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What’s in my Tech Bag [2018] Backpack Combo!!


Today I have a what's in my bag or what to my tech bag video taking a look at my everyday carry items from my backpack Design in Zurich the QWSTION Overnighter bag I purchased this bag myself

Not cheap but I needed a quality tech bag for work Now this bag doubles as a backpack, which is a real party piece So let's show you that unique feature In its current configuration It's designed to be an overnighter bag with handles at the top and a shoulder strap We'll take a look at its internal space and my everyday carry items but first watch as I transform this into a great-looking backpack This really gives you two bags for the price of one I get to use this as a backpack when it suits me But when I take it to work, I can make it appear more formal like a traditional business case They call this the detachable one for two system shoulder strap Transforming your bag into a backpack is easy We detach the strap from either side Now we're going to use the central metal buckle which clips onto a very sturdy loop at the top Next we secure each of the loose ends at a bottom corner the main material for the bag is 100% cotton with wax and PU coating and A PFC free water repellent treatment

If it's ok to ask please give a quick thumbs up or down it helps me learn what content you like to see Even better if you leave a comment for me Thank you Almost forgot you have two padded supports for each shoulder strap if you want to use them You'll notice I use my bag in a strange way I don't actually use the dedicated laptop pouch I like to have my macbook dead-center So it's protected more at either side They make an office bag variant which is thinner, but I always use a wider bag so that it will stand upright It's less likely to get trodden if its upright and of course you've got more space

If I take some of my work stuff out of here We can see a purpose-designed padded compartment for up to a 15 inch laptop Macbook or ipad My 13 inch macbook air fits with lots of room to spare All of the internal lining is 100% organic cotton and has CPF a free water repellent treatment By the way all of the everyday carry items that follow and the bag are all items that I genuinely purchased myself No items were sent to me for free That way you get what I promised in the video title I do have affiliate links to some of the items only which are clearly marked in the video description That means if you buy an Item the channel can earn a small amount at no extra cost to yourself which helps support making new content So first, of course my 13-inch MacBook Air, which I need every day

With around 13 hours battery life I don't have to carry any charging cables even if I'm out for a couple of days You may have spotted the bluetooth dongle, which is for my Logitech mouse I don't tell my other mouse, but this one is my favorite I can't use the MacBook trackpad very well And I really dislike the Apple Mouse which I find tracks too slowly and loses connectivity frequently When I'm doing a presentation for work It has to work first time every time or it cost me money This tiny Logitech mouse is extremely responsive like the mouse equivalent of a sports car I carry a Belkin mini DisplayPort to HDTV cable This displays your my work on a bigger screen This adapter has lasted nearly a full year now, which you won't always get from a cheaper product

This Belkin MacBook HDTV cable is 6 foot or 18 meters You have two internal pockets I use one for pens and the other for a 30-meter tape not really tech items So we'll ignore those Let's empty this main compartment and you can see the full 215 liter volume available Making the QWSTION Overnighter bag great for everyday use or city trips with a spacious main compartment and/or room for your tech and gadgets

We find my work phone in one of the two internal zipped pockets I use an iPhone 6 plus for my personal use and to shoot my youtube videos And for work I have this HTC Desire 826 This allows me to keep my home life separate from my business I like the HTC 826 because it's a similar size and spec to my iPhone 6 plus But this was around a fifth of the price making it a cheap second phone It's got dual SIM capability a 55 inch screen It's quad core and you can put up to 256 gigabyte micro SD card inside Next up

I've got the ANKER lightning cable These are great for lots of Apple devices, including your iPad iPhone or iPod I hardly ever use this The only time I've run out of battery with my iPhone 6 is if I leave the Wi-Fi hotspot on by mistake, but it's here if I need it and I especially like the tangle proof double braided nylon It's fantastic stuff There is generous space in each of the side pockets for bulky items In here I've got

more Mouse's! I carry a spare because if I leave home without one I have to buy one whilst I'm out or go all the way back home again There's a handy front pocket Here is where I keep a Faraday case for my car keys I haven't put a link to this product because there's so many different types and they all do much the same thing very cheaply I proved the concept and demonstrated how these work in a recent video upload If you own a keyless entry car or keyless start car pop your keys in one of these pouches and you won't be a victim of relay theft, which is to hack your key fob allowing the car to be stolen without the keys Check out the video I made about that Next up my Flipside 4 wallet

If you're a regular to my channel, you'll know I review a lot of tech wallets and I could easily have shown you a wallet where I have a rapport with the brand but I want it to be true to the video title and show you my actual everyday carry items I've got no association with this product I like it because it's great to use with its flip over style organization It has RFID blocking to keep your digital information safe That keeps your contactless payment cards safe from unwanted card skimming theft It has a crush resistant hard polymer case It's compact and smooth shape makes it ideal for sliding into tight front pocket jeans You can see the full product review of the Flipside 4 on my channel Just check out the video cards description or their end screens Also in this front pocket I have the Nutt Mini bluetooth tracker and key finder

Together with its iOS and Android app It allows you to locate your keys or items It's attached to Only a few pounds and with a replaceable battery It's definitely worth the tiny outlay for one of these locators I also have a full video review of this product Please check that out Here's a great way to add some extra storage to MacBook Pro or MacBook Air I've got the cnc-machined ninja stealth drive It sits flush

So it's completely hidden in your macbook Basically an adapter for a micro SDXC card, it allows you to add up to another 400 gigabytes It's also available for the Microsoft Surface book and Dell XPS I've got an extra 200 gigabytes here, which almost doubles my MacBook Air storage and matches the exterior perfectly If you made it this far thanks for watching Please check out some of the single item reviews of the products featured See ya

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