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X-ray Camera In A Smartphone? ??? Oneplus 8 Pro Color Filter Camera??? | working explained of IR


Hello guys how are you all doing ? welcome back once again to your own channel I have not made much mobile related videos but I saw something very interesting as well as shocking thing related to mobile that it was definitely worth sharing with all my viewers One plus 8 pro is back in the news again That's because of its one of the unique feature in camera which can see through objects and get you a picture or video of the same through a color filter camera oneplus 8 pro was launched with a quad core camera setup in which 4th camera was for odd color filter generally in other phones the 4th camera is either a depth sensor or macro lens but oneplus came up with 5MP color filter camera And all the story is about this magic camera only because of this camera we can see through things in reddit people started sharing a video in which one could see that oneplus 8 pro camera could see through plastic objects yes it's quite shocking but actually you can see the battery inside the remote you can even see through many other plastic objects like headphones and some kind of fabric some kind of tshirts too and its all possible because of the 4th color camera may be oneplus didn't want to tell about this feature or their team themselves didn't knew it but now this news is out which is quite interesting and shocking too how is it possible its one of the interesting thing so here is the scientific explanation light is a kind of radiation that exists in different wavelength and frequency so there are some forms of light like the one which we see through our naked eyes that is visible light similarly infrared , ultra violet , xray are also some form of light we can see the visible light as it's wavelength matches with the wavelength which we can see from our naked eyes and infrared radiation is also present around us And IR rays can penetrate many things like light plastic materials , fabric etc But It can't penetrate metal sheet or cement So even if we use some IR device we can't see through cement or metals x ray which can penetrate through our skin and muscle but it can't penetrate bones as bones are quite dense similarly IR rays can penetrate through plastics but not through any metal inside it So if you want to see other forms of light you will need a device which will match with the wavelength of that particular light form so here in oneplus 8 pro there is an IR sensor which can match with the Ir wavelength and we can see through some of the objects so now one important question arise ? can it see through fabrics and clothes ? yes it can see through certain kinds of fabrics as it can see through the tshirt which is made from cotton and polyester here we can clearly see that inside there is a iphone box as soon as we turn on the color filter in camera you can see through the clothes its quite a shocking thing and if it's available commonly then chances of misusing this feature are very high and in this case as it will affect the privacy of people then one plus would have to disable its sensor which will imply that 4th camera of the phone will be left useless there is no official news about the same from one plus team but we can expect an official statement about the same from one plus so please do let me know in the comment section what are your thoughts about this technology and whether oneplus should launch the phone with this feature I hope you must have gained some new info and knowledge from the video so if you liked the video pls do share the video In case you are new to my channel Consider a subscribe will meet you soon with a new and informative video till that time this is me signing off

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