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What will be the Samsung Foldable Phone – Galaxy X or Galaxy F???


Samsung's foldable smartphone gets portrayed in concept renders Samsung has been gearing up to launch its first foldable smartphone for a very long time now and the device may finally become official at CES 2019 in January while we impatiently wait for the Korean company's next innovation the folks over at Dutch website new mobile teamed up with Jonas Stuart to bring us a glimpse of what the handset may end up looking like the phone has been referred to as the Samsung Galaxy X but there's also a chance it will be launched at the Samsung Galaxy F we're using the name of a cancelled model from a few years ago the latter would make a bit more sense since F could easily stand for foldable then again X is just usually a more preferred letter in branding whatever the name these renders show it in all positions folded unfolded and even at a 90 degree angle while these are not leaked renders they were created based on all the patents Samsung has filed for a foldable smartphone and the schematics contained in the company's patent applications as you can see the display can actually be folded flat even when the handset is closed there's still an opening reminiscent of a Microsoft Surface book because the Galaxy S doesn't fold exactly in the middle a part of the panel is always visible that serves as a ticker or to show media control buttons while the fingerprint scanner in these images is on the back of the device it's likely that Samsung may also choose to go with an under display solution as for cameras don't be surprised to see a grand total of four two on the front two on the back past rumors talked about seven inches or bigger touchscreen surfaces available to use when the handset is fully unfolded with a 21 by 9 aspect ratio the resolution is expect to be 1440 by 3360 the battery should fall somewhere in between 3000 and 6000 mAh Samsung's first foldable smartphone definitely won't be aimed at the mass market with its rumoured price of 1,850 US dollars please subscribe for more updates and news thank you for watching

Source: Youtube

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