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Vivo Y90 Unboxing – The Cheapest Smartphone from Vivo?


Vivo is among those companies in Pakistan Which actively keep introcuding smartphones in market The company hasn't launched any high-end smartphone in Pakistani market Though it only has two series available V-series which is considered upper mid-range V15 and V15 pro are the last two from this series, and Y-series covers a big range from entry-level to mid-range smartphones Perhaps to divide this long range of devices, the company has introduced another S-series Vivo S1 is currently the first phone which still seems to be among V-series We'll see what the company has decided about this new series

Here we'll talk about the cheapest phone from the company in Y-series Vivo Y90, that comes with very basic feature-set This phone is going to cost around Rs 17,000 in Pakistan Even I am not sure about the exact price, because at the time of making this video the company had not revealed the price May be, I'll add some link around here on the screen, as the phone becomes available in the market

You can see that, the 2GB RAM which is considered to be the loweset among Android smartphones, You are gonna get that with this phone Some major elements are printed below the box Screen size is mentioned – 622-inch There is Face unlock feature

4030 mAh battery is something interesting I think let's open the box now quickly There is folder on top that probably will have a back cover? Yes, it's plastic back cover The most important item – paper work, that hardly anyone reads, warranty claim labels, And here it's the phone, Vivo Y90 Let's remove the wrapper

I guess, we should start the phone as well, so we could check what's more there in the box SIM eject tool 1-ampere charger which sure is not a fast charger micro USB cable at last No

you won't get the earphones with this phone Sorry about that

Let's check the phone now I have already told you that this is an entry-level phone So you shouldn't expect anything special from it It's plastic matte finish on the back Most people should like this

There is a primary camera on the back which is only 8-megapixel There is an LED flash as well On the front, there is a dew-drop notch with a selfie camera It's also only 5-megapixel The earpiece is between the screen and the body

On the right side, we have a volume rocker and a power button SIM slot is on the left side, that offers to add two nano SIM cards and a microSD card simultaneously There is nothing on the top but on the bottom There is a micro USB port hai, a Mono speaker, a Mouthpiece, and a 35mm audio jack The phone has booted up so, let's just set it up quickly [Speed Setup ] The same Funtouch OS interface You will get only the notifications in the top pull-down panel There is also the time and date

The shortcuts and quick toggles are down below, in the control center, that you pull-up from bottom There is brightness and volume controls too This phone still runs Android 81 Oreo and Funtouch OS version 45 is also old

The most basic element is the Quad-Core CPU Helio A22, along with PowerVR GE8300 GPU, it will only allow you to play some basic games The Game Mode is available but not sure how much boost this may give for any 3D game Afterall this is a 2GB RAM and should mostly be using for standard usage 32GB storage is still a good thing With respect to security, I have told you that this phone doesn't have fingerprint sensor

But face unlocking is present It's not that fast but still it's good to have The 5-megapixel camera on the front seems fine in bright light We'll see in detail in later review 8-megapixel also seems to be giving similar results There is no dynamic range

but detail seems fine I can't tell anything more about this phone for yet but Vivo Y91C which is currently priced at Rs

18,999 Considering that, the Y90 for Rs 17000 seems a balanced price If it costs 15,000 in fact, it might be an impressive deal We'll check more in later review

Right now I am waiting for the new S-series So to know everything in time, subscribe to this cannel Please like this video and share it as well See you in next video Allah Hafiz

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