Xperia 1 III Official Product Video – Speed and beyond


From its fast camera to immersive viewing, witness speed and beyond with Xperia 1 III:

For speed and beyond in a smartphone, say hello to the all-new Xperia 1 III.

For photographers – with technology from Alpha cameras for fast AF, Xperia 1 …

100 thoughts on “Xperia 1 III Official Product Video – Speed and beyond

  1. Low class video. I like a Sony mobile. But,SONY chief officer mind are not sharp. They are very old mind. Just imagine, its video not introducing the phone cool feature.The phone is good, but no one knows, the phone was actually good. . The price of the phone is high. People will not buy this phone for show off… .
    Introducing video will be such that everyone can have an idea about all the features of the phone.

  2. Trillions likes,best comment because you Top on Earth and follower respect you,we ask you to open Super active Page on TikTok , Vimeo and Twitter apps because they are So fast increase followers and increase selling , post videos in HDR10+ Dolby Vision IQ resolution clarity quality 120fps or 240fps 8K and Sound in Full HD surrounded 3D Dolby Atmos.

  3. Hey You (sony) !! .. I don't care what anyone says.. From a long time ago, even though you made flagship phones… It's still a facade that doesn't meet the price of inequality.
    And it's been going on for years

  4. I'm not here to bash Sony, in fact I'm going to buy this phone as soon as it's available, but there are just some shortcomings that really frustrates me and I hope they will be fixed in the future (since they are all software):

    1. Changing lenses while recording a video, especially in Basic mode (this is very important!)

    2. 4K 60 fps in Basic mode. I can't believe that in 2021, 4K 60 fps is not an option in Basic mode. Also slow motion mode in Basic mode should be 4K 120fps, 1080p 480 FPS or 720p 960 fps (these have the same data rate so it's possible)

    3. Proper Night mode for all lenses. This will make low light images much clearer with much less noise. With the 20 fps burst, this phone could have the world's best night mode and HDR mode and probably even super resolution mode.

    4. True variable zoom, I know the hardware can do it, so let us zoom smoothly between 3x and 4.5x especially while recording a video, this will make dolly zoom possible!

    5. Changing lens based on zoom level, I want to zoom without worrying about which lens I'm when I'm capturing a photo in Basic mode

    6. Add an option to force the resolutions to 4k and 1080p all the time instead of only automatically switching between both.

    7. Add back 3D Creator, with the iTOF sensor, making 3D scans couldn't be faster and more accurate

    8. Add an option in battery care to disable fast charging entirely.

    9. Add back the Album app, this was one of the best no-nonsense photo viewer and editor.

    If these features are added, this phone would be a game changer!

  5. フロストグレーがとても好みで購入を考えていますが、日本ではドコモ専用となっていてドコモロゴの刻印が入ってしまうのがとても残念です

  6. make a Xperia play phone… again with 6 buttons this time
    or add two extra button as triggers
    sony is the company which took gaming to the next level…do it again in mobile gaming

  7. Customer : I need these :-
    Good processor e.g. Snapdragon 888 , A14
    4k display
    120 hz refresh rate
    240 hz touch sampling rate
    3.5 mm jack
    4000+ mah battery
    Fast charging e.g. 30 watt
    SD card slot
    USB Type C 3.1
    Good build metal frame and gorilla glass 6
    Best camera
    Brand value

    Is there any phone possible In 2021 🙏🏻

    Reply :- Sony xperia 1 III 😎

    Literally Sony it is best phone I had ever seen other brands have to learn something with Sony

  8. 6 years ago When i graduate and have work i always dream to have a sony phone. But my budget cant afford it. Hais its my biggest dream for my self yet still cant. If only sony could compete in low budget phone. Maybe i can.

  9. Don't buy a Sony Phone. I have an Xperia 1 they more or less bricked with their latest Android update release. They farm out their customer service to a call center that is powerless to help you. They want you to send in your phone to yet another farmed out repair center and THEY WILL NOT SHIP YOU A REPLACEMENT unit while your phone is out for repair. So you send your phone in and they just leave you HANGING with out anything to use. You have to buy another phone to use while you're without. AVOID SONY AT ALL COSTS. FLAG SHIP PHONE, FLAG SHIP PRICE, NORTH KOREA TIER CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  10. TBH i feel like you guys are trying to make the camera like a DSLR but people are very much used to use a "mobile camera" at this point. So ig you should step up the camera a little bit more. People want a "106" megapixel lens in their hand and they wanna see the results just by clicking the shutter button once, I don't think there is a lot of people who use the pro mode often let alone taking a blast shot.
    But thanks for the headphone jack though.

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