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Today we've got a review for the F226 from WE The gun comes with this box

Includes a lemon, manual in many languages Including a disassembly blueprint The gun comes in a plastic to protect it from humidity Comes with a orange tip (Already removed) A working decocker, hammer, decorative firing pin and a silencer adapter

Is worth noting that the threading for this gun is negative The gun comes well greased, feels good and solid, minimal wobble in the internals The paint job may not last long, but has a good mate finish Has a polished silver part in the ejecting port The field-stripping to access the hop-up would be done like so

The hop-up has a mark that indicates the direction to add/remove hop As well as a plastic part that works as an indicator Prevents us from damaging the gun The recoil feels noice and it's fun to shoot In the next footage I work as a decoy and fail, first time using the gun

-123 *rushes B* -Hit! The gas ran out, I couldn't shoot more I may have improperly filled the mag

I try again, and I notice that the gun shot nicely In an effective range of 65feet with no drop or hop adjustment Using 28g BBs Also has a good effective range of 114feet with a hop adjustment Allowing me to shoot effectively, being sure I'll hit my target

In my last try I shot many times without the gas running out Being sure I filled the mag correctly As well I never noticed a leak on the mag that It came with Even before using it in a live game As extra notes I noticed that: The gun comes with a 6

03 inner barrel Has a sling attachment in the grips When you press the mag release, the mag isn't just "dropped" It's ejected with very little force instead Perfect for reloading in difficult positions All the controls are reachable by your thumb

The sights came perfectly aligned, but they're not adjustable When I bought this gun I wanted the ergonomics of the M9 Because I sadly have small hands Although this gun does have room for someone with bigger hands I also wanted it to have a decent recoil with a metal construction

And having an affordable price with the shape of my preferred gun, Sig Sauer P226 The mags costs approximately 22dlls, the gun 99dlls No tax or shipment included The price may change in the future I can say that the gun is perfect for me

I'm fully satisfied with my purchase Feel free to comment with any question about the gun As well I would appreciate you subscribe and like our Facebook page This has been Fenex with the review of the F226 from WE-Tech Good bye

Source: Youtube

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