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Why Role Models are Crucial for Women in Tech


Around the time I was in high school, a lot of tech jobs were coming to Bangalore And it was the new, cool thing to do

Not only do you do very interesting work, but STEM fields are also very stable, well-paying jobs I don't think young girls understand in the long term you can certainly apply your skills in any industry you want to Whether they want to go into healthcare, you can do that Or if you want to go into policy and make policy in tech, you can do that Or you can go to agriculture, you can be in e-commerce — and that's something we really tried to impart through this panel and conferences

It's also really important for them to have role models When I started in engineering – typically we were the only women on the team And now when they come to these spaces and meet more people who are like them — they can see on a day-to-day basis the job is fun, it pays well, but also there are a lot of people like you Hopefully, more and more in the future

Source: Youtube

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