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Why Finding Tech Talent In Vancouver Difficult


So Meghan, finding tech talent here in Vancouver we both know that it's becoming difficult every company is trying to find the same developer or same person so what our employers are looking for in in candidates and what they are offering different than other companies so that the person can apply to your company not to the competitor yeah first thing, I think it's important to recognize that we're in the middle of sort of an evolution both from a tech industry perspective and a labor market perspective so that there isn't maybe one sole strategy to deploy that's going to sort of solve all of our problems in that regard but we have to get creative and we have to continue to evolve ourselves and so well what employers are looking for we're looking for skilled passionate people that really want to contribute to our unique missions there's a whole bunch of different very cool companies doing very different things in Vancouver and otherwise but I'm speaking to the Vancouver market So I think it's important for candidates and jobseekers to sort of seek out what unique companies are exciting to them and where they think that there are sort of skills and personality and whole person can add value and be valued and then from the employer perspective I think that what we all need to be doing differently is to be thinking about the I want to call it the whole experience so it's less about what perk can we offer and what benefit can we add on top but more holistically what are we doing to sort of add value these people's lives they're choosing us to spend their time with to be their employer to sort of help cultivate their learning and professional journey so how can we add value to them on that path until they're no longer with us or hopefully for the long term so you're talking about the candidate experience from the beginning from the time they submit apply to the time they are in the company or even departure you mentioned so that whole package is becoming more important as customer experience now we are also hearing about candidate experience

So thank you Meghan for those great tips and for the audience watching if you liked the video please like and share leave your comments and tune in next time for my final question with Meghan

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