap mics for about $35 each, plug directly into the Tascam, Sony NX30, or via an extension cable to deliver good quality audio You could use a desk mic set up like I've shown on my custom mic stand build video, or other mic of your choice But regardless always use a mic close to your subject to get top-notch audio

Lights! What goods the video without some lighting? So in this studio I have a mix of Par cans and low-cost clip-on scoops, most of the bulbs in here are daylight 5k with the exception of the coast splashes I'm using on some of the back scoops for a little mood lighting I find that the daylight 5K's give a better overall color I have videos covering in-depth setup and use of most of the gear being shown in this video for you to review, if not posted already then it will be posted soon So stay tuned to this channel So that's a basic view into our studio and some of my gear we use for shooting our shows

Ideally I'd like to have all 4K matched cameras and video Right now the only 4k shooting I can do is on my iPhone 10 R but to get a good dynamic range bokeh depth of field I need to be shooting on something like a Panasonic GH5 a Panasonic Lumix S series or the Sony A7iii orr other similar camera But by playing games and creative shooting I can make most of this cheap gear You know what? For your basic 1080p HD video, shoots this gear we have here is great for now and I can slowly swap out the old gear for new as the channel grows and I have some cash to buy some gear that we need to make the videos

Thanks for watching I'm Scott Drudge for New Things New Tech! all the normal stuff goes here you hear about all the time that goes here questions, subscribe money subscribe money, need more money

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