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VLOG ECLIPSE CROSS | #003 – Hidden Features/Fitur Tersembunyi – Smartphone Link Display Audio


Okay, for those who have been waiting for cruise control activation video, I’m sorry There is a new info for Eclipse Cross vlog, so this comes first and for cruise control activation will still come this week well, this time I want to show hidden features from the smartphone link of Mitsubishi eclipse cross head unit I’ve seen this feature in overseas version of Pajero sport and apparently, I have tested earlier, can also be used in Eclipse Cross To activate this features, choose screen off then we touch…

, sorry it's not clear, I will add a little light to make it visible okay, it's still not visible, we turn on the light I still can't see it, I'll pause first ok I just turn on the camera flashlight so, we touch and hold this upper corner until there is a tick sound…let me try that's it That’s the sound then in the lower right corner here, we touch and hold too until we hear the same sound I will turn off the flashlight well this is the info… wait, I’ll try to re-setup the focus, let me change the ISO a bit Ok, the ISO is lowered, so it turns out there are features that we can see vehicle type, destination, RHD / LHD, Fuel type, Model Year, let us leave it like that, we choose back, camera settings, Speaker check, let’s try it we continue to

what is this in coding data? I'm curious Then the touchpad controller, it's interesting, maybe it can be reformatted Ok, we're back, let's choose next This is radio info, there are HDMI settings and AUX settings What if we choose HDMI Settings, oh like that AUX settings okay that's all we will restudy again about this function, what can it be used for in the future Okay that's all, thank you

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