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UNBOXING: Tech-fund fra DBA


Hi and welcome to My name is Anton, and I have together with Elektronista made this Unboxing victory, Where I bought something at DBA, unboxed it for you, and I tell what I need it for

What I've bought today is down here in a plastic bag Many things you buy at DBA come in plastic bags, and this is no exception I will now uncheck it for you, but first I will tell you, What it's I bought before you're allowed to see what's in the bag I would call it a "multimedia station" with touch screen, wifi and apps Yes, you can almost guess where it's going

I need it to connect it here with a cromecast, as I'm sitting on my tv How do I convert my TV into a smart TV? The product I bought costs 600 kroner It can cost up to $ 1,000, but I've seen it down to $ 600 on DBA It's a cheap way to turn your TV into a smart TV It can also be used for all sorts of other things, but that's the one that I would primarily use it for

Here we have the product to unboxes It comes in a very hot biodegradable plastic bag, as you know from, for example, Brugsen What's down in it? We are looking There are, among other things: Original almost original Apple charger And a green seeve on the outside of an iPad Mini The fat of the iPad Mini is that it fills nothing As you can see, it comes with fat fingers They do not make it from new ones

It's a small bonus that you get with for free Then touch screen is on On / Off button Volume knob on the page Drøn smart

I turn it on straight Yup It will not charge Here's a small tip when you buy some electronics from used: charge it yourself at home It does not take a very long time So I will do that

Fortunately, there is a charger included So I'll just charge It's the first generation iPad Mini It has 32 GB of space If you buy the size less, you will of course also get cheaper

It has 79 inch touch screen It has both wifi and bluetooth Then it has a built-in camera in front of the slefi and back to, yes You know the good kind that takes video to a concert on an iPad Do not be that guy

Then the iPad is on This is what it looks like Everyone knows how an iPad looks inside As I said, I'll use it to watch movies, comics, and tv – on my TV So it acts as a form of remote server, which has all the apps installed that I use daily

There is therefore YouTube, DR TV, HBO and Netflix On your smartphone you have a screen, yes But it's not big enough Netflix 'interface, HBO's interface Everyone knows them, everyone hates them

They simply do not work for mobile But an iPad, and then an iPad Mini ovencock, has a screen that is large enough but not too big, and then keeps the battery crazy for a long time So I'm here And then I can watch tv on it So, not on it, but on my tv

Now I'll explain: I've bought a Chromecast in Elgiganten, but afterwards I've found out, that you can get it significantly cheaper if you buy it on DBA There you can save I think it was almost up to 150 kroner It is nevertheless almost half the price

I have bought it again and it was because I did not think about it You enter your cromecast and add it to the same network that you set up your iPad You will find the app you would like to use I would like to use Netflix The speed of this is not so important because once you've found what you want, and sent it to your cromecast, it's the cromecaster that plays it

And if it's new, it's no matter where you start it I'm getting started from this one I would like to see Black Mirror, for that I had already started Then you get a Chromecast logo at the top Our name is called 'Chromecasten'

You tap it Then the television turns on itself Bum Lean back See something Black Mirror

Uhh that's delicious I'll break it straight It was the multimedia machine from DBA Bought for 600 kroner May be yours

Call me You may want to buy it here It's cool You may not See you

Bye Bye

Source: Youtube

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