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#WhatTheTech February 2020 – Hyve's Tech News of the Week with Sam Cooper


Welcome to What The Tech, Hyve's look at handpicked technology news stories from the week In the news this week: Are you a professional touch typist? Well, throw away your keyboards then, as Samsung's 'Selfie Type' could be releasing soon, as demo video has been found on Samsung's Korean community website

Essentially an invisible keyboard, the tech allows users to type without physically touching their device, but how accurate it will be remains to be seen Your smartphone has most likely replaced the need for physical maps and your car radio, but now it could even replace your car key The beta version of iOS 134 for developers contains mention of a 'car key' API working on proximity to lock, unlock, and even start NFC compatible cars Smart buildings are being targeted by hackers to launch DDoS attacks

Doors that use employee access codes or key cards specifically Linear eMerge E3 products have about ten vulnerabilities, with hackers scanning the internet to use just one of them That's one way of letting the door hit you on your way out Cisco has sent out fixes for five security glitches that can be found on a whole host of its products, ranging from webcams to routers and desktop phones

The problem centres on vulnerabilities found in the Cisco Discovery Protocol that could allow remote attackers to take over the products without any physical user interaction So, we've got smart car keys and invisible keyboards, along with hackers continuing to find sneaky ways to cause chaos You can find more on all these stories at hyvecom/WhatTheTech

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