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    Xiaomi Made A Backpack?


    (electronic music) – Hey what's up you guys, welcome back to Tech Smartt and right in front of me is the craziest backpack you're ever gonna see in your life and you want to know the best part of? It's made by Xiaomi That's right, the smartphone company, they just came out with the Pocophone if you guys missed that it's right up there in the iCard

    They also make a bunch of other gadgets and a few other phones like the Mi Mix 2 Xiaomi, you guys probably have heard of them, they're now making backpacks So this is the Xiaomi Geometric backpack If you want to check it out it's linked down below It's not expensive, but was I so surprised when it finally showed up

    So the backpacks kind of got this geometric design and I actually found this on youtube from Galaxy apps, I'll leave this video link down below or right up there in the iCard if you want to check it out I was really just intrigued by his Thumbnail, I watch a lot of YouTube, am I right? So it goes for around 73 bucks and this is just the coolest looking backpack I've seen for $73 But you know what I'm going through right now, I travel a lot, you guys probably do too You're in school, you need a good backpack that can fit everything you want, your laptop your tablet, just all your jazz, and right now I think this could be it So let's check this out

    This is sweet, so you got a top zipper here with some pretty nice pull tabs easy to recognize and you're not gonna have your fingers to slip off of No zippers are gonna break And whoa, so this is just pocket one, keep that in mind Ev, check this out, right hopping into this backpack it is crazy, so I've never seen this before but at the top there's actually a headphone hanger so what you could do is just grab a pair of headphones, I'll do that So when I'm traveling I usually use the Bose QuietComfort 35s those things are the heat, you know it

    Let me know in the comments if you guys have ever tried it But the ATHM 50s, you can't go wrong And this is kind of crazy, it's got a pretty thick headband and just check out how well this strap actually holds it It's got velcro so it'll hold your headphones and actually suspend them Check this out I love the M 50s for this

    So seriously, it's awesome, your headphones, if they kind of adjust and fold down they're gonna be able to suspend and not get crushed which, I don't know about you, I've actually had a few pairs of headphones get crushed, get ruined This kind of saves it and it keeps 'em in a spot where you know where they are and they're secure But let me just show you more So there's this zippered compartment here and I really like all the orange accents on the bag So you got black design with this geometric shape and kinda this gray in line here

    So, good aesthetic, pretty minimal colors And then this orange it just hits ya and it looks so good So you got pretty good space, you can put whatever, cables I like to keep it super organized when I travel as much as I can, so cable ties, they're everything, Ev You guys will see the full rundown on IG TV

    Oh, and this is really cool, so you have this kind of zippered pocket and this is pretty rad So it's this like felt pocket, almost from like something you'd find on like a super soft Costco blanket, you know what I'm talking about, it's those mad soft ones for like 30 bucks, but these will keep your sunglasses perfectly safe Since it's got this really soft felt it's not gonna scratch the glass lenses, it's gonna keep your frames intact and 'cause your headphones are hanging and they're not just going everywhere they're not gonna crush your glasses Seriously, this glasses pocket is one of the most ingenious pockets I've ever seen on a backpack and it's why this is my favorite Like, for 75 bucks this thing perfect, it goes for like 73, so you've got some deep space in here

    Like, you could go to outer space, freaking explore the entire thing and this is just part one of the bag You got enough for notebooks, your headphones, whatever you want Remember, this actually protrudes out so since it goes outwards you can stack this with as much as you want and it'll only just expand But wait a minute, just you wait Jeez, literally, just wait

    I love these zippers, they got this nice thick zip and what's cool about this, and this is what Xiaomi claims, is the bag is waterproof resistant And because, and I actually believe it, these zipper enclosures have this kind of almost rubber protection, it's got this like a seal so when you zip you actually seal the zipper up as opposed to just doing the zipper So I'm guessing that's kind of what waterproofs it, I'm gonna dump a bunch of water on here with everything inside But it gets even better and check this out On this side, Ev, this is kind of where the main goodies are, where your entire backpack's gonna be

    This is where you can see the laptop, I got my MacBook Pro, some notebooks, few other pockets But starting at the top, wow, this is just crazy It's got a nice deep pouch for like pens, pencils, SD cards, whatever you need Speaking of SD cards, why would you put them in there when you just move your notebooks and then you actually get your own SD card slots You gettin' this, Ev, you get your own SD card slots and there's these like cutouts where it doesn't go all the way through so it's not a charging cable, but you could put, like I got 'cause I always lose 'em, I have a USB A to, well almost lost it, am I right? Gotta keep it in the backpack

    I got a USB A to USB C adapter because I always need to convert, it's not a perfect world just yet And it's a pretty good move, just having kinda like this row right here, I wish more backpacks did it, you know where everything is it's all outlined, it's awesome and then you have these other pockets and they have like mouse icons So that's the one sweet thing about Xiaomi, since they're like a tech company this backpack literally tells you everything and where it should go So here you got this kind of like mouse icon, put a wireless mouse you got another one down there And then this zip pocket, I mean, kinda this just deep space for notebooks, whatever you want, it's your backpack, that's why they give you so much space for it

    I'm just like crazy about this backpack, I haven't seen one that has this much space but doesn't look like it's just a camping trip You know if you go backpacking for like a week or a month you typically only are able to bring like one backpack and everything you can fit in it and this is basically that for me I can fit as much tech as I wanna bring Like, this is supposed to be the tablet pocket but I'm actually rocking my Nintendo switch so I've been playing a bunch of Super Bomber, it's the only thing I'm good at And then kind of what you would expect, the laptop pocket

    So I got my Macbook pro 2016, with touch bar, still hangin' in there, did get a repair But what I love about this is just you got that same felt from the glasses pocket outlining the entire thing, in orange so it looks really good You got the Xiaomi logo there in orange I just like colors in a minimalist design and then kind of on the inside it points everything out in orange so you can't miss it like me, right you can tell there's some orange padding back here

    So to kind of keep the backpack having its structure, like, this just makes sense, man I really like this for only 72 bucks Dude, you found your new back-to-school backpack I know school might have just started for you but it's time to reconsider Like, dude, this is the perfect tech guys backpack

    You have as much pockets for anything that you want and the one thing that I don't totally get is they say it's water-resistant, but like, who's gonna test that? Who in the right mind is gonna just pour a bunch of water on this water-resistant backpack? All right, I guess I'm that crazy guy So, vote up in the iCard what you guys think of this backpack and if it's actually waterproof I think that's pretty sweet Only one way to find out though Everything's still in here Like, this isn't even gonna cut

    Whoa, it's deflecting water You can see it All right, let's shake this off Please save my laptop, please, let's hope not No clickbait, you got this, ready, Ev? Pullin' the zippers, boom

    Everything is dry Does it work, Ev? Think you've seen enough Let's see if the Nintendo Switch is okay These zippers held up really well so I'm guessing this entire front enclosure is, whoa, nice, just dropped a Nintendo Switch That's perfectly dry

    I don't want to say I'm ShamWow, but dang, I'm saying WOW every time Whoa, wow, wow, that was not even supposed to happen (beep) after I just Vince from ShamWow'ed it what I realized is on the bottom there's almost like this leather kinda like aqua reflecting but absorbing material I don't know what it totally is and the entire contents of here, which you saw, Ev touched, and pretty much not even three bottles of water could affect Everything was dry and that's pretty cool

    Xiaomi makes an $8 backpack, that's right an $8 backpack So this goes for 72 bucks and it's pretty great, imagine what 1/9th of that cost is And I didn't even think that math was right but I think it's right there 1/9th, $8 backpack What if it's good, drop a like if you guys want me to check that out

    But that's it for this video, if you guys liked it make sure to drop a like and get subscribed if you're new by clicking that circle button right down there Check out two other videos by Xiaomi right over there, that Pocophone's sweet and I'll see you guys next time

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