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    Why do homeless people have smartphones?


    hi everyone I'm Eleonore welcome to the channel of how to help the homeless today I'd like to talk about quite a controversial topic why do homeless people have a smartphone so a lot of people think that a smartphone is some kind of luxury item and that homeless people who have a smartphone I'm not really homeless or they just you know tricking people in getting money from them where at they have enough money to buy a smartphone there was a video a few years ago actually, you know, where you saw a homeless person with quite a trendy smartphone and and it went viral : "Look at this guy he says he's homeless but he has enough money to buy this latest smartphone" Well guess what, you are not born homeless

    People become homeless This guy probably had a smartphone before becoming homeless So this is what happens most of the time : you know you have your normal life you get a smartphone, I mean everybody has a smartphone now, whether it's I-phone Samsung or whatever, we all have smartphone Let's be honest we use it for everything and we couldn't live without it So the moment you start getting in trouble you lose your job you start to have financial issues you're not gonna sell your smartphone, will you? I mean it's not gonna pay the rent anyway and you need your smartphone for everything so this is probably the latest thing you would let go because you need your smartphone for several things : number one if you have financial problems you're probably looking for a job and you need a phone to look for a job

    Nobody can answer you back if you apply to a job without a phone number so you need a phone number to look for a job whether you're homeless or not Second thing is that you need a phone to keep in touch with your friends and family So it's the normal thing that everybody does Actually a lot of people who are homeless are lying to their family and friends, they don't tell them they're homeless you know I knew some guy he was calling his mom every week or every month you know whereas he was sleeping on the street but he never told his mom and most people do not tell their family

    So you know they keep on calling as they used to do before being homeless And the third thing is that you need a phone to get some help So you know you'll give your phone number to social services You can also call if you're being attacked, which happens all the time, or if you're sick or you need any kind of emergency, you need a phone for that you know, don't think that there's always someone here who gonna call for you The reality is you're on your own so you need a phone to call for help

    So you see it's not that homeless people not that some people are lying about being homeless and they are just tricking people and getting money and they use this money to buy a brand new smartphone The reality is that most people keep the smartphone they had before

    Actually there is a very similar example in the very good book from a Brianna Karp A Girl's Guide to Homelessness In this book she tells her story, so how she became homeless for a year She was just sleeping in a van on the parking lot of Walmart for a year but the thing she kept was her laptop, and that might also sound like : "Oh she's not really homeless she has a laptop" well guess what, she became homeless because she lost her job and she couldn't find a job and she needed the laptop to look for a job So she was going everyday to Starbucks or something like that can't remember, with her laptop looking for a job and nobody would have thought she's homeless because she was here looking for a job with a laptop, but she would not sell her laptop because that would be a stupid thing to do because she knew she needed the laptop to find a job Well that's exactly the same thing with a smartphone You would not sell your smartphone because you're homeless, because anyway it does not going to buy you a home and you need your phone for keeping in touch with people and for finding a job and for getting some help

    So I know it's quite a controversial video, I'm doing here So I would like you to tell me if you like this kind of videos and if you want me to do more videos like this one or if you think it's really it's too much of a polemic and you'd rather me stopping doing this kind of videos and if you have other topics that you think I should cover please let me know, I'll be happy to discuss things that you find interesting because in the end I created this channel for you guys so I really want to post things that you find interesting I really hope you liked this video if you did please share it with your friends and I hope I will see you in our next video bye bye

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