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Windows Hardware Fejl | Precision | Latitude (Officiel Dell Tech Support)


If you have a Dell Latitude notebook or a Precision Mobile Workstation and you get a problem with the Blue screen, experience that the system freezes or the screen goes black during startup, try these things: Basically, all you need to do is update your video driver but you must be in safe mode when you do this Touch the Start menu and open Settings Select Update and Security and tap the "Recovery" tab Then press the Restart Now button When the computer is restarted, you will see the "select a setting" screen Here, select Troubleshooting, Advanced Settings, and Initial Settings Press Restart and the computer will restart When this is done, select option 5 from the list or you can press the F5 key to open Safe Mode with Networking Next, right-click the Start menu and open Device Manager Expand the Video Card section and right-click the Intel Video driver and uninstall it While still in Safe Mode, go to Dell's support page and download the latest driver Enter your service tag or use Register PC Select Drivers and Downloads Make sure the correct Operating System is selected and select Video under Category Find the latest Intel video driver and download and install it If your machine does not have access to the Internet, use another computer instead When you're done, restart your computer Do you have questions or need further help you are always welcome to contact us on Facebook or Twitter where we are ready to help Be sure to take a look at the other videos here on the channel and give them a like if you found them useful Don't want to miss future tips & tricks? So subscribe to the channel right away Thank you for watching!

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