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Hello guys!!! Today we're gonna open these package Okay, that's right! In today's video, I will make an unboxing video with Aiden! We're gonna open up these packages, right? Yeah, with some scissors Mommy explain first, okay? So, I bought a lot of things for Aiden for me and some for works on Lazada In today's video I will unbox Aiden's packages with Aiden Are you excited? You wanna help Mommy to open up these packages? !@#$%^^& Let's show them Ta-dahhh Before we get started, I want to share one smart tips for you who like to shop on e-commerce if you want to shop on e-commerce, don't forget to download this application called Shopback Shopback is an application where you will definitely receive cashback every time you purchase something on any e-commerce So, for you who wanted to buy household needs stuff for your kids electronics, plane ticket, hotel, literally everything don't forget to use Shopback because more expensive it is, you will get bigger cashback Okay, so, are you ready? Let's get started! So the first one we are going to open Aiden's package, okay? They cannot see you ku~ka~ku~ka~ where is the scissor? Where is the scissor? Take it Aiden , you wanna open it? you wanna cut it? No, thanks Okay, this one is for you, can you guess what it is? Close your eyes / Is it a toy? You close your eyes It's a surprise Don't open your eyes I just close it tightly Okay Aiden So the first package is Ta-dah Batman underwear~ Yeah, you know why Mommy bought this? because Aiden's underwear are all too small I think it's been two years since you have new underwear So, do you like it? / Yeah Okay, show them

Mommy, did you buy a toy for me? In Batam, it's hard to find underwear for kids so I bought it online and coincidentally in Lazada they have a lot of choices so this is it! Ta-dah so cute Next is this package, let's see what's inside Cut it The first one is ta-daah Mommy bought this Aveeno Baby it's a daily moisture lotion Why did I buy this? Because Aiden's leg is sooo dry Your skin is very dry, right? Mommy, I need a toy Okay, so, this is for Aiden Mommy, I need a toy Don't buy these I need a toy Next is ta-dah it's a kids gummy Nature Way Yeah, it's a vitamin Can I open it and eat it? Okay, Mommy help you Can we eat it together? / Yeah hmm~ Where? / Smells good Yummy? / Yeah it's sweet It's vitamin Do you want some? Mommy bought a sandal for you Aiden's sandal is broken, right? Ta-dah Aiden's sandal Okay, next one The next one is another sandal Why did I buy two sandals? Mommy, you didn't buy a toy for me? I need something for energy / Come He likes this a lot Kids Smart Vita Gummies It has vitamin C plus zinc Is it yummy? Thank You Gong xi gong xi fa cai Hey, maybe this is your toy Do you want to open it? Ta-dahh You know you milk bottle is broken, right? This is Pigeon Magmag new training cup system Aiden likes to drink Milo and he always use this bottle Hey, come here Bubabubabuba So I bought a new one for him as the old one is broken The last one is toys You see! 1, 2, 3! Ta-dah! What is this? It's Lego Lego Creator Wait You are not happy with II

I I don't want this So what do you want? I want Lego Minecraft I am sorry I thought this is Lego Minecraft Okay, come, come, let's order again Let's order another toy Okay? I want Lego Minecraft Tell me which one do you like And don't forget to use Shopback application Which one do you like, Aiden? Kids these days~ And yesterday I did not buy him Lego Minecraft because it's so expensive, about millions Some are about 4-5 millions We're done with unboxing Aiden's stuff now he is playing by himself Before I continue unboxing my stuff now I will share how to use Shopback because I thought it's such a pity especially if you often buy tickets and shop on e-commerce Not using Shopback is definitely a loss Because the amount of cashback are quite decent It is really easy to use First You have to download Shopback on your phone It's available in iOS and Android I put the download link below in the description box and you just have to open the application In Shopback, you can find a lot of e-commerce there so you can choose and shop in your favorite e-commerce For example, you want to shop in Lazada You just have to choose Lazada After that you just shop like you always do just choose the things you want and pay for it After you pay for it, it's done! So, for you guys who have not use Shopback before I want to invite you guys to download this application The link is in my description box and I have quite amount of cashback collected 17 millions I have withdrawn my money before and it's really easy to withdraw you just have to follow the instructions from Shopback So, that's it, let's continue to unboxing By the way, it's raining outside so if this video has some noise, please ignore it I don't why every time I was filming It always rain suddenly Next one is my package and the thing that I bought is I bought this Boya Mic All this time I use mic with feather and that is good for vlogging but for video like this it is better to use this kind of mic I used to have mic with this brand before but I lost it so I bought this again Another Boya mic because I had use this brand before The quality is good! Let's see how it looks Okay, it looks like this, it comes with a bag So this is the mic, it's long and this is the cable I just need to plug this cable to the camera and put this on my camera Next, I also bought this I bought this, it's called Octopus if I am not mistaken It looks like this I only bought one but I got three I often make get ready with me videos in front of hotel mirror and this tool really helps because it will sticks the phone on the mirror Okay, the last one is this Let's open this Lastly, I bought this headphone This is from Sony MDR-XB550AP It looks like this what I like about Lazada is it has Lazadamall with flagship store from Sony and other brands so it's more guranteed and I bought this from Sony official store as well Actually I wanted to buy a better headphones for editing but good headphones are so expensive it costs millions some are about 5 millions I'm afraid of buying the wrong one who knows which one is better so I bought the one on promotion This one is on promo, it costs about 300 thousands rupiah hopefully it's good Okay, so that's it for today's unboxing video I hope you guys enjoy Aiden is here but he doesn't want to say bye Wanna say bye? I hope you guys like this video and don't forget to like Subscribe and the button is !@$$^* and

and see you next time Bye ~ See you ~ Bye ~ Yeay! See you! Bye ~

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