Unihertz Titan Pocket Unboxing & Impressions: LET’S GO!

The Unihertz Pocket is the latest smartphone with a physical keyboard to hit the market but, should you buy one? https://amzn.to/3fF8j18 (Unihertz Titan – Amazon Affiliate Link)

100 thoughts on “Unihertz Titan Pocket Unboxing & Impressions: LET’S GO!

  1. I requested a pocket slim version last year, they liked idea, but guess they can't do slim without violating Blackberry copyright laws. So heavy duty it is but still fits in pocket.,

  2. I find the Kickstarter options confusing, which one gives just phone, I see one for $240 CAD includes 1 Pocket phone. BTW, I thought it was $185 USD to start?

  3. I bought the Titan brick had it for a few months i got exhausted after a while they build very nice devices, issue is the titan was a bit too heavy, and had a lot of software issues, at certain point i got so tired especially with the proximity sensor that keeps up working on my nerves even the slightest dirt will cause it to malfunction this device seems nice, yet i see that the screen is quite small i mean why can they built a perfect device if they have the capacity to do so….build a nice phone with a nice keyboard smooth and i will pay the price of an Iphone 12. i think also all the other blackberry fans will do so.

  4. This is the phone that’s bringing me back over to Android from Apple. I don’t know how long I’ll daily drive it for, but I’m really excited to have gotten the early bird price! Here’s hoping one of the larger companies starts to see that these phones are still in demand.

  5. Yep enjoyed that, glad to be an early bird backer. I too loved the Q10, regret getting rid. Thanks for the video looking forward to the next ones..

  6. I'm so glad this phone exists. If I didn't already have two phones I would consider it. I love small minimalist form factors and I love niche products in general including an actual keyboard. It's got contemporary specs and Android 11, in a 2007 form factor. It's really sweet. And the price is reasonable most importantly. It could be a sweet secondary device.

  7. I had the titan for a few days until returning it. My main reason for doing so is the wifi performance was abysmal compared to my other phones. Can you do a speed test comparing the results of this versus some other things in your collection? Excited to see the full review!

  8. I'm gonna get into the Unihertz site and order…..for that price, if the OnWard Mobility Blackberry phone comes out and it meets expectations, I will just get the BB and use the titan as backup…but for now, I am truly excited about this one!!! Thanks for your enthusiasm and advice…….

  9. looks super neat. only reason i didn't fund is because the screen is a little small for my liking, specially for how thick and heavy the device is. still nice! thanks for the video!

  10. I love seeing a physical toolbelt again! It's wishful thinking, but I really really hope a future Blackberry would come with Nav keys like these. They could even fit an answer and hang up phone keys like the old days. I can dream! 😀

  11. Visually, I'm not a fan of the back like most of people but the front and the sides look so good ! The functionality and personification of those keys!!! So hyped

  12. Thank you for this unboxing video – very much looking forward to your detailed review. Will the BlackBerry keyboard app still function on it?

  13. it's just for texting and twitter? I don't text or twitter. D'OH. 🙄 Oh, too techy for me. I'm too stupid for smart devices. 😁 They could not give it to me. I love my desktop computer and dumb phone flip phone. 😁

  14. I was on the verge of getting this on Kickstarter but I just couldn't get myself past the screen size. Still hoping that the new Blackberry will at least be on the horizon when the Pocket ships in September.

  15. I have a Unhertz Titan and it is a fantastic phone. Like a robust Blackberry Passport with a capacity to extend storage with SD cards to infinity. Its built like a tank, great for Kindle reading , YouTube videos etc. Really can't fault it. Hope next Unihertz Titan is slimmer with a projector , a speaker in the front and maybe handwriting technology!I am now losing interest in Blackberry as it lacks a competitive innovative edge and doesn't seem to listen to its audience and what they want.
    A passport size phone/tablet with android is a gamechanger but Unihertz took the initiative .

  16. As I've said before if you have Epilepsy or light Parkinson's, the keyboard is a life saver…… In real time. Saved me……Help I've fallen down and I can't stand up.

  17. why cant they make it a little taller like the BB KEY series

    i am sure everyone here loves the physical keyboard but the screen is really really small and its won't do any good for anyone I guess.

  18. Well its kinda decent idea and design but how much again? If the cost is not that much then its ok. But if its expensive then just buy latest android or iphone for everyday use

  19. The problem I have with this company, is that they most likely wont support the OS as much as I would like it to be. Prolly they will push A12 and thats about it.
    Och, and would love to see it without this rubber all around, but I guess this is to avoid some sues from BB.

  20. Does this phone feel super solid with regards to fit and finish? How loud is the speaker? How good is battery life? How click is the keyboard? Typing this on a titan, and I'm not a huge fan of this particular keyboard.

  21. Specs, Bluetooth 4.1? No Wi-Fi 6? Wureless charging? 5G? These iterations are necessary for a 2021 device especially given the professionals this caters to

  22. did they specify why they removed the water resistance feature? seriously considering this phone but I wish it were water resistance. I need something with a keyboard that's rugged

  23. Great review and thanks for what you do. I am still glad I passed, but in their defense, they can't possibly be any worse with updates than Sonim phones. My AT&T bought XP8 from 2020 still runs 8.1.

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