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Why Does This Bike Cost $40,000? | Pedemonte Rhinoceros Limited Edition


(electronic cymbals) – I'm at the Taipei Bike Show and this is the Pedemonte Rhinoceros Limited Edition It costs 40 thousand US dollars

That's right 40 thousand It's without a doubt the most decadent bike I've ever seen in my entire life But, why does it cost that much? Well, let's have a look at the bike in more detail (electronic music) Being Limited Edition it's one of only five, and it was actually created to celebrate Venice

The Homo Faber Expedition is there to celebrate all the best craftsmanship and creativity, well, in the world I guess And it's not just bikes, there's also all sorts of other fancy stuff there and jewelry and things like that (whooshing) The absolutely beautiful paint job features this very intricate gold leaf pattern which is a nod to the Venetian flag and Venetian architecture And it's actually been painstakingly applied by hand over 200 hours and it's 24 karat gold Pedemonte actually employs a special carbon fiber wrapping manufacturing process and they have a lot of expertise in carbon fiber, they actually manufacture parts for Italian super cars

(whooshing) I'm told that the construction works by gluing the tube sections together in an adjustable but high precision template and then the sections are welded together using the internal wrapping technique It's then placed in an autoclave and subject to higher pressures and temperatures than is standard for most carbon framed production And they say that this technique was only previously available for military and aviation purposes (electronic music) Up front on the fork, there's a beautiful amount of detail in this gold leaf here as well When I first looked at it, it just looked like a single piece of gold leaf, but it's actually a very intricate pattern cut into there

Got the cockpit The cockpit is from KRU, and it's an integrated bar and a stem It's very light actually Just 340 grams which is pretty impressive And there's also an integrated front light as well

And there's also a very nice integrated rear light on the seat post It's very subtle and tucked away And I guess lights are ideal on this bike for when you're commuting on it from your mega yacht to your hedge fund office And well, let's face it, if you can afford this bike then you're probably working very long hours, so most of you riding, probably will be in the dark (whooshing) Now normal bar tape just, well, simply wouldn't do on a 40 thousand dollar bicycle, so instead you've got this beautiful leather and alcantara finish on the handlebar

This leather sleeve has got a beautiful contrast gold stitching on it, and it's not just any leather, oh no This is Frau leather which is normally reserved for some of the most expensive furniture in the world (whooshing) And this finish also continues into the custom saddle which has the same Frau leather and contrasting stitching to match The very bling, deep section wheels are from KRU And if you've not heard of KRU before, then that's because they're a relatively new Italian brand

But they look very smart indeed You've also got an SRM Power Meter, I mean, well, what else? And you've got a nice gold SRM PC8 head unit to go on the front as well, which fits very nicely But the chain rings, well, they're carbon from Carbon-TI, so again, very bling (whooshing) What groupset do you put on a 40 thousand dollar custom Italian bicycle? Well, I don't think you have a choice It has to be Campagnolo Super Record EPS and it is

But, you've got a gold chain on there as well from KMC Other nice details include the custom painted bottle cage which also has the Rhinoceros logo on it there And all the hardware on the bike, well they're all titanium bolts There's also a nice little Michelangelo signature on there which is also a nod to the culture of Venice (electronic music) The complete weight of the bike is 7

5 kilos, so it's light but it's not perhaps as light as you might expect, but it's not really designed to be a real weight weenie bike with super deep wheels and 24 karat gold leaf applied to the frame But what do you think of the Rhinoceros Limited Edition? What would you spend 40K on? Let us know in the comment section below And if you liked this video, then give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel And to see more hot new tech from the Taipei Bike Show click here

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