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Why Smartphones Become Slow With Time and How to speed up your Android (2020)


so what's up guys I'm mash from tech mash today I'm going to answer the most common question every smartphone user have in their mind which is why smartphone become slow with time and how to make them last longer so I will answer this question in this video so before getting started I would suggest you to please hit the like button and please subscribe to my channel for more future videos like this one so let's get it started shall we so when you buy any smartphone the performance is really great and everything but over time your smartphone is started to getting slow over time and time so the problem can occur for many types of reasons but there are 4 common reasons which is common for almost every smartphone user so I will mention this 4 common reasons in this video ok so the number one problem is OTA update so the problem is actually OTA update is good for your device but it not in all case because sometimes the manufacturers give the update too early and there are some bugs and everything so which will cause your device to perform slower slower than usual obviously so I would suggest you the solution would be like that that before after getting an OTA update don't rush to update it immediately just search in the internet about the review and read the review about other users who have updated or other reviewers who have updated to that version and what is their problem if there is no problem and if you are satisfied with the reviews then you should give the OTA update ok so the second problem is app update the main reason is heavy app update so you know that there are a smartphone more powerful smartphone release every day by day so the thing is with every day your smartphone is getting older and the developer will try to optimize the latest powerful smartphone and they would try to optimize their software according to the latest smartphones and your smartphone could be optimized or could not be optimizing in that case so the solution would be like that go to your play store and turn off auto update of your Android app and then you should just check manually that what would be the what is the latest update and if you need the latest feature that is added with the update or if you are satisfied with the update if you want to get the latest feature with that update then you should update it and if you are already satisfied with the version you are using right now then I think you shouldn't update the app ok so the third problem is App data the thing is we are constantly installing app and uninstalling app maybe we are just tired and we're in playstore to try some new apps and we just use for a couple of minutes and we just uninstall the app or we didn't even uninstall it the worst case scenario so the thing is this app created some junk files so when you just uninstall the app there could be some existing folder which was not deleted which is which will act as a junk file and this would keep increasing over time as you are installing more and more apps and uninstalling those apps so I would suggest you to clear your junk file and do not install unnecessary application that is the best suggestion for you in incase of your app data ok so the number four problem could be the internal memory the thing is you are using your device for a while and you are shooting constantly video pictures or anything about your personal data and your internal memory is filled up so the more you are using your internal memory the more your device you will start to getting slower so the solution for this case would be that I would suggest you to keep your device backup after two and three months every two and three months and then just do a factory reset then you should start from the scratch so that is the best solution in terms of internal memory that backup after two and three months every two in three months and do a factory reset and start from the scratch if you do a reset between two and three month then you can expect your device to last for around four and five years so that was the video about how why your smartphone getting slow over time and how you can make it fast so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do then please hit the like button if you have any question or any suggestion then let me know that in the comment section below and please subscribe to my channel and also watch my other videos as well so I am mash from tech mash and I'm signing out

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