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Yamaha TMAX / Tech Max 2020. Prueba y opinión


Good morning friends We are about to start the test of the new Yamaha TMAX 560 the day is a bit cloudy too there is a little sun it seems that we will have everything let's see if time respects us The main novelty of this edition is in your engine this seventh edition has grown in its displacement from 530 to 562 cubic centimeters

It's 32 centimeters cubic that to tell the truth are not noticeable a lot a priori but Yamaha has gotten thus comply with the new Euro5 regulations with all this it is thus possible to compensate the loss of power that could have with the new homologation The first sensations is the smoothness of the throttle you open the throttle a little bit and you don't notice any pull and it is appreciated when you go for city ​​and with traffic a bit dense right? first acceleration with lots of energy surprised by both things for softness in low RPM and because of the forcefulness if you demand and you open the throttle A very crowded engine very full from below in the medium range and of course in the high RPM it gives everything also adding forged pistons in aluminum, new connecting rods, new camshaft that is, adding other changes in internal components is also achieved better behavior and even improve slightly The power figures

Very slightly me I think it's almost certainly invaluable, but according to the data contributed by the brand yes the curve is fuller at low and medium and even peak power is a little taller yes it always stays below 35 kilowatts to be able to drive it with the A2 license certainly one of its advantages evidently I don't know if you can see it on the screen in the central part of the digital screen appears some letters that says ECO are on when you do an ecological riding when we go by road yes that we feel is a scooter but the engine brake does help slow down to stop the vehicle well, let's go on a road with some spectacular views and the road is very fun we have changed to S Mode, the most sporty mode and it shows a punch much more aggressive when you want me to deliver all the power obviously by city it is more logical to enable T Mode, is much softer in low and medium of course it is always to thank that power from below to get around city ​​traffic it's wonderful to have all that power at your fingertips and not only that, but have it under control it's not a runaway horse another of the obvious changes is in its aesthetic if in the previous edition of two years ago let's say that their lines had softened has returned to its origins the TMAX has had some more aggressive strokes more angular keeps on the side of the central beam that boomerang shape so characteristic that it has always had this maxi scooter in the headlamp for example we also see more aggressive lines and the headlight has indeed changed its T-shape winking at the initial of his Own name with all this right now the TMAX is even more aggressive and will surely make your customers more happy another one of the things that we can highlight is the equipment of series that brings the TMAX it has two driving modes it has traction control and also has the smart key, contactless key also has of course traction control what is a plus of security especially on days like today that there is a lot of humidity and the ground is quite wet it is always appreciated to have those electronics especially when we talk about a maxi scooter so powerful and so heavy as you see here we also have a brake parking lot which is very useful when you want to leave the scooter on an uphill or downhill we must remember that they have got that under the seat fit an integral helmet and a jet helmet however Yamaha has realized that in recent years the editions that have worked best commercially have been the special editions this year that premium edition is called TMAX Tech Max in this in this edition It also has cruise control electric adjustment windshield running that the truth is that it is wonderful and It also has heated cuffs and heated seat, connectivity with your phone that also we have been able to try and through your mobile application, you can see a lot of data that really are very interesting and also arrives in a new decoration, one of the available decorations that is very curious because it has a green-gray color and is quite quite interesting the dashboard as you can see keeps the two spheres and a digital central display some may miss a color TFT screen but what do you want me to say to me I love that they keep the tachometer at the right and the speedometer to the left It's a like a car style, don't I look like a but, although good, it's true that being such a leading model well quickly sure we will see a TFT screen sooner or later if we want to put the heatable grips we change the mode here on the left button, here, and with the little arrows we can set up to three levels of heating let's go up the screen a little what a joy Another thing I would like to highlight is precisely the turning radius which he has the TMAX, which is very generous and this helps us to get around the city ​​traffic as I just happen right now let's talk about suspensions a little the stability they transmit is wonderful you don't have a lot of information for sport riding much less but you don't have vibrations is a absolute comfort of course the setting of the fork and the single shock absorber is focused on building a little sporty but that, giving priority to comfort and stability the work that Yamaha has prioritized is not to transmit precisely excessive vibrations for that the tour be as pleasant as possible the confidence that the train gives you forward is amazing thinking that we are on a scooter It's like a conventional motorcycle it also has the rear mono-shock adjustment, which well, gives you a plus of benefits according to your tastes and according to your style talking about for tires it have the Bridgestone SC and the truth is that they give much trust you can do quite prominent inclinations although it is true today little joys, little can we risk given the asphalt state, very wet the turn changes are very fast we are talking about a large scooter riding position is quite natural quite comfortable the seat is quite it's hard but good it's comfortable yes, the foot platforms for those who we have a large foot is a little fair the truth you can put you can set foot more stretched like custom style when you go by road for putting some fault then we have noticed that the seat is quite wide which then makes for those who are a little shorter of 1'75 and so on, for reaching the ground it's going to be a little awkward to anything that good that you get used to the mirrors are also a bit far, they look correctly but maybe I miss let the truth be seen a little more they could have a little bigger opening the work that has made Yamaha with the TMAX as still right as a product commercially speaking flawlessly comfort, practicality, functionality but in addition to everything a scooter offers you you have a lot of performance a lot of charisma that this model has already earned and what can we say, that the rivals has it very difficult prices remain similar to those of the previous versions, that is figures that at first glance are quite high we have to say it like that but this has not been an obstacle nor much less to keep making one of the favorites I think Yamaha has made a remodeling of the TMAX that not only what does more "MAX" if possible of the brand but it is still the reference of the maxi scooter on the market

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