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Windows 10 PIN Not Working (Official Dell Tech Support)


If you're having trouble with your Microsoft Account PIN, or if you've forgotten it, or if you just want to change it, it's quite simple to create a new one In this video, we'll show you two different ways in which you can reset it

Follow these steps for when you've either forgotten your PIN or for some reason it has stopped working On the sign in screen, simply click on "I forgot my PIN" On the next page, enter your MS account password, then click Next To continue, you may need to approve a request sent to your mobile device The next page asks if you are sure this is what you want to do, because some sign-in data may be lost

If you are sure, then click Continue Now you can create a new PIN Tick the box if you would like to include letters or symbols, type in your new PIN, confirm it, then click OK Once accepted, you'll be redirected to the sign in screen where you can enter your newly created PIN If your PIN still works properly and you are already signed in, but you would like to change your PIN anyway, do the following

Open the Start menu, go into Settings, and click on Accounts In some cases, if you've just updated your computer to Windows 10 here you will need to click on Network & Internet AND be connected to the internet Select "Sign-in options" and under the PIN Change button, you will see "I forgot my PIN" Click on it to open the "Are you sure?" confirmation page and if you are sure, then click on Continue and follow the same PIN set up steps as demonstrated before Anytime you need help or have questions, you can contact us through social media on Facebook or Twitter

You can also chat with other Dell users on the Dell Community Forum We have many other tips and tutorials on this channel, so become a SUBSCRIBER today If you liked this video, give it a LIKE THANKS for watching!

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