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WHY i use a FLIP PHONE over a SMARTPHONE | Using a Kyocera DuraXE Flip Phone in 2019


So recently I've been making some lifestyle changes to my life and this is one of them So I've been fed up with my smartphone and as a result I looked into some different types of flip phones you can get and alternate methods aside from just a flip phone this flip phone I started out with a QWERTY keyboard phone and now we went from smartphones to this so I decided to pick it up just this past week I've been using this device the flip phone for about a week now

Yeah I'm just gonna talk about seven things that I like about using this flip phone There are fewer less distractions on the flip phone rather than a smartphone all I have to worry about is calling people and texting people and that's it I don't have to worry about social media, I don't have to worry about emails I don't even have to worry about alot of things [with this phone] this phone it only has call and text which makes it a great device where I'm using it for because like when you're about just need a call and text people like when our parents were growing up and like then 1980's all they had was like a basic phone I could just call if I can get phone that can call AND text I should be able to get by Number two I'm able to make more meaningful connections with friends so as a result of using a flip phone as my main device I'm not going on social media platforms as often as I used to and because I'm not doing that instead I got all the phone numbers from the people that I regularly contact and then I got their phone numbers So I just call or text my friends and I feel like I'm able to make more meaningful connections then actually contacting them rather than like tagging them in a meme because I don't know it takes hours just even to find that yeah I have more peace of mind just having more meaningful connections with friends and it's a lot more rewarding as well Number three this might actually be my favorite thing about it is that I can actually have this phone last more than just one day because on our smart phones were used to charging them every single day and sometimes even overnight some people do that (even though you're not supposed to) anyways I can usually get away with four days without charging the device and I got fairly recently so entering contact and everything takes a little bit longer and I use more battery life when you're using the phone so it has a longer battery life it can last for days or more it depends how much you use it then I'll say you're not using it as much so it takes up less battery life which is a major benefit because you need a charge before I needed to and I won't really be stuck in time where it's like oh no my phone's at like 10% and I'm going out with friends no that's not gonna happen a way more peace of mind with the battery life number four and you might be able to tell by looking at this device but this device it is rugged by design it is some sort of like military-grade and it's all rugged and waterproof and everything so if I'm out and about it's just a little bit rain or I just accidentally dropped the device, I more peace of mind knowing that this phone it comes like literally with your rugged case and you don't even have to buy it so it's rugged I don't have to worry about this breaking or anything because it's already rugged

Number five the speakerphone on this is amazing and if you look there speakers right there when you open the phone so when you put it into speakerphone mode it is using these speakers for it and not just the one that's up here it's actually like this so when I hold it so I hold it like this I'm using it as a speakerphone this microphone is directly going to hear or might my ears are here that's not at the bottom so I can actually hear it when it's on speakerphone a lot better and I found myself somewhat frustrated by not having the speakerphone go all the way loud but I really like how I can have this just really loud it's just a lot better Number six this thing actually has speed dial so I can actually just hit number two and call and it will call whoever have programmed on that number without having to go into the phone menu then going over to favorites tab hitting my mom's contacts and then hitting call Instead I can just push 2 then the call button and then it will just call my mom it's a lot easier it saves time I just like it better in general Last point I have way more peace of mind in my life using this phone as mentioned in the previous comments I've made such as the battery life's longer it's rugged it's more simple, I spend less time on it I have more meaningful connections with friends I just see this phone as an ideal phone for the current situation I'm in right now with my life I don't have to be checking email 24/7 I don't have to be checking Instagram, Facebook, whatever I just have more peace of mind using this and as a result of having that peace of mind and being less distracted I'm able to actually enjoy stuff in the moment with friends and not be worried about pulling out my phone to check on something

Just because I'm expecting it I haven't seen a major drawbacks from using this If I can't do something that I want to I can just use an iPod or use a computer that a computer can already do all the things a smart phone can do just a lot better so why don't you just use the computer So yeah I like to design a life for myself that involves using just a flip phone and not a smart phone if I can; and so far I'm able to actually get away with it for the most part right now I'm a student in university and I find that using the flip phone is a time-saving tool because there's no apps I can go on there's nothing and check on it like sure there's my iPhone that acts like an iPod but I don't really touch that for the most part unless already did everything else that it's supposed to do such as study and do my homework and normally university things And for those who wondering this device is the Kyocera DuraXE flip phone and that is all I have to say Until next week see you guys later

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