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Hi, I'm Joaquin and today I bring you a new video for this series of videos which is called "doing random things in quarantine times", but before we go with the intro Lately, I was a little uncomfortable using my computer because with so much photo and video editing program many times I needed an additional screen A monitor, but since I don't have a monitor, I was looking for a solution And I found it The solution to this is to use a tablet in my case this samsung tablet and my idea is to show you how to use this tablet as a monitor on my computer

For this I am going to do in a super quick tutorial super simple because I think you don't need to make such a long video for this So let's do it Well here the first thing we have to do is go to spacedesknet And click download now then you must choose between which version of windows you have depending on whether windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit or windows 8 it depends what you have In my case it is windows 10 to 64 bits I already downloaded the file, I have it in my downloads This is the file so both we are going to install We press "next", we accept, Next again and install Once this is finished, we have to install this same program on the tablet we want to use This can be do from google play or App Store

Now on the tablet, we are going to open the Play Store And we are going to look for space desk, here it is And we put install, wait for it to install and open and here we see the name of my computer and we can put connection Now we can see the screen of my computer on the tablet This is done via Wi-Fi Now, since we both see the same thing, we can go to screen settings And instead of duplicating screens we press Extend screens we must keep changes Let's do a test, this is my computer screen and we are going to move it to the tablet screen there was left in the middle and now it's on the tablet, so that's it Now we can use the tablet as a monitor and it helps us to visualize some things much better , for example in my case I will use it for video editing with the adobe premiere Here, in this way I am going to show you in a better way

On the tablet I have this screen, which is that of the App We press connect, it connected The screen is already extended And on this screen I have the same window as just I'm going to change the screen and it appears here in this way we could already use the Tablet as a monitor Well, that simple is to turn your tablet into a monitor to save you work to leave the link with the description of the video and well that's it for today's video If it was useful, leave me a like, if you have any questions or comments leave it in the comment box below and if you want to see more videos of this style subscribe and activate the bell thanks and goodbye

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