Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold – LIQUID LENS is finally HERE.

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Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold is officially announced. Galaxy Z …

73 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold – LIQUID LENS is finally HERE.

  1. What they did with the 60h refresh rate is BRILLIANT!!. And in stead of spoiling it with thoughts, I'll give you a clue…..it's 2021 a certain brand has continued it refresh rate…..

  2. Honestly nobody cares about refresh rates on phones unless you spend most of the time gaming on the phone. If the price of this device is right and the inner glass isn't super fragile, I'm all in.

  3. Buy a phone for yourself and review it don’t steal context from other people research and gsmarena. Lol 😂 have a life how u got over a million subs btw i am not your sub

  4. Too negative for a review. It's an awesome product. Not everyone cares about nerd stats. Some people actually use their phones for business or real purposes rather than just doing spec competitions.

  5. Lol 60hz on the inner screen? Thats a huge Fail…are they stupid? No one will buy this over the Fold 2 because of that. Too bad because the device looks fantastic otherwise

  6. I was about to ditch my fold 2 for this phone until I knew it was only 60hz refresh rate. Bigger screen, bigger battery, bigger ram, faster charging speed, better camera, dual nano sim, cheaper price….. but lower refresh rate? What big waste!!!!

  7. I wonder if this liquid lens is something a Chinese company invented on their own or is it just another stolen, reverse engineered technology? Looks interesting, even though I won't buy a phone made by a Chinese company. It's my way of not supporting a country that commits genocide and steels the organs of ethnic minorities. It's bad enough that it's impossible to buy a laptop on the planet that doesn't have Chinese components in it.

  8. If it isn't too far over 1000gbp I may consider it I'm not bovered about refresh rate I never game on my phone it is probably 60herts as cost cutting I see the refresh rate out of games to just be a gimmick and it also eats a lot of battery

  9. Do Xiaomi phones support screen casting / mirroring using WiFi direct? I don't have a wi-fi connection at home. The phones that we use (Samsung and LG) cast to tv directly using WiFi direct without needing an external wi-fi connection. Can Xiaomi phones do that?

  10. Got my Mi Mix fold, and its a beautiful device, powerful,
    functional….i will never go back to a normal Phone again , after using
    a Foldable…..! Loving it…For business, for football streaming
    while living in China…multi tasking…..ideal size in your
    hand….very smart use of MIUI ….great customisation … installed all
    Google apps not problem , run perfectly on China Verison. Dont need
    Global Version…the 60hz internal screen is not a let down, for this
    die hard spec guys… its beautiful,, bright, ……..Camera system
    perfect, very natural colours , and lens to suit any moment …wide is
    wide enough….! Pro mode if you want to use gives you all control you
    need. Love it! faster and more stable 5G than my , Vivo Nex 3 5G , and
    and stronger stable WiFI….! Nice work XiaoMi! 小米很棒!!!

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