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Use A Pinhole To Get Macro Smartphone Photos


Let's talk about pinholes! First I'm gonna open this compact up and that'll show you what I'm doing to the smartphone that I'm modifying as we go through this video And here is a

35 millimeter pinhole So, basically one third of a millimeter large; it's a very small hole It's in the center of that little brass, orange part on the disc You see I've got a rubber band around my phone That's so I can push that little card right in there

And now I'm gonna just push it in there and then push it down a little bit It's gonna get dark for a second but we're gonna see some bright points on the compact mirror 'cuz that's very bright Those are the specular highlights And, uh, there we go! Let's adjust it so it's centered right up over the lens Now the pinhole is directly centered over the lens and -boom- everything is in focus, relatively

Now we got the same identical thing on the right as well as the left We got Obi Wan Kenobi on the right Obi Wan Kenobi on the left So now I can switch back and forth This is the smartphone with no pinhole on it

And you can see, it's they're the only thing in focus Everything else is out of focus

With the pinhole on it, everything becomes equally focused It's also called "equally unsharp" in pinhole language There's a comparison On the right is the non-pinhole, and on the left is the pinhole So, you have options

When you have a pinhole, you can decide if you want to make the background out of focus or not You just take the pinhole off and -boom- you're back to Out-Of-Focus Town on very close objects So that's fun The other fun thing about pinholes is that you no longer have the obvious focus cues as an audience member, to tell you if something is very small, or far away, or any number of other things So when you position objects close to the lens, they can be just as sharp as objects far away from the lens As you can see, with a normal lens photo, that's not the case

You either have to pick the background object, the middle-ground object, or the foreground object And, uh, with a pinhole, that eliminates everything Everything is now equally sharp, relatively Equally unsharp, rather So here's that same shot comparison

On the right is the smartphone on its own, and on the left is the smartphone with the pinhole And you can see, with the pinhole, both Old Bens can be in focus at once And, and again "focus" is in air quotes, cuz, with a pinhole nothing is focused; everything is equally unsharp And for reference, this is a Leatherman tool It's got a couple centimeters gauge here

So, the "2", on top of that, you can see there's a millimeter there Right above the 2, those two lines above it -don't worry about it- Here's a quarter That's cool Let's move it real close And now you can see a reflection of The California Tower -Oh, never mind

I put Ben in front of it But now you can get a better look at close-up subjects and exactly how much detail you can get if you get really close to the camera when there's a pinhole on it So, we'll take him away, and take the quarter away And look at the cool reflections on the Leatheman tool I love that

I hope you had a good time

Source: Youtube

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