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Spotify emerging in to the space of storylines As the storylines are getting common in most of the apps, Spotify is testing a new feature called Spotify storylines to know the stories of musicians And they called it as behind the scenes information from artists about their songs Storyline offers similar functionality to Spotify’s existing Behind the Lyrics cards, and even appears directly beneath them in compatible songs

However, it’s not available to every Spotify user yet, and nor is it available for every artist — Spotify has worked directly with the artists themselves to generate the current crop of Storylines Hailo launches deep learning chip As the present trend in technology is AI , and the chip making companies like Intel ,Qualcomm and so on are competeting in this area, hailo company that is founded in 2011 , launched its hailo -8 chips , the first of the deep learning processors The news chip promises up to 26 tera operation per second Its main focus is around Automative Industry like automated driving cars, small chips and so on… Linkedin a network building app hits 20Million job postings Linkedin is a network building platform that helps build connections directly with inside company people

The company today has amassed more than 20 million job listings It sees 600 million users collectively applying to jobs, 25 million times per week As a new feature it introduces On the jobs front, which includes instant job alerts, a redesign of the Jobs home page, and more salary insights available to all users (including free users), with skills assessments coming soon On the recruitment front, LinkedIn Jobs, Recruiter, and Pipeline Builder are all coming together to create a more seamless way to manage how you post ads, source candidates and other leads and ultimately interact with them in the process of hiring Google in association with breathe London to measure air pollution using Googles street view cars As the air pollution around us are increasing rapidly, to know the quality of air that is present and also the elements that are present in air, they installed devices around the city for the testing phase around London

The device helps in collecting the quality control and repots back to the server so that we can implement in reducing the amount of concentrated air around us

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