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    Will This New Company Follow Other Tech Giants and Be the Next Disruptor?


    (upbeat music) – Whenever you mention travel insurance, people roll their eyes They think it's boring, they think it's archaic and they think it's slimy

    (upbeat music) What drove us to create Pluto was that we were amazed with all of the new challenger brands who were disrupting the retail banking space So the likes of Monzo and Revolut – We see these companies popping up and we think, how are all these amazing companies and things happening but nothing is happening in insurance? So, for us, insurance was almost a really interesting space because it was so boring – The problem with a lot of traditional insurers is that they're very focused on cutting costs – So that impacts things like, making things too complicated, policy wording's too filled with jargon and legalese, making it really difficult for you to make a claim

    Pluto is travel cover for the travel lover and it's hassle free travel insurance on your smartphone Everything that we've delivered today is different from what any other insurer is doing right now And that means building your own policy, that means explaining everything in simple, plain English and that means allowing the customer to do everything from their phone So why should people buy travel insurance? Fundamentally, there are things that go wrong when you go on holiday And the most common type of claim that we've actually seen for Pluto customers is where things happen to their stuff

    So for one of our customers who was on a trip in France, he lost his bag 'cause he left it on the train and in his bag was not only his personals, like his phone and some other stuff, but an engagement ring because he was gonna propose to his girlfriend that holiday and he left it in there With Pluto he was able to get back some of the money towards the ring, towards his phone and some other bits and pieces, because sometimes we just forget things (upbeat music) The Pitch On A Plane competition is, by far, the most unique competition, conference, pitch that Pluto has ever been involved with The competition's started from about 60 or 70 companies selected online and are whittled down through various stages to a final pitch at a tech conference where we were selected the winner I think, by far, the most unique part of the competition was the pitch we had to do on a plane

    It was done over BA's wifi and there was a live Q&A between us on the ground in Terminal 5 at 3:00 am and 27 judges on the plane flying over America The most important thing for us out of winning the competition is, by far, the fact that a brand like BA in Britain has recognised us as a travel disruptor for everything that we've been doing and want to do in the future – Pluto have got big ambitions for the future

    In the next six months we're gonna be launching a mobile app where customers can get 24/7 access to a GP – We think about where travel insurance is gonna go I think that in the next 5 or 10 years people are gonna be buying their travel insurance from providers that aren't even around today or weren't even around a couple of years ago The services that they're gonna provide are gonna be about much more than just travel insurance It's gonna be about providing proactive help in a much better and smarter way but also reacting better and quicker when something does go wrong

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