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Windows 7 Installation Commemoration (R.I.P. Windows 7) – Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures


– This episode of "Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures" is sponsored by Linode Oh my gosh

We have official Microsoft Windows 7 napkins Hey guys, how are you all doing Really, that's just great You know, I'm not doing too great right now because Windows 7 has gone end-of-life and I really really, (beeps) that's steel wool Anyway hey, remember those Windows 7 house parties that Microsoft used to host? Yeah 2009 was a very confusing time

Well, we're bringing it back We're gonna host our own Windows 7 House Party and you're invited Ready to join? (upbeat retro music) All right I got most of the decorations ready That looks good, I'm just waiting on some guests and the House Party Box and oh yeah, the iodine pills Let's check the radiation level

Yeah we should be okay for a couple more hours still I tell you the air down here is still really poisonous (doorbell rings) Who's that? – I got a package here for– – Oh hey! – A Kra-Z T Ken – Yeah we got it! Wait what? My name is Krazy Ken but hey close enough – Whatever, sign here for me please

– Sure okay – All right and nope, more – More okay I never had to do this– – Sign over your first born here – I don't have any kids that I know of, but okay

– And this ones for Naval protection from porch pirates – Naval protection (mutters) You know, I'm not even gonna ask, but I'll take that anyway There we go cool – Thank you – Is that it? – Yep, – Awesome

– Got a party going on here? – Yeah it's a party, it's gonna be a lot of fun – Mind if I join the party? – You wanna, sure you know what, the more the merrier Go ahead – I only have like seven hours left on my shift I can clock out now – Okay fine you do want you wanna do the more the merrier right

– Cool thanks – How did you? You took my hat Anyway, here is what we're gonna do Here is the plan, we're gonna take this box into the lair and we're gonna explore it, we're gonna see what's inside of it, and then you and I are gonna perform our very own installation commemoration and then, it's party time! – Yeah! – Yeah! (doorbell rings) Oh hey, more guests – Hey how is it going guys? – Good, don't we have a door? – Do you have a bottle opener? Uh, no I don't think-that works too

Anyway guys go ahead, just get comfy, enjoy yourselves, put on some hats, blow on some horns things, do whatever you wanna do, and hopefully the cake will be here soon too because it's going to be delicious but in the meantime I do have to get this box down to the lair before the guards come in– (flashbang explodes) – Subject 7254, on your feet now! – Okay, Okay, okay take it easy (alarm blaring) – Hold this – Okay – Damn, this is like the second worse party I've ever been to – [Guard] Now get in there and get to work! – Okay, okay, okay, okay, gee wow! Hey, you know one of these days one of you guys gonna have to tell me what I'm doing trapped down here, I still have no idea what's going on, and the lore is not developing any faster

Anyway, we're gonna enjoy the Windows 7 installation commemoration on this laptop momentarily, but first let's take a look at what we get with the official Microsoft Windows 7 House Party package Now, I gotta thank one of our awesome viewers for pointing this out to me, it was on shm-ebay and it doesn't come with everything apparently that the original package came with but hey, it's better than nothing, so let's take a look All right, so, first up Windows 7 Home Premium This is what we'll use for the installation commemoration obviously, Oh my gosh So we have official Microsoft Windows 7 napkins still in the shrink wrap

I kinda don't wanna open these up, that's kinda cool that they're still wrapped up But yeah, you spill your Windows 7 booze, wipe 'em up with a napkin Looks like we have a playing card deck here Okay, so one of these things, this was something they did with Windows 7, they had a lot of very, we'll just say, unusual artwork especially in those new wallpapers, I don't really know what this stuff was supposed to be but it's not very artistic to me, I know art is subjective, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I'm not really sure what I'm looking at here It looks like a blue aligator with kosher pickled-gums wearing a grim reaper cape in blue dress shoes riding on top of a lady bug that was cross-bred with a pickle And they're wearing a candle on their head

Okay so go ahead and decipher this if you want to very bizarre art, but cool to have Okay, what else do we got in the package? This is a big one, oh boy, hello More of the very unusual art work yes, but make it yours Windows 7 What else is in here? Yes the, (laughs) "Gamera is friend to all children" That's a bit of a stretch reference, but yes we have the sea turtle with the village on the shell

I'm sure that means something to somebody, but it's a puzzle, you could actually put together this wallpaper as a puzzle so you can do that at your party as well It also looks like we have these like table tent sort of things, your PC's simplified so you're kind of just advertising at your party but that's pretty much what it is in the first place, and it looks like you can attach them together The vibe seems off, you got this very happy lady and then this guy doesn't look too happy I'm sure he's just concentrating on his work but I don't know, I would have done those a little bit differently So it looks like you can just attach them together like so, I suppose that works

This is pretty cool, we got some things we can give away to the guests Windows 7, tote bags, there's a lot in here, holy cow With some more of that art work on 'em and the Windows 7 logo Heck yeah dude, all of your party guests get a free tote bag! It's all worth it now There is more, oh my gosh! All of my guests are gonna be getting some awesome tote bags and maybe a napkin

Okay, so, that is the end of this box which is pretty sweet That's a lot of fun I think doing these house parties 10 years later is actually gonna be more cool than when they were originally an actual thing Microsoft was doing Okay, so now that we have all the cool stuff unboxed, let's take a look at doing the actual installation commemoration itself Now full disclaimer, I did wanna do this on an actual PC but most of the PC's I have lying around the lair are not even from this decade (duck quacks) The only ones were these Lenovo ones and they don't have an optical drive, and apparently my external disc drive didn't wanna work so well with them

I tried booting it up, the installer loaded but then I kept getting this driver error and to be honest, I didn't really give a crap and I didn't wanna fix it too much further because we still have this intel system, we can just pretend it's a generic PC we can install Windows 7 on it, and have a good time So that's what we're gonna do So the box has some other stuff in it and we can go through that later while the installation is going, but for now, let's bust out the shiny CD and throw it in the optical drive And yes I am using an external optical drive because the built-in one has a couple of mechanical problems which are likely evident in the other episode this MacBook was in And let's boot up

(computer chimes) I am ready for a bit of a nostalgia trip, because it's been a long time since I've actively used Windows 7 We should get that cool start-up screen very soon there we go, yes Oh I missed this screen, it glowed, and it was so pretty Here come the orbs, here they come, and (sighs) oh yes Oh it's gone already

Let's do English US that's pretty nice Install now Yes, I read it all, you just weren't looking

So we're not doing an upgrade, we are doing a custom installation, I suppose you would call it, can't be installed because it's probably not NTFS so we'll go to drive options, Yeah, format, not delete Format, duh duh duh duh duh, that should be it Then it should be good to go Partition three, and there we go, the copy is already done I guess, so now it's gonna expand and that's gonna run for few minutes and while that's going we can take a look at some other goodies inside of the box For example the product key, nope just kidding I'm not gonna show that, that would be stupid

Upgrading from Windows XP, no we are not so we don't need the instructions but it basically talks about run the Windows Upgrade Advisor and then use Easy Transfer to restore files and settings I don't think I ever did that even when I did upgrade like 10 years ago And then we have our little booklet Oh my gosh, I remember when I first did the installation of this, oh my gosh in my little coke closet studio, like ten years ago On the first MacBook Pro I ever purchased, the first computer I ever purchased, that was a time

It shows how you can personalize your settings Windows Vista introduced the cool Aero theme and Windows 7 just took it a little bit further It talks about all these cool features, the thumbnail previews, the pinning and the taskbar Snap, Snap is probably the coolest feature in Windows That's probably the coolest feature Microsoft has ever made

There's the new taskbar and the new start menu, and we'll be exploring all of this stuff as part of the traditional installation sensation or commemoration, we will explore the system Oh yeah, Media Center was a thing, yes I don't have cable but we can still fiddle with it a little bit, get these free Windows Live Programs now, connect your personal cloud and get Connect your to your personal cloud and get 25 gigabytes of free online storage

Windows Live, Movie Maker and all that good stuff Essentialslivecom I wonder if, it probably just redirects to something totally different now Okay, so we're still on zero percent good progress was made

Three percent, four, yes! Okay, we're going somewhere 86% complete, this is the part that takes the longest the rest is pretty (finger snaps) lickety-split Oh gosh, when was the last time you heard someone say lickety-split? (sighs) While the installation keeps going, let's take a sec to talk about our sponsor today, Linode No matter what skill level you're at or what technology stack you use Linode makes it easy to give your creations their own personal space on the internet If you just need something small, like a simple website game server or personal VPN, Linode has you covered

If you need to manage tons of websites and reliably serve them to millions of visitors, well guess what, Linode can do that too Unlike entry-level hosting services that will lock you into their platform, Linode gives you full back-end access to customize and control your server to fit your needs Their DNS Manager allows you to easily switch your domain to your new server And the SSL Certificates can be installed for free using open source tools And here's another cool thing, if you run into any problems getting setup Linode comes with amazing 24/7 customer support by phone or ticket along with hundreds of docs to help get you started

And because you're here and because we're all best friends, you amazing Computer Clan viewers get a free 20-dollar credit on a new Linode account with my code COMPCLAN20 And if you don't like typing in codes, you can signup with the link in the description All right, let's check back in on the installation And we're going to updates now, I'm guessing we will connect to the internet later and actually install those It's gonna restart, let's just restart it now and save eight seconds

(computer chimes) And we're rebooting into part two (Ken whooshes) if that logo had a sound, what do you think it would sound like? How does that make you feel? We're in the completing phase now Okay, it's gonna restart again Oh yes I forgot about this aurora progress bar thing Checking video performance

So, there is the Windows index thing, which I don't think is part of Windows anymore, we will have fun with that too Okay, type your username (keyboard clicks) Krazy Ken, and Krazy Ken PC, sure how original, that works fine I could type in the product key but I'm gonna do it later And no, go back, recommended settings, let's connect to the hidden layer network, so when you type in the security key apparently it doesn't block out what you type in

Nobody better be watching you Anyway, home network, and we do need to install Boot Camp drivers just so Windows works better on the Mac hardware, I do have my Mac OS X disc for that, we will do that later Oh yes, the glossy progress bars yes! All the old artwork, and the dove and the olive branch, and everything Oh man, it's all coming back to me, I haven't used anything before Windows 8 in quite a long time Unless you count Windows 95 and stuff

(laughs) But yeah, it's 2020, we made it this far it's also the anniversary of Windows 2000, and it's the anniversary of Windows 95 20th and 25th anniversary respectively So I'm sure I'll do future episodes on that stuff too so do stick around for that Here we are, we're at the default desktop with the basic theme not very exciting looking right now but I'm probably not able to turn on more cool Aero stuff until we get, I think there is an Nvidia chip in here so yeah we need to get the Nvidia drivers installed but the Boot Camp Assistant should be able to do all of that automatically Apple conveniently just has all of the Windows support drivers on the OS disc

Run set-up, well (beeps) Really! Boot Camp X64 is unsupported Well this is a 64-bit computer, okay This is odd, what the (beeps) Boot Camp? Start talking to me because it says X64 base PC so I'm also thinking this error message is just being triggered like a false positive or something it's really not a 64-bit compatibility problem it's some other compatibility problem but it doesn't know what it is so it's just throwing up whatever error message it finds On a side note, I always find it amusing that Windows 7 is actually version 6

1, but you know, that's just me Okay, I'm gonna have to think about this for a sec You know, just for (beeps) and giggles, we may need to use a Leopard Disc, because this computer came out before Snow Leopard came out so we just might need to go back a couple of years Beautiful artwork by the way Preparing to install

This program has known compatibility issues We're just gonna say run, and installation should be done, it did give me a couple of errors but hopefully we're okay Let's rate the computer, just for fun Let's see how this 2008 MacBook performs Oh my gosh, the old shiny loading Windows and stuff, oh man, well the Windows Experience Index for your system could not be computed

Could not measure storage performance, unable to start the Kernel Logger, the Logger is in use by another application, please stop the Kernel Logger and try again How about no As long as stuff is running smooth, I don't care So I guess we're not gonna be able to get that unfortunately, but let's get the cool appearance turned on It's not turning on! Troubleshoot, okay so I may just have to install the driver manually

I jumped into the Boot Camp disc, this time the Snow Leopard won, I don't know if it makes a difference, and I'm manually launching the display drivers so hopefully we can at least get the graphics working Okay, it says please wait Is it gonna work? Drum roll please, hopefully, there we go, that's what I wanted to see Look at that good old Aero, frosted glass I'm having some problems dragging on this track pad right now

Yeah there we go, have the little Peek feature where you can look at the desktop I was looking at the booklet and apparently if you hold onto Windows and space you can do that too, I legitimately did not know that, that's great And of course you have the little glowing start button which is always fun and now that is translucent as well Oh man that looks so cool Okay, here is our old website, it's not gonna render too well in here

Remember this feature? Flip 3D, it was like alt+tab except bigger (laughs) I remember just being able to do that, it was like oh my gosh you are the coolest kid in school The things we do for nothing Let's bust out the Media Center, I don't have any media on here though Nor do we have sound

Well it wouldn't be a, "Krazy Ken Tech's Misadventures" episode without some technical problems That's just the nature of the show The Krazy Ken Curse is a real thing I just checked, yes we have a red light in the head phone jack which means sound is not working properly, let's see if this does the trick, oh gosh (laughs) nice interface getting that old Windows 31 look mixed with a little bit of like silver X-P-ness, X-P-ness, that's not something you should say

(computer beeps) That's what I was waiting for! We got the sound working now, it's gonna reboot and we should be good (computer chimes) There we go Oh man, Express, I need to get some media on here though There's some sample pictures right, (laughs) we have those at least, good old sound effects, the aurora visuals, oh man, so good Let's get some of our own Computer Clan stuff on here so I'm downloading some more content onto my computer with Dropbox in the background here but I was trying to install some other software like iTunes and stuff just to have QuickTime and all that and I keep getting error messages and I'm guessing it's because I don't have any Service Packs installed or anything, I really don't know, it's been so long since I've used Windows 7, anyway we're gonna try this because we have 10 important updates and 13 optional updates And those Jump Lists, whoop, like that

Think that was a new thing in Windows 7 as well, very nice, huh, some updates were not installed I have had very little luck installing anything today, a lot of errors, and encountered an unknown error, well that makes it so much easier to figure out what it was If anyone wants to look up code 800B0109, have fun So now we get to enjoy this part, stage one of three (exclaims) (computer beeps) Sorry to interrupt, but this is important your PC is running an outdated version of Windows 7, that is kind of why we are here though, and I know it's end of life, but we are here to celebrate it's life So now that those updates are out of the way we can do Service Pack 1, 64-bit's, while we're waiting for updates to install, we might as well set one of our Computer Clan wallpapers, yeah, that one don't look too bad, I shot that in Chicago, very beautiful, oh yeah Aero Shake, remember that feature, does Windows still do that? I don't even know Okay, two of 10 We have a ways to go Okay it's configuring and done

All the Service Pack stuff is good to go, I was able to install iTunes as well, just for some media playback, and let's bust open Media Center now that we actually have some content on here Here's some of the stuff I loaded on here earlier, looking good Complete with sounds effects Okay and video, the weird thing here is, it's 4K H264 video and I just don't think it's able to parse it out of the box because if we watch my Apple prototypes video you can see the thumbnail doesn't load and you hit play but, yeah I had a feeling that would happen So since we can't get that to load in Media Player or Media Center, excuse me, we always have the good old wildlife video

So that looks like it works pretty good, but I did install iTunes just so we can play that other H264 file and see how Ultra HD, H264 plays on this 2008 computer, my hopes are low – Hey bonus episode time– – Just gonna mute it while we talk about Apple prototypes, this is another good video we did so definitely check it out but yeah it's definitely dropping a lot of frames, the sound was playing okay but yeah frame rate, performance, (laughs) playback, that's gonna be a bit rough The Acorn iPhone Prototype, very nice But yeah I didn't expect too much from this older computer Pretty good, hit a few road blocks but overall worked out pretty decently

Ladies and gentlemen and everything in between, that was a fun nostalgic time travel trip and you know there's many other things I could do but I really have to get back to the party It was also fun to explore all of these Windows 7 House Party goodies and I do need to bring them back right now because otherwise FOMO is gonna kick in, I gotta get back, see you at the party (teleportation swoosh!) – So how do you know this Ken guy? – Who is Ken? (teleportation swoosh!) – Hey I'm back everybody! Tote bags, you get a tote bag! Everybody gets a tote bag, yeah! You guys made a mess of the place what the? – It was like this when we got here – Okay well, anyway guys, does anybody want a tote bag? I got like a bunch of 'em now, here – Gee thanks By the way while you were gone, (exclaims) – I found this cake in the car, between the car seats– – Between the seats, I love the little like specks of blood on the logo there (laughs) that's really cool, 'cause he's dead, get it? – Right, yeah

– That is fake blood right? – Totally! – Anyway that looks pretty freaking good, check that out – And while you were gone your virtual assistant found some user submitted videos from guests who couldn't make it? – There's more people that couldn't come, that's great We're not so lonely after all Hey Veo go ahead and roll that tape – Playing video

(computer beeps) – I've got a great tip, (gentle music) simply untick the update and Windows 7 never ends Yay! (computer beeps) – Oh no, it's almost January 14th, I'll miss you Windows 7, please don't leave – [Computer] I was a party host got a big ole box of Windows 7 party freebies and a signed copy of Ultimate Edition Good times! That's awesome Do you still have the Signature Edition box? Damn straight I do – Windows 7 for me was one of the greatest OS ever made, – [Man] I really love Windows 7 I will miss it after support goes off

This is Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 Disc I had good memories – It was the OS that actually made me go into technology – This is my Dell Inspiron 580, it used to run Windows 7 but I have since upgraded it to Linux Zorin, but it still counts – I'm gonna miss you Windows 7 – One, two, three, yeah I've got seven Windows – [Computer] We'll have Eulogy ready by January 14th stick around dot, dot, dot – [Computer] Homemade Windows 7 install disc – Windows 7 (beeps) did we get lucky! – Well that was very nice, (computer beeps) thanks for showing me that, thank you Veo, thank you everyone that helped make this installation commemoration the best one yet (doorbell rings) Oh my gosh, there is even more guests here, we really gotta fix that door I mean we could be robbed but anyways, since you guys are all here we might as well have some fun in sending off Windows`7, I just realized the date is wrong, the cake company really screwed up, that's supposed to say 2020 but anyway

♪ For he's a jolly good system ♪ ♪ For he's a jolly good system ♪ ♪ For he's a jolly good system ♪ ♪ Which nobody can deny ♪ ♪ Which nobody can deny ♪ ♪ Which nobody can deny ♪ ♪ For he's a jolly good system ♪ ♪ For he's a jolly good system ♪ ♪ For he's a jolly good system ♪ ♪ Which nobody can deny ♪ Yeah, Microsoft, thank you so much for Windows 7 you guys are great, that was really loud, I'm gonna need hearing aids now That was great Guys, guys #LongLiveWindows7 tweet it out, share the good word, catch the Krazy, and pass it on

All right yeah What? – One more thing, there was another package for you (Delivery Man grunting) – Okay, all right, – There you go – This is huge, who sent this? – Yeah about that, I might have (mumbles) – You what? – I might have (mumbles) – You lost what? – I might have lost the label – You lost the label? – Yeah I know I'm sorry – You're a great delivery man, it's pre-opened too

Wow! (bass tones) (upbeat music)

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