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Using the Wear & Hear BeHear Smartphone Application


Your BeHear NOW headset can control many functions on its own However, using the app will provide more options with a user-friendly interface

The app, which runs on either Android or iOS platforms, allows you to use more features, such as automated personalization of hearing profiles based on a built-in hearing assessment, slowing down speech on phone calls to improve intelligibility, fine tuning of sound in real-time, management of default mode behavior, vibration alerts, and more! First go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for W&H BeHear When you see this symbol, by Alango Technologies, download it Once the app has downloaded successfully, launch it The first time you open the app, after you accept the Terms of Use, it will go straight to the Introduction screens These give you a quick overview of the features in the three main hearing modes

In the last part of the Introduction, you can enter your name, which will be displayed in the hearing assessment results screen, once you have done the hearing assessment The next thing you should do is pair your phone with the headset The application opens the connection screen automatically, if no BeHear NOW headset has been paired with the phone Once you tap on the BeHear NOW connection the phone will pair with the headset and the screen will change to the home screen of the app The application's home screen changes automatically depending on the actual state of the headset

When the application operates in the background, major control functions are also available via the phone's notification drawer In all of the app screens you can see the battery level here, the Bluetooth reception level here, and new notifications here The main menu is located on the top left Tap on it to open the menu and choose between the different options If the headset is not connected, many of these options will not appear

There are separate videos about the hearing assessment and connections Refer to them for more detailed explanations about those topics Let's go through all the rest of the different options Introduction gives you a quick overview of the features in the three main hearing modes Personal Info displays your latest hearing assessment results, after you've performed the built-in hearing assessment

Headset Update allows you to check for updates You can either check manually for updates by tapping here, or toggle the control for the auto check to "On" In this case, if an update is available, an icon will appear in the notification area on each screen We recommend that you keep the auto check on so that you don't miss out on any update About displays general information about the app

Note the links to Terms of Use, and to the Wear & Hear Web site Last but not least let's go to the Settings screen This option is only available when the headset is connected In this screen you can define application-wide settings as follows: Slide the silver dot to set the desired amplification balance between left and right ears This setting is applied to the volume control, in addition to the result of the built in hearing assessment, and will be active in all operation modes of the headset: phone calls, audio playback, and personal hearing

Press the "Mid" button to set the dot in the middle of the slider, providing equal amplification to both ears This is also the default setting With Personal Hearing Amplification you choose whether you want the feature to be automatically On, Off, or according to the Last State This setting only affects the default state; you can always choose to turn the Personal Hearing Amplification on and off through the app's home screen, the notification panel, or by a long press on the middle button of the right control box With ListenThrough Music, you choose the desired default operation mode for the ListenThrough function, when listening to audio

This determines only the automatic setting when you start playing audio You can always toggle this feature On or Off when you listen to audio, either via the app or by a long press on the middle button of the right control box With EasyListen Comprehension, you choose the desired default operation for the EasyListen function You can always change the setting during a phone call using the app This setting just determines in which state the call will start

The Vibration setting controls vibration notification behavior in the BeHear NOW headset for the following events: headset power on and power off; Bluetooth pairing connection and disconnection; connecting to the charger; incoming call — synchronized with the call tone You can choose either On or Off The default setting is On The Hearing Assessment Mode setting defines the type of hearing assessment to be performed Choose between Basic and Advanced

With Notifications, you determine how warnings and notifications about unsaved changes to hearing parameters are displayed, in the Personal Hearing Screen At the bottom of the Settings menu, there is a Reset button This allows you to restore all settings to the factory default state Thank you for watching this video If you have any questions or comments, please, contact us here

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