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Welches Handy? So findest du das richtige Smartphone!


If you need a new phone, then the many models that exist can do a great deal be difficult to decide for one This video will help you find the right smartphone for you

Here are tips for your next smartphone purchase First, you should think about the price Between the cheapest and most expensive model are approx 1000 Euro 2 questions you have to answer on the subject of price: How much money can I or want to spend? And how much money should I spend on my needs? In general, of course, the more money you spend, the better the smartphone

If you have more than 700 euros available, you can buy the best and newest models from Buy Apple, Samsung or Google, the so-called flagship models But spending so much money does not make sense for every user type Here's the second question: think about how to use your phone and what important to your future smartphone Some aspects that you should consider here, we will look at in the further course of the video When buying a cell phone, the question often arises of the operating system – Android or iOS

With Android you have many more mobile phone models to choose from and it covers all price ranges iOS is only available in the upper price segment The most popular apps are available on both platforms alike Android gives you more customization options and more control over it System IOS is more limited, but it's easy to use and find the design many chic

In the end, your personal taste and whether you may be more in the Apple is important in the choice or more in the Google ecosystem That is, if you already have several Apple devices such as an iPad or MacBook, then do an iPhone with iOS tends to make more sense If you love the Google Apps and the Google Assistant, it's more like an Android phone The display is an important criterion On the one hand, you should think about the size of the screen

Is it important to you that your phone is handy, because you may have small hands Then the screen size should not exceed 6 inches If, on the other hand, you watch a lot of videos or Netflix, you like multitasking or much Play on the phone, then a larger display with over 6 inches is probably better For image quality and sharpness, the resolution and high pixel density is important Those who value a top display should also look for brightness and a high contrast ratio respect, think highly of

OLED displays are significantly better than LCD displays For quite a few, the smartphone camera should be an important aspect In pictures and videos you can sometimes see significant differences between the models The trend currently goes to more than one lens, resulting in better quality can In addition, with dual cameras also different effects such as better zooming or a Wide angle mode can be achieved

If you want to take good pictures and videos in low light, you should become one expensive flagship model gripping Mobile phones for the 300 euros also take good pictures, but only in good light conditions If you are in need of video recording, then you should pay attention to the relevant information 4K and 60 fps is pretty much the best right now Otherwise, you should not only pay attention to how many megapixels in your comparison Resolution has the phone camera, but if that's really important to you, then look best to do different tests

There you can compare the camera quality better than based on the specified technical specifications The speed should not be such an important issue for most users here Almost all cell phones are sufficient for everyday use But if you have more demanding stuff like eg Use AR or VR applications or gamble smooth games on your smartphone If you want to, then you should pay attention to a fast processor and large RAM You get that with the flagship models The memory should nowadays be at least 64 GB

You can only manage with less if you rarely take pictures and videos and few Install apps It may also be that you need more than 64GB if you like lots of photos and videos (even 4K videos) on your device or if you want for offline use download many series, movies and music If you're someone who does not always have to have the latest mobile phone model right away, then you can You make good bargains by just waiting patiently For example, a super day for the smartphone purchase may be the Black Friday, this year on the 29th of November In addition, many shops occasionally offer good discounts and promotions, so it makes sense can be your smartphone, what you have in mind to watch something from the providers

In addition, prices often go down when successor models appear If you eg Spend 350 euros, you have the choice to buy a new middle-class phone or an older flagship phone The benefits of a new midrange cell phone are better battery and newer software With an older flagship, however, you often get a better chip and a better one better camera Which smartphone can you currently recommend? Write that in the comments!

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