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War Tech Fighters Review on Xbox – Full HD


hello everybody my name is removablesanity and today I am looking at war tech fighter on the Xbox one X and this has by developer Drakkar Dev so what is war tech fighter well you take control of a huge sci-fi mech called war Tech's whom travel across the galaxy mailing a deadly Empire in a variety of actions space battles was destroying enemies in a blend of stylized ways you are also able to configure upgrade and customize said make any weight you choose sounds fun that's because it is the premise of the game is simple you are part of rebel colonies called he boss and Ares who have joined forces to battle it yet the satchels Empire with the deadliest ones ever built vortex this leads me on to the gameplay before you can start you are given a taste of how powerful you will become by taking charge of an MPC's war tech and doing a few school battles once done is up to you to choose what make motion lights go through the game as there are three bodies choose from the light hawk class of the speed the mid-range links or the heavy rhino class for pure aggression once chosen you are then shown your main hub which is eight mail cruise hangar which is where you all spend most your time configuring upgrading and customizing your mech the developers have done a fantastic job of providing you with thousands of paint and library options combined with about a hundred and eighty of great all systems and body weapon parts each is purchased by in-game currency you earn by completing missions or doing fee are challenges besides the usual stat system there is also a leveling system for your mech which in turn buffs your robot stats further than the standard weapon parts upgrades now what impart stats need to be carefully to get the best out of your robot but at no point did I find it too difficult to find the item I wanted to buffer my mech in a specific way this is mainly due to the excellent tree of grated system similar to that of monster hunter world we can see exactly what price you need to get and what stats you may require to move to the next tier once you have tweaked your war tech to the way you want it it's time to do a mission there's around 30 missions in total and these include a selection of a mech on mech fighting long-range space battles stealth sections code hacking and more in a bid to help keep missions fresh the path was take place in an arena with invisible walls which gives the impression of the zone being bigger than it is the war techs are outfitted with a light weapon a heavy weapon and maligne weapon and a rocket or missile barrage system combination of these weapons are huge fun but also depend on the enemies you face as some have damage resistance depending of the weapon you have chosen so what about the control system well I found a war tech simply lovely to pilot with the usual left right up or down and boost for a quick getaway it is nice and responsive and allows you to tweak this sense Tipsy to needs one issue though that took me a while to get to grips with was to make on neck battles with base eaters again into a fighting game there seems miss slight lag between your input versus movement which in turn and get you into trouble pretty quick lights and heavy attacks are all well defined along with blocking abusing your shield but dodgy which is needed to stop you from spamming light and heavy attacks and help pop open a counter easily 20 anymore as quick as I'd like one thing to know is there is no ammo here it's all about energy consumption scimitar stamina bar if you will all weapons even went no direct combat with another may use it this regenerates over time but still you have to keep an eye on your bar to ensure you don't wipe out a chunk of enemies and then find another load sneak up on you you have nothing left as you progress you can buff this to better suit your style of gameplay but at the beginning it's something you need to be aware of to combat this simple there is the ability to grab a portion of energy by doing stylized execution moves damaging the unit to wither into its life I've been getting in close allows you to put up a visual Hollywood style death move this could be anything from drop kicking in enemy ships grabbing and tearing apart just slicing them with your sword it also provides a nice respite to gather your thoughts when the battle be said get a little heated there is also a plethora of health crates floating around the area should you ever get to lung which in turn is reduced dependent on the difficulty you choose and various times you get missions which allow you to take control of NPC mechs and their special weapons in a bid to help tell the story from their point of view now there isn't much of a story but what there is is told by FMV or characters talking to each other to be fair you'll be too busy earning the rainy time blasting cutting and smashing up vast amounts of enemies don't worry about the story and this leads we wanted to add graphics graphically the game stands up well and shines in most areas the arenas have backdrops you fighting off and stuff to look at they truly capture the galaxy in such a way as to make you sit and stare at the area you are playing however I found in any model types a bit blocky and this is problem because I'm playing on a 49 inch 4k TV overall though the weapons menu logo and explosions are nice punchy selection of colors that keeps you glued your screen another great option is you can choose at any time to switch between third person and the first person will this is fantastic we bring these cells that feel senior hulking weapons over your shoulders lasting way an enemy's flank one aspect they have hit on the head perfectly is the varied lively options to truly make your own mech different from another through the game you also collect special projects which gives you special all in one warm accents these visually impressive models use menace and presence on the battle arena and lucky for us the console versions get extra set called the Arch Angel war tech which shows strong and Gundam influence now the framerate is smooth and never dipped evening the most heckler battles during my time playing the game my only performance related issue with the game were the long loading times between missions and menus which I really wouldn't expect on a console and this leads me on to the sound now the soundtracks features some truly excellent rock metal can electronically using get returning pumping during battles explosions weapon fire The Clash of the webinar we also have been welded up and seem to be best self from a headset the only force work is on the game's FMV sequences which are well done and provide a bit of a horrid light touch release leads me on to the rating of the game know I like games award of avoid on sale great purchase and must own my rating for war tech fighter is the group 8 of urges and this is for the following reasons for me this is a truly enjoyable game with very little force there's so much here to keep you occupied for a fantastic price the developers have gone all out with this game that patches to the brim with content just stark contrasts this so-called triple 8 games coming out lately it has 150 toils challenges repaired admissions collectibles survival mode and even a game plus to keep you came back for more thank you even if it's to try the other two classes and how they impact the gameplay if you like gunned down or any mech or related content you won't regret virtue war tech fighter it's currently available a price of a 16 pounds on the micro store which translates to about $25 and is available on all major platforms 12 layers of June that's it I do hope you liked this review and if you do please like share and subscribe if you so wish and if you would like to put some notes or even just a comment in the comment section I do like gradient anyway have a great time gaming and I'll see you all again soon

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