Xiaomi Mi Note 10 full review

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  1. Do you recommend this phone for video recording, like for travel video? I want to buy a new phone which has similar video recording capabilities like iPhone 11 pro max (what is too expensive for me I think) but cheaper. I mean some phones have really vivid capture colors without post-processing.

  2. I just got the note 10 and I don't know what's happening but the battery is just draining as I'm watching it

    Like I haven't done anything but take 3 pictures, get everything ready and it has already 10% less

    Is that even normal? Please help I'm stressed cuz I've always had Samsung so far

  3. hey guys, i feel like getting Mi Note 10.
    But some sellers offer me to get Huawei Mate 20 (not latest 30) as the cpu is better, and price almost at the same range. As i was commenting on the phone i'm using now is slow. Due to i'm used to Huawei P10+ operating speed. I'll need more recommends and comments from you all.

  4. GSM realy needs to update this review because battery life is pure insanity best of any phone out period minimum sot I get is 10 hours but but quite often get as much as 14 hours sot and that with around 36 hours since charged

  5. I think it would be a good n smart phone for its awesome configuration specifically containing 3.5mm jack and ir blaster….. better than latest Samsung phones launched in 2020

  6. I do own mi note 10. While shaking it while dispplay facing towards me – to and from me I can hear noises from camera. Is that normal? Also anyone who wants to buy this phone. Just dont…

  7. Sir i want to buy a phone but i am confused which mobile should i buy for best camera and for gaming and bettry please do guide me and help which mobile phone should i buy except Iphone beacuse they are very Costly do guide me n help me thank you

  8. This is a camera with the features of a mobile phone. Out of the box, I'm Very, very disappointed with the sound quality. Across several apps, the audio is flat, no bass, no depth, and lifeless. I'll forego the great camera and keep my Samsung for entertainment.

  9. Thank you for the review 🙂 as someone not massively into smartphones tho I would have liked a couple of alternatives to look at around a similar price range, maybe with links if you've reviewed them? You mention that there are competitors out there at the end but not what they are. Other than that great review, thank you for posting.

  10. Why some Mi note 10 have the text down behind in the right corner and some don't.
    CE mark and some other text
    Does that mean that the one without that text is not original?

  11. Hello, I would like to buy a new phone, now I'm a Samsung galaxy note8 user but I really can't decide what to buy next. My budget is 500€, I take a lot of photos so that's important to have a great camera, I would like at least as good as note8, longer battery life min 4000-4500, I'm not a gamer at all, but I'm a heavy user, browsing and watching videos etc..

    I can't decide between these:
    Samsung galaxy note 10 lite,
    Xiaomi Mi note 10,
    Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro,
    Motorola One Fusion+
    Which one would be the best replacement?
    Or any other idea? Thank you:)

  12. I'm not impressed!!! I have a xiaomi mi max 3 and I have pretty much the same features with the exception that my phone has a 6.9 inch screen…One of the largest screens on the market but nobody seems to acknowledge that!!!

  13. does this work for att or tmobile is it compatible with the bands i have a realmex2 and it has serious issues with ATT always reconnecting and horrible mbps..

  14. Ok, i literally was just about to buy a Samsung A71 which was my goal on saving up first but since i had just recently discovered this phone yesterday and i was amazed of how great this was but i was hella confused when the other review that i watched had side punch hole design on the front cam so i had to confirm, so thank u! I was really skeptical on getting this design as i thought this was a fake but i was completely oblivious that this was not the pro version.

  15. Hi, I have this one and I love it. You may know the answer to my question. How come this phone cannot record 3D Google Animal video? Google and Chrome are updated and this device is supported to have this AR service. Thank you

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