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What's In My Ultimate Everyday Tech + Gaming Bag 2019


yo what's going on friends it's Jonathan and I'm here in the Orlando conference center because they're having like a halo outpost event so I think this is a great time to show you what I'm using for a gaming backpack and when I brought with me so um I really think you guys are going to like this this is actually like a throwback bag because I did the same backpack and a 15-inch but I really think you guys are going to like so this is the system G backpack the 17 plus carries so a while back I did the 15 inch which was actually when they were basically marketing it as a good gaming bag but now it's more like an everyday bag and it opens up just like so and boom it's very reminiscent to the 15-inch it's just like I said bigger this is no longer being manufactured so I still have this from the 15 the 15-inch backpack it's really nice I just keep a bunch of like a pencils and like the lens cleaner and stuff in here but I'm hopefully they bring these back cuz they're nice but you can see you just stick it right there with a Velcro is and then you have a couple more pin slots and then you have little slots here for maybe like a USB Drive something like that you have a little passport slot right here it's like elastic and then you have two more pockets here that I use to keep my camera batteries in they fit perfectly these are actually the npz or the Z series Sony batteries will go ahead and bust into the first larger pockets it's got the same zippers on here the hard plastic kind of like rubberized material very durable what's great about these zippers is it seals the bag making it a splash proof so somewhat water-resistant but not waterproof don't throw this bag in the water go ahead and open this up and you could see you have some stuff going on here these are the blue microphone sadee headphones these are really awesome kind of expensive like about 400 bucks but what makes these so unique is you you probably assume that your Bluetooth headphones but they're not they have an internal DAC giving these like a books like an amplifier so it's going to give you a very strong boost and when these aren't using the amplifier like say you didn't charge them you could still use them like normal headphones you have some elastic pockets so you could put like maybe I don't know some other gaming stuff in here an Xbox controller up top you have a little zippered pockets or some sunglasses maybe just like that keeps everything nice and secure go ahead and zip that up and then this is how I was hanging the headphones so it's just a little snap and you can hang your gaming headphones just like that and then you have tons of pockets in here along the sides see iPod is here here here here's some elastic I mean it is incredible the amount of compartments you have in this bag and if you don't like your compartment falling down like this you can take these little straps and connect them just like that so now it's gonna hold the compartment up just like that this is my Logitech G Pro a keyboard and this is a very small compact professional gaming mechanical keyboard I can't remember the name of the switches so I'm gonna leave them up on the screen for you like magic but you can hear there's definitely a keyboard it has RGB lights similar to like razors Kromah tons of customization I do wish I had like a little number pad but that would also extend the link so for a compact mechanical keyboard this is awesome it's not bluetooth it does require a cable but that's okay because you're gonna get a better response when gaming and it has little feet so you can elevate it on your desk hello compact and great for gaming but if you wanted to fit some other stuff in here maybe some clothes some shoes you have a large pocket here and you have another zippered pocket here and of course you can always stuff this with like a different type of tech organizers or maybe some clothing cubes you could just line them up right in here gives you tons of space so another great thing about this little compartment here and the bag in general just like the 15 that you have that large shell to protect everything that is inside the bag a lot of people like it some people don't I personally like it because it's gonna give you some extra protection but it is gonna increase the bulk of the back so up top we have a small little pocket again with the zippers but this one has like a little area where you can you know push the zipper under giving you a little bit more protection inside here I keep whatever extra phone and I'm bringing around with me today I chose to bring you the 1 plus 7 Pro I do have the almond color but I mean the blue is just come so this is the last large pocket of the bag and this is the laptop compartment so inside here I have my gaming laptop which there's charger the wall plug and you guessed it that is the razor blade 15 inch the RTX 2060 i'm do want to 2080 and that oled display which looks oh so sweet but I don't got the budget for it so we're r-tx 2060 over here I also have a utility pack in here this is also made by System G I think it's like 40 bucks you can pre-order on their website this one I got with the 15 inch so I'm not sure what changes they've made to it but it's definitely worth it if you pick up the bag inside here I keep like all of my cables peripherals things like that I have a Mophie battery pack here and this thing is really really nice it can actually charge a macbook so that's pretty powerful it's a power delivery and it's like massive in terms of its size I have the USB C Thunderbolt 3 macbook 2 SD card slot adapter or dongle because even razer got rid of their SD card slot so gotta have that I have a nomad cable in here the universal cable by far my favorite cable it doesn't matter if you have lightning Us PC or micro USB you're gonna be able to charge of stuff if you don't have one of these just do yourself a favor and buy one link down below then I got the cable for the keyboard that's the Logitech G Pro keyboard you can see the unique micro USB connector right there and it's also braided so very nice and what's really cool about this little pouch is if you wanted to you could just take it out so you can disconnect it just like that and then you can put that like in a separate area in the back we'll just toss that over there inside here I have a little Pelican case for my SD cards and by the way angel bird besties cards are legit definitely check them out I'm gonna have like some Instagram story stuff coming on these so make sure you stay tuned back and then I have my gaming mouse which is another Logitech product this is the ProSeries wireless mouse and it's like the best wireless mouse in the game like the response time on this everything about this mouse is super lightweight at waist and nothing has a rechargeable battery RGB it's just it's fine this is like a Mary Poppins bag I just keep pulling stuff out so this is my variable nd again I bring this with me ever don't worry is why I use this nd so much is because I paid like a fortune for it and it's really not any better than like a cheap nd so I may not even link this get a cheap indeed my hats coming back pushing my damn forehead big-ass five head if you think we're done you're wrong because you got a lot of stuff along the side here so you have a handle if you want to carry the bag you know more like a briefcase or like like a tote bag but you also have like a little hidden pocket here it's not big but it's enough to keep something like this which is my red tool you guys know I don't go anywhere without this thing unless I forget it which happens a lot but for the most part I don't go anywhere without this thing I just took it away right there and then you have a little water bottle pocket so on this side we have another handle again if you want to carry it like a tote bag or briefcase whatever in another hidden pocket in here I like to keep all of nothing and this was my everyday bag I would definitely have some stuff in here but because I conduct this out for the Microsoft events want to travel somewhat light you know I'm not going across country so but you got another little hidden pocket there I like it and then another water bottle pocket this time with the water bottle you see it fits it nice I think this is a 16-ounce or maybe a 22 ounce water bottle about two ounces but it fits a nice you can easily fit a 32 ounces or you could tuck a tripod in there like a small one and then use these security moving on to the back of the bag there's actually a few interesting things over here you have a zipper area on the bottom that can conceal straps in case you want to put like a large gaming mouse a blanket a tripod but if you're not putting any stuff on the bottom you can just throw them in here and then zip this and it will conceal those straps or you can leave it unzipped have something on the bottom and then tuck like some luggage like a luggage handle through here or if you don't want to do it through here you also have zippered pockets along the sides here and you have one on the other side so that way you can put this on your luggage like this versus like this so it gives you a bunch of flexibility and if you want to take off the straps entirely you can just pop them off so the last thing I want to talk about are the straps of the bag because they're thick but they're not too thick they're very comfortable and the way the bag portions all the weight is actually pretty legit like it's pretty incredible how the bag feels on your back despite it packing a tongue and being a fairly big backpack so down here you can see I have a peak design adapter on here which it's like a arca-swiss plate basically it goes on your camera and then you can click it in so that way you can always keep your camera on the outside of your bag ready to go to take a picture or start vlogging with you have a chest strap here which can be adjusted based upon like how high or how low you want it and then you have various mounting points for adjusting the chest strap and over here you have the other part the chipster alright guys that does it for me in this video I hope you like my gaming backpack all of this stuff can be linked down below shoutout to system G for sending me the bag and sponsoring this video if you're interested in picking up one of these backpacks on your own they retail for like 175 180 bucks but they're always running sales so hit the link in the description to see if you can get one while it's on sale because right now at the time of this videos about 150 bucks who knows how often they're gonna do that and that's a good price for this bag if you guys enjoyed this video drop it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe for more content just like this and I will talk to you backpack and yeilding little elephant trolls

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