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What is digital Marketing ? | Digital marketing course in Chennai | Tech Fox Tamil


[Music] So i am Kalidas , Today in our digital marketing course we will see What is digital marketing ? before that we will see what is markeing Marketing means There is a producer, Producer is a person who creates and sells product , Brand or services for others so others will use their product , service or brand

so they produce these Consumers are people who use the products of producers Here Marketing is the act of Promoting products or services from producers to consumers usually this is done by marketers So

Digital Marketer is also promoting brand or products from producers to consumers using using digital resources examples of digital resources are tv , mobile , Radio and internet

these are the digital resources OK , i am just told you in theory which might be difficult to understand i will explain it using flow chart first Define Audience

You should know how your audience should be Now i am having a youtube channel This channel is based on digital marketing and technology based This channel is very helpful to technology freak even my channel will be useful for digital marketer So, Before starting my youtube channel i have defined my audience in my mind so this is defining your audience

Next, we need to interact with them Now i am having a product and i need to interact with the defined audience So i need some platform to interact with the audience so we have many platform like social media platform we also have search engineto display ads

so when we advertise here we will reach the audience We can use these using free contents like giving samples etc

so the consumers wont waste money and they will try our product and contact us ads next , customers What is difference between customers and audience ? now, when you search for digital marketing , you might had clicked my video initially you are just a visitor or viewer and you liked my videos

so now

since you like my video you will subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any videos on the future so this is how you turn visitors into customers so initially you are just a viewer then after liking our product you will become a customer This process inside the dotted box is very important in digital marketing

So we will mainly focus on these areas a lot in our course You might ask " is this all about digital marketing ? " and my answer is NO there is a section called Analytics Analytics is used to measure the interaction between your customer and your product data's like are customers satisfied ? Is there any problem in our product ? , Has it reached well ? so this is called analytics

We will also focus on Analytics in our digital marketing course Next, is retargeting if there is any problem in our product we will improve using feedbacks and analytic section so we will analyize and

retarget the customers, making better products this is the entire blueprint that we are going to see Next, our process goals

first, convert audience into customers second make customers stick to our product make them use our product we will also see that topic also below you can see keywords use this keyword while explaining it to someone or

interviewer and you can explain to them clearly using these keywords so you will likly to be selected so, keywords are very important

use them well That's it this is digital marketing i will give task ( not compulsary to complete ) after every topic Now, your task is

Select your own topic select a topic that you are familiar and interested Examples are Health Food, Technology Choose your own topic you like

because in future we will create youtube channel from scratch and attract more viewers and subscribers and also we will use the topics in blogging also comment your topic below in the comment section, Thank You [Music] [Music]

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