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Vehicle Spotlight | 2020 Cadillac XT6 Sport – Infotainment, Tech, Front & Rear Features


Hi, I'm Mike Egli, Cadillac Brand Manager here at Holiday Cadillac I'd like to introduce the brand new 2020 Cadillac XT6

And this is all brand new here for 2020 on the new Cadillac XT6 This particular model is a Sport model This is going to feature the dark, black honeycomb grille All the features are all monochromatic, everything is blacked out on this model here, so what a great looking vehicle You've got LED headlamps, so you've got some really wonderful vision with that vehicle

LED turn-signals; this is going to have some sensors in the front bumper here, this is gonna offer forward collision alert This is gonna also offer adaptive cruise in this model, so as you're driving this vehicle it will automatically stop in traffic if the people around you stop Coming around the side, what a good looking set of wheels here So this is the upgrade 21" dark satin finish wheel This wheel also goes along with the Sport edition here, giving it that really nice monochromatic look

Over here on the side you'll notice a little bit larger side view mirror, that's going to encompass the camera underneath for the 360 degree surround vision That's a wonderful feature there as well Everything again, blacked out: door handle, trim, is all blacked out there as well Coming around to the back of the vehicle, you will notice clear tail light lenses, that is again another characteristic that we have of the Sport edition Just a real nice feature with this black metallic finish paint

Back in the back, real nice cleaned up area here, no windshield wiper to get in the way; tucked away up here Duel camera system again for the backup camera and the 360 degree surround vision Also noting, you've got chrome tail pipes back here So you've got duel exhaust, all tucked in real nice, and a cover that is going to come off and expose the factory trailer tow package here as well Couple other things of note as we're in the back here, you'll notice some new badging

AWD badging here, instead of seeing a "4" after the numbers XT6, again, brand new vehicle And something else that's going to denote the new model, is the 400 over there That is going to be a reference in all of our new Cadillacs, referencing the torque output of all of our engines So just a really great looking vehicle here, and everyone's been excited to see it, and we're happy to have one of the first ones around

Give you a quick mention underneath the hood here Opening this up, you'll notice our tried-and-true 36 liter v6 engine Variable valve timing direct injected 310 horsepower Connecting this today is gonna be the 9-speed transmission, that's all new here with this Cadillac XT6

The 9-speed transmission in this engine just gives it a really quick zippy punch That was my first impression when I drove the vehicle boy does this thing have some get-up-and-go So the brand new 2020 Cadillac XT6 is a true sport utility vehicle, so the key word is utility If I kick underneath here to show you the hands free liftgate, just an easy kick and the liftgate will open And this is power programable as well

Back here we've got some extra storage down below, as well as a nice flat area on top The third row being up right now has power features where I can take and push one button, it will drop the headrest and conveniently store those seats, not at an angle, completely flat Not only do the third row seats fold down completely flat, so do the second I've got two buttons here as well, I can drop the left or the right, giving you a nice flat even load floor to put whatever it is you might need Now back here in the second row, a couple nice things that we have for families

Number one, this second row seat does move forward and back, so you've got some extra room that you can give your second or third row occupants These back seats are also going to be heated as well, so in the wintertime you don't have any problems, not just the first row people but also second row people as well If I had a small child in a carseat, the uniqueness of this seat is it does allow to slide forward to access the third row and still keeping a child's carseat in place without needing to remove that every time Also the third row seats, something unique here to the new Cadillac XT6, we have buttons on the door sills here; allow me to access the back, and put these seats up So if I had children or occupants that needed this third row, I could put these up from right back here without walking all the way around, pushing the seat right back into place, and away we go

Welcome to the inside of this brand new 2020 Cadillac XT6, what a real spacious vehicle that's kind of my first impression here, I've got a lot of room A lot more room than many of the other vehicles that I get in and out of Things that you'd expect: power windows, power locks, power mirrors, power folding mirrors, memory seating; that's all going to be standard in this vehicle But I've also got a heated steering wheel, I've got an adjustment for my forward collision alert; setting my gap adjustment, as well for my adaptive cruise to give me the proper distance between me and the car in front of me to make sure that I'm always safe I've got buttons for my radio controls, volume as well as presets up over here

I've got a tilt and telescopic wheel that is power, you'd expect nothing less from a Cadillac Moving over to the middle, I've got a stereo system that's going to have AM/FM, as well as the new upgraded XM Satellite radio integration So you've got your stations as well as some digital images of what is on that station Up in the top here I do have a button where I can turn off the auto-stop feature These new vehicles, this 3

6 liter v6 as well does have auto-stop, where when we come to the corner, if we have our foot on the break the vehicle will shut down I can default that and turn that off as well Also got a button here for automatic parallel and perpendicular park assist Yes, this vehicle will park itself in a parking stall either parallel park or perpendicular parking I've got lane keep assist over here that I can turn on and off with the safety feature there, that's going to gently nudge the steering wheel keeping me in-between the dotted lines while I'm driving down the road

Below I've got heated and cooled seats in this vehicle, dual climate controls, so I can certainly set my temperatures on the driver and passenger side differently Little different set up down here, I'm going to have an electronic precision shift here I don't have any cables, I don't have any big clunky park, reverse, neutral, and drive big handles I've got everything electronic from park to reverse, neutral to drive Very simple, just pushing the button, stepping on the break, and putting the car into drive

When I'm done, push the button, and I will hear a "ding" telling me for certain that I am in park I've got controls here also for the radio, so I can control the radio from just a finger down here while my arm is on the armrest I can control that, as well as I can control my different channels I can go through and select what channel it is I might want on, and I can keep my eyes on the road and not ever have to take them off and look over to the radio So quite nice that way

In the center I've got a nice, large storage compartment I've also got an induction system where I can drop my cellphone in and it will automatically power up and start charging I have an iPhone 8, so iPhone 8 or newer is going to allow for that wireless charging, and many of the Android phones There's a nice big wide open space, no need for a cord, I can just drop the phone in there, and it will begin to change If I'm uncertain if it's charging, there's also going to be an acknowledgment light right there on the radio with a green lightening bolt telling me that my phone is indeed charging

Coming across through to the driver/passenger area, this is all carbon fiber; that interior trim is going to be standard here on our Sport model, and again that's what we're in, a 2020 Cadillac XT6 Sport You'll also notice some little accents of aluminum throughout, that is for the Bose premium audio system that this vehicle is equipt with as well So what a nice looking sporty interior between carbon fiber and a brushed aluminum finish on that, it really gives it a great look Coming up a little bit higher here to our rearview mirror area, this rearview mirror does double with the surround vision as I had mentioned So that increases your viewing plain by 300%, so as I see a car coming around there, I can see that quite easily

If I put this back down, away it goes So very, very nice to have that rear camera mirror Coming across behind us is a Cadillac XT5 I can tell right now they're snoopin', they're probably envious, wishing that they had the XT6 here Up a little higher, we've got buttons for our OnStar, we're gonna have wifi in this vehicle, of course

Our buttons for our sun roof, we've got dual panoramic roof, sun roof And then HomeLink for our garage door opener where we can program a garage door immediately into here, and don't need to clip it up to the visor Thanks again for taking time with me today to take a look at this 2020 Cadillac XT6 We did just dive in a little bit, there's so much more than what I could show you in this video, so I'd like to invite you to come see one of our Customer Experience Managers to take a test drive for yourself We've got this Sport model in stock, as well as a Premium Luxury model as well for you to choose from

So I'd like to thank you for taking time with me today, and we promise to make it worth your trip

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