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Why fears over smartphone “addiction” are based on flawed evidence


So if we take literally your smartphone and say 'what have you done with this over the last seven days', we find that this doesn't align with what you think you do As society becomes increasingly digitized, our interaction with technology becomes second nature, so things like email

We use that all the time; we probably don't really know how many times we check our email in a day Similarly with our smartphone, they've been around for quite a long time, the same with social media, and it's just become a frequent and habitual interaction with technology and this isn't inherently a negative thing Social media or smartphones causing depression or just having a negative impact on society – this isn't new We can think about the printing press back in the 1400s and how this was going to disseminate information that people didn't want, or it's going to make to us lazy Every single mass adopted technology, we've always had a bit of a moral panic around: Online gaming or violent video games, violent television causing violent offline behaviour

Many of these have actually been found to be untrue and we can consistently show and demonstrate that this is really unlikely to happen So again social media or smartphones having an inherently negative impact on society remains questionable

Source: Youtube

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