Unboxing the next OnePlus phone – World Exclusive!

Full Unboxing of the new OnePlus Nord CE – including a Jet, a sports car and a couple of extra surprises! (Sponsored by OnePlus, all opinions are my own). Experience OnePlus Nord CE 5G from £299/€299 at & join their Core Sales offer to receive early delivery from 14th June!

97 thoughts on “Unboxing the next OnePlus phone – World Exclusive!

  1. Very different to my usual videos, but hope you enjoyed this one! Couple of notes:
    1. The final edit of this was done by us, but the original cut was done by a team hired by OnePlus, hence the audio sounding a bit different, and the quality being 1080p instead of our usual 4k.
    2. This resolution isn’t doing the Nord’s camera too much justice, it IS good for the price.
    3. The box does also come with a pretty nice clear case, but this part of the unboxing was chopped.
    4. This video was sponsored, but my condition was that all opinions remain my own

  2. "Social Distancing" made communication so weird. Small gestures, that we've used for hundreds or maybe thousands of years, got forbidden and the result is similar to what taking all vowels out of speaking would feel like. So sad.

  3. What an amazing other "plane" of unboxing something! Love to see how Lew or MKBHD does in a plane reviewing their stuff!! Good interview after the fact though!

  4. The pilot is like. “ only talk which is useful about this one plus smartphone or otherwise I will dip you out of this plane “ that is why he is doing stunts at each and every section of specification 😅😅

  5. Not gonna lie, I really didn't like this unboxing it was like all over the place
    Your normal unboxing is soooo good that I had the same expectation but I'm a bit disappointed

  6. he is so fast & talks direct to the point that in 11 minutes he unboxed the phone explaining its features, talked to a specialist & even managed to make a giveaway … he literally did everything in one video that other youtubers would do in 3

  7. Hey Arun! How you're doing? I consider to buy a nexdock and use emui desktop, or in the future, Harmony desktop.

    Can you make a video about this system? Maybe compare between Samsung dex and Huawei Emui Desktop??
    Greetz from the Netherlands

  8. Unboxing in the maneuvring plane,oh my goodness gracious.Also with Oneplus senior product manager those questions were great and probing maybe and car driving is astounding.

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