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What's on our 2019 holiday tech wish list | TECH(talk)


hi and welcome back to Tech Talk I'm Ken Mingis executive editor Computerworld I'm here with Michael Simon from Mac world PC world it's that time of the year again we're looking at technology and our wish list and what we want and maybe what's available what's not so stick around so Mike thanks for being here thank you so I think what we should do we talk about tech wish list for for the year maybe think about something that is truly a wish it's not available now but you want it really badly and me I have a lot of I'm sure you do and and maybe something that actually is available now that you know hopefully some loved one or someone will provide for you over the holiday season in some way so I was gonna go first and talk about what I really hope is on the wish list for 2020 so this is at least a year out or almost a year out would be the mythical five gi5 yes and and then everybody wants fun well everybody wants I I you know you know we've been talking about this and I know that the the carriers are still rolling this out and that networking 5g networking real truly 5g networking networks may not be available right away yeah you might get a 5g iPhone in September of next year yeah take it home you know turn it on activate you never pay extra yeah and forget Ella for yeah but your future proofing of course yes exactly proofing for the person who buys a new phone every year well well but this way I may not have to buy a new phone in 20 you know you will is this cynical we're just playing the odds here nonetheless I am excited about 5g because you know the obviously the speed to download speeds this sort of the way that you know you will have theoretically more access in crowded areas like men absolutely that's the big line for me is that when you go to like a sporting event yeah and everybody's on everyone's on and you know if you have Verizon there's a lot of people you know 50% of the stadium using it it grinds to basically a halt you can't send text messages you can't browse the net you can't look at whatever you're looking at because it's just that the network just gets gets jammed yeah and with this ultra wideband that's 5g brings that should alleviate that problem significantly at least for a while yeah I'm sure at some point it's just like every hall every highway you know you expand expand expand where you command the more cars you get but it's it's closer to broadband you know like cable well if you if your whole block has Verizon FiOS you know your signal which mine does yes yeah I mean it you're getting the same as your neighbor and the neighbor in the neighboring because that's the way it works yeah whereas with the owners with DSL you know as you connected more things and you know it's a 5g I did yeah I tested the note n 5g in Providence Rhode Island and this so alright there's two kinds of warn me away tell me why this shouldn't be on my tech list I'm all ears I'm actually gonna I'm gonna advocate for okay so what I tested was Verizon's millimeter wave network okay so what millimeter wave is like they this is literally being built from the ground up they have to bring in towers little tiny towers that go on telephone poles and buildings or wherever else okay and they beam this signal is 5g signal to your phone okay so when your city gets Verizon 5g as it stands now it's literally like blocks right so I tested in a Providence it was one Street okay call Thayer Street if anyone knows Brown University that it's and it's a bit it's a hopping place yeah there's a lot going on yeah now I was one of two people using it okay so you know the speeds were astronomical I got up to one point six gigs a second man I downloaded a movie and like a smell of meat in the morning yeah I mean it was incredible however if I turned the corner I lost it if I turned around you know I lost it okay because millimeter-wave has problems going through buildings going through windows going to walls going to people yeah when it rains it's an issue okay like there's there's a lot of my thing is what I expected to be cracked up to be but but here's the thing okay that is like the ultimate extreme 5g yeah Verizon is basically doing the hard part first okay so what that's gonna do that's going to kind of fill in the not so much the blanks but fill in like where you would need it most like for example at home yeah we have 250 mega megabits a second we walk outside we had 30 yeah I've got why you know Wi-Fi and a broadband connection at home alright I need it in there exactly right and also buildings and Verizon starting to roll these things out to NFL stadiums so like smart targeted places where you would want those speeds yeah you're going to get them and of course you know major cities major like museums things like this for the rest of the country and we saw this a few weeks ago t-mobile rolled out there nationwide 5g the first carrier to roll out like any true 5mu like that AT&T 5ge welding is in the sense that it's using the 600 megahertz spectrum okay so it is a dedicated 5g income spectrum the speeds aren't what millimeter wave it's not even close you know it's like a max of 400 megabits per second so pretty – I'm fine with that from yeah I mean for comparison LTE generally gets between 30 and I was going to say 30 I'm like a good much lower yeah not a whole lot higher so you're talking ten times is yeah so for the lesser of the five g's for the lesser of the 5g and then one that should reach everybody well I mean that's a quote quote everybody larger cities is the big one RORO some places are still waiting waiting for 4G you know so there are issues with deployment of course and it's the carrier's focus on what the population is so major cities go first right but when we when we talk about 5g speeds of two gigs a second it's not that's not realistic right I would like a perceptible increase in speed even if it's which we're going to get and by this time next year depending on your network it could very well happen t-mobile and Sprint are merging or maybe you're merging you know we'll see how that how that all shakes out but most likely that's gonna happen so that's that's that D mobile already has proof of that they're building into it sprint has a two and a half gig spectrum that they put on pause but was legitimately really good gig plus speeds so that that's that AT&T has their own thing that they we haven't really seen 1:18 T's doing yet because they are focusing more on buildings like what we're aizen's doing but internally so but but they also reach great seeds and Verizon as I tested you know one point six to two gigs so the idea that 5g will blow away LTE is a correct but it won't do it right away but am i buy next time by this time next year they'll be enough if if Verizon grows out a sub six gig spectrum yeah which is the other so there's millimeter wave and sub six gig yeah if they roll that out plus millimeter wave I mean it that's really good okay it'll get better as it goes on if that doesn't happen that's the problem so the my final question for this wish list item is do we assume we think the iPhone will have 5g I do yeah I think I think it'll be it'll be relegated to the pro models okay well I hope they don't I think I might I hope they don't gouge in the sense that I hope it still but I hope they don't say it starts at eleven hundred and goes at twelve hundred now like I hope they keep the prices you know Samsung trying to think of what other phones there's an LG phone and what I don't want to get into it but they're they're more expensive the the the 5g phones right now are the most expensive it's a logical excuse for raising prices yeah but it is also life there's also technical reasons why the phones have to be bigger and you know the batteries and all that other stuff so there there are higher-end phones that shouldn't be the case this time next year okay they're coming out with better modems stronger wider networks and all this other stuff so 5g should go from fantasy to some semblance of reality by the time you want one by the time I want one all right so on your wish list something that you'd like really badly but may not be available yet all right I'm gonna go a completely opposite in the spectrum here's what I want 1g no and nothing to do with phones that's what I cover okay what I want is a che remote control that works with streaming why do you want to remote what ok remote control for your TV yeah but yeah ok so I have at my house I cut the cord okay as the parlance goes yeah so I have I I had a teen teen now I just switched to Hulu now okay funny story 55 bucks a month yeah literally this two days and I got there I got DIRECTV note to self do not do with Michael yeah yeah but the prices will go up always okay I got ya I got DirecTV now two days later they sent me an email saying they were changing it and the prices were going up so I moved it and now I got three days later they sent me an email saying the price was going to 45 anyway aside from that unfortunate cuts the cord to pay more so I cut the cord so I have Hulu I have Apple TV yeah plus my Disney Plus you know I have let me think and oh you know are you sure you're paying less than you would have this is all bundled with the cable kind of slightly slightly I'm playing a lot less five dollars a month I didn't switch for price okay I switched because I had all these damn services anyway okay and I was paying for them on top of my own cave got it oh so I got rid of the cable and my bill went down yeah yes if you buy everything you're gonna be paying more than you would be with cable but the fun part of stream just pick and choose and it's better stream that better quality that's not what we're talking about so about this so I have a harmony one we whatever the hell it's called which is like the cream of the crop I paid $250 for it two 50s that's very inexpensive for cream of the crop is well it's a remote those change the channels not a television I thought you were talking about the receiver no no it isn't just ass it's a remote control okay and it's really good does it have lighted buttons and good those has a touchscreen and all right maybe not a touched screen okay no no what is this touchscreen oh it does I do have a touch again one in my bedroom is not a touch Kalka anyway I'm a big remote guy yeah I don't know having I don't like having Apple TV remote in Google Chrome or sitting on the table that most people do I hate that so I wanted one remote for my setup yeah which is what I have but it getting it to work with my streaming is a nightmare for one a doesn't support voice so that's out we'll see that we can that would be the unifying new wife or something like that right really of course that would be here and so so so that's out the buttons are all out of whack like sometimes I had to press Menu to go back sometimes I press stop sometimes I press down like it's always a mess okay each box is different Apple TV versus Amazon versus Roku they're all different I have all of them you have chromecast I do yeah that that's works more with the phone beat like I use them when I see most less of an issue but that's that's annoying too yeah because I can't read you the remote at all for that so what I want and there are companies that are trying to make this but they're stymied by the lot by the fact that there's so many different apps I want to remote and I would pay $1,000 for this Apple remote would just work with Apple stuff I need to rotate everything I want to remote where I can sit down like I do with my cable yeah I have voice I have I press a button things go on things do what they're supposed to do the it's it's it's it's a logical it just works men yes the I press stop and think stop I press pause and things pause yeah and I want it to be simple I don't want eight million buttons there's a company called kaavo I think that's pronounced that's how you pronounce it and I have been lusting over this thing now before year this is available now it's available now and it's not that when it came out it was hundreds of dollars now it's about I think 50 okay he doesn't do what I want it doesn't it doesn't deep integrate it search it doesn't work with every app it doesn't work with everything and it's not their fault you know it's the fault of all these disparate apps that don't work or communicate or care Apple doesn't care no they want me to use their stupid solutions that I hate oh I like the cereal oh stop it I do I do anyway this is your wish list the whole thing's a problem it works fine anyway so yeah I want I want a universal remote that gives me the the interface that works that works with all of your stream options and I don't know that seems like it's a Wild West out there I think you're gonna be waiting I don't think harmony is even trying anymore I don't know if they ever did well I mean just given how many you know of these streaming services are coming online now I mean even if you design a remote that works with everything that's available now it wouldn't you know of the Disney adages and you know did all they like I use the Food Network app like and you know it works yeah in the sense that I can control my TV with the remote you know but it doesn't work like I want to do and again the voice control is gone and I keep you know the programming and the remote isn't this isn't how it should because they're made for cable boxes and television less and I want so badly just someone to come out and say we fixed we fix it we solve the problem okay so I think my wishlist item the 5g real than this one in terms of something that's actually available now that I would really like I basically want your smart home set up because I am I've edged into smart home stuff I've got a home pod from Apple I've got two or three or lexan devices from Amazon I have a variety of apps and smart lights and hue bulbs and all of it kind of works you do some of the things that I want to do and I can set the mood in the room and turn the lights off from the phone and have them come on when I'm away and I won't you know drive in but none of it feels unified and in discussions you and I have had in the past about how you've got your smart home set up yours just seems to just work well I mean the big what did you do and how do I get that I mean it takes some what do I have to tell people to buy me for the holidays for one you need to buy things that work with one assistant it's unfortunate because particularly since you're an apple guy well no but they don't work apple doesn't work with it yeah so which would you pick Google Amazon I mean who Alexa is my first and foremost so I do I have the August smart lock you have the nest they see then the nest stuff is it works but it works better now at Google as they bought them okay but it but it does it does work with Alexa but the nest stuff you don't really need to look at I have the ring stuff which Amazon Owens now so that works really well hue lights work with everything yeah I like I like but yeah it's that's my favorite I have the mic you garage door opener I need a garage door which you know that that works with the m2 that doesn't work with Alexa oddly enough even though Amazon it works with Amazon key you know but doesn't work with Alexa okay so I can't open the garage door I can just press the over the pod yours bad pod bay doors Hal I can't do that exactly so you need to you need to look at you know particularly like plugs and things like yeah we mow like you need to know that it works with either a lecture or Google assistant which Adam America both so some of them don't yeah and you have to make sure that what you're buying works with now and then you know once you know use the Alexa app oh forget about everything is just like you you're gonna need the individual apps or set them up yeah but when you want to automate you're gonna have to set up routines and things using the Alexa okay and that's that's you know it's it I guess it takes them doing and then you know things break and plugs don't work and it's a constant it's a constant frustration yeah in fact my son for whatever reason and so I am one of those dual plugs and my son's room one for his TV one for his his desk light that he uses as a nightlight yeah and for some reason two weeks ago yeah so I I have a thing that's I say uh Alexa go to sleep you know and it turns off his lights turns on his desk light and turns on his humidifier and says good night Gabriel okay and it's been doing that it's really cool it's been doing that forever okay you know for Yero however long I've had it all of a sudden started to not turn on the light and turn the television when technology goes bad so every night I gotta turn the TV turn light so it's all I switch it so now now it like I did other teams on the like well I switched it I switched it so now the routine turned on the TV which really turns on the light so there are issues okay need to find something simpler like a baseball bat or something you know it's like but I was talking to my wife the other day and we had a thing where we were coming home and I used the app today and this is okay all right so that that's my reality based tech wish list for this year and you I'm gonna go to the opposite end of the spectrum again we go yes what I want okay I want a Mac Pro min what I want Billy knew the cheese grater milk the cheezy Mac Pro because listen I don't need any of that you don't need any of that power yeah but I do you want them what the modern of course what about the stay of course you get this I gotta get old we're talking ten thousand years no no I want I want I want all of it because I I haven't had a mac tower since I love the old mac towers I had almost three and the chief I had the power like the G say the first power mac g5 was that the metal one yeah goodbye the clear door yes yes I don't think I had the cheese grater I don't and then I started by an iron mask if they saw to get too expensive and I didn't need that kind of power and then I got our power books and all that stuff but yeah okay well you know the Mac Pro will be will be out or is out yeah but yeah you know obviously it's here and that's the important thing and it starts at five grand for $9999 it's a ridiculous amount of money it's like a mortgage yeah but why do you want that I know you should know why I say Diana C don't know like I don't I don't need anything anywhere near you know that kind of process you know I just want to put it on my desk look at it okay that's perfectly it's it's it's just gorgeous I mean and there's a there's a nostalgia element to it and there's a you know there's a there's a high-end element to it like it's it's the coolest computer I think Apple has ever designed Jim okay and yeah I want one so if anyone wants to buy me a present so Mac Pro $10,000 and all I want to miss doorbell I'm easy to buy for this year great okay get to get the ring door well we'll have to revisit this after the holidays and see who got closest to their gift of choice great maybe I got a picture of the night crew okay okay well cool well Michael thank you for this very seasonal offering of Tech Talk thanks for watching for now that's a wrap

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