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    Xiaomi Mi 9, smartphone top de linha que vale a pena comprar | Análise / Review


    This is the Mi 9 It has a screen on the same size of the Galaxy S10 Plus, camera with 48 MP mode, ultra-wide and tele-objective lenses, biometric sensor on the screen and Snapdragon 855

    How can smartphone so "complete" cost half of the price when compared to its rivals? Let's see if its true that it is the best cost-benefit of the market, like Xiaomi says, or if this is one of the cases where the cheap becomes expensive A little different from the Mi 8, the drop-shaped notch allows even more spare space on the screen I wouldn't call it a "perfect solution" among the ones available nowadays, but it's still an advance, specially because the bezels are also smaller But when reducing the notch we had the first price to be paid: the lack of a dedicated sensor for facial unlock, which is present on the previous model Hold on, we didn't just have features removed, there's a novelty on the right side: the dedicated button for Google Assistant

    Here it just made us a bit angry, just like the Bixby button does with some users that own devices from a specific korean brand But it could be useful, who am I to judge – better left than missing The first great highlight pointed by the Chinese brand is the biometric reader on the screen Seeking a more aggressive price tag, Xiaomi opted for a kind of outdated optic sensor, which in theory, should work slower than the ultrasonic one, found on rivals like the Galaxy S10 But in practice, we didn't see any issues – in our tests we noticed a few glitches when recognizing and a sort of delay on the first use, as soon as when the device boots

    To help your mind keep track of the right placement whenever the device has it screen facing upwards, the sensor area has an indicator, a useful help, since on the screen you can't feel the texture present on the old fingerprint readers The sides of the device are made of metal with the body bringing a glass finish Xiaomi bet on the Gorilla Glass 6 to protect the back part, not to mention that we also have a free bundled silicone case Closing the design part we observed something that can bother a lot of users, yes we're talking about the bump on the triple-cam, when placing the smartphone on a straight and rigid surface you'll always have the impression that something may be scratching the glass that protects the lenses Here you see the Mi 9 side by side with the iPhone XS At least we also have a sturdy sapphire glass, but up to when will it guarantee pictures and videos without anomalies caused by scratches, only time will tell

    Time to talk about the second feature highlighted by Xiaomi, and here we had nice surprises The Mi 9 scores big numbers in performance when running benchmarks, way above its rivals On AnTuTu we managed to get a score even higher than the previous leader, the iPhone XS If it's that way agains the Apple A12 Bionic, what to say about the Galaxy S10 with an Exynos chipset? Who is Samsung when we talk about performance power, right? In our speed test the Mi 9 climbed to the top of the ranking among Android smartphones, and this with "only" 6 GB of RAM You can notice here that it managed to keep all of the apps opened in the background, performing way better than the now third placed Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    A merit also guaranteed by the MIUI management, a thing that we will talk more about in a few minutes In games, as expected, we had great fluidity with graphics maxed out on the most popular titles – we've played Fortnite, PUBG, Asphalt 9, among other popular games And if there was investment in performance, we cannot say the same about the battery Instead of boosting the capacity, Xiaomi reduced it – the result could not be different: less autonomy than the Mi 8 in our test, with less screen active time reducing more than an hour the moment you'll have to rush to the closest power outlet It overcame the iPhone XS by a bit, but it was way behind the Galaxy S10, regarding battery autonomy

    Still, managing to deliver a whole day away from the outlets with moderated usage On the other hand, the recharging times are way better, falling from almost two hours to an hour and fourteen minutes and this time can be even more reduced, since the Mi 9 supports chargers up to 27W, way better than the 18W one that comes in the box It's also worth remembering that it supports wireless fast charging with one of the best techs available right now in the market The MIUI 10 runs smooth on top of the Android 9 Pie, and as it first highlight we can mention the popular and desired dark mode (or night mode), that helps to save battery If you prefer to drop the traditional navigation keys, gestures are also available, and work even on the fingerprint reader with commands for swiping up or left and right

    With the Ambient Screen activated you'll have quick access to notifications even when the screen is off also including some colored options But if you seek more autonomy, we advice to keep this extra disabled, because the Mi 9 also features an LED for notifications, a rare extra nowadays just like the traditional headphone jack Finally, an app that we cannot find in many rivals is the universal remote control that works with infrared With it you can turn off the TVs from the shopping mall stores, uhI mean, control the electronics in your house without depending on a collection of remote controls that decide to hide whenever you need them We shot some pictures with the 48 megapixel mode to analyze if the so called extra quality compensates for the way bigger file size As you can see, the 48 megapixels pictures present a bit more of saturation and contrast The sharpness also is better, like we see when zooming in the sign, with smoothed edges for the arrows, and also for the white car on the background

    If you don't have issues with available memory space, it's a good idea to capture using the maximum resolution like it's possible to see in this comparison with the Galaxy S10 Plus We see that when zooming in on the sign that is placed on the wall it's possible to read the text easier on the Mi 9 then on Samsung's device, this using the 48 megapixels mode But it's not just flowers and rainbows with the Mi 9, because when it tries to grab more details it ends up sharpening the image way too much And what to say about the wide lens? The Mi 9 gets the job done, but if you want to capture something near the human field of view, the Galaxy S10 Plus works better On the second example, indoors, it's possible to see that

    Talking about Portrait Mode, Samsung's device also does a better job, because it offers a more accurate cutout and a better blur, also guaranteeing more sharpness and a bigger angle For brighter selfies, the Mi 9 wins, as for the cutout for the Portrait Mode, the S10 Plus does a better job Finally we have the Night Mode challenge, with the Mi 9 overcoming its rival, despite not featuring an aperture as great as the Galaxy Notice that the Mi 9 manages to capture better the different light spots, without presenting anomalies like the ones seen on the S10 Plus, that despite having a better aperture, doesn't show much details for objects that are far away And the Chinese smartphone also features the useful NightSight mode, present on the Google Pixel devices or the Huawei Mate, something the South Korean brand decided to leave aside, and that made a big difference as you can see next

    In night selfies both have pros and cons, while the Mi 9 offers better sharpness, contras and colors for the foreground, the S10 Plus used its smaller aperture to capture more details for objects that are far away To close the camera analysis we have the video shooting tests, in which Xiaomi stands out for managing to lead the DxOMark ranking in this aspect The recording has a great quality either shooting with the normal or wide lens with stabilization working pretty good But be careful, if you decide to activate the 4K mode in 60 fps it's better to grip the smartphone steadly or else the shakes will be noticeable In the front face camera we also have a great quality for videos, but the whites tend to overexpose when shooting with well lit backgrounds

    Another important detail is that the audio is good, but when being reproduced on the device itself lacks quality because of the mono speakers Talking about night videos, a good lightning is essential or else the capture will be dissappointing, with a high level of noise Thos who enjoy super slow-motion videos will have a pretty good time shooting in this mode, but they'll be limited to the HD resolution The fastest Android on the market could use these aspects as good selling points, but still brings a big screen with a biometric reader that works, battery that charges very fast and offers a whole day of use, and several cool extras like the LED for notifications and the infrared with the universal remote control app The triple camera is no doubt among the best on the market, doing a great job when shooting at night both photos and videos not to mention the extra quality when using the 48 megapixels mode, managing to overcome the S10 Plus in many screnarios

    The lack of water resistant certification, stereo speakers or gifts like free headphones are not enough to shade the well deserved title that the Mi 9 scored in the beginning of this year, the "best cost-benefit flagship" one, being offered for half of the price of the Galaxy S10 Plus rival that, in front of Xiaomi's device, has many difficulties justifying its high price tag To check out the pictures shot on this analysis and other specs you just need to follow the link on the description If you have any doubts about the Mi 9 comment down below and we'll try to answer in the next videos about the device Stay tuned here because we will still bring a camera comparison putting the Mi 9 against its main rivals I am Wesley Moraes for TudoCelular

    com, a big hug and see you soon

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