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    Una óptica de cine para el teléfono móvil – Sandmarc Anamorphic Lens


    a few days ago I received this in the mail and you ask yourself, what the hell is this? Well, you have already seen on the channel that we have made video about sandmarc optics it is a company that develops optics for iphone drones, gopro, etc and is that, recently, has announced a new anamorphic lens and what is that of an anamorphic lens well, it is an optics that has a cinema style I have uploaded some video with this optics before to give you an idea is a lens that tends to compress the scene and capture a little more angle and have a wider width and this image compressed was captured by the sensor But what do we do with a distorted video? then in postproduction stretch it and that's when we gain that extra screen width to give you an idea the resolution of a video like this, is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high Well, with this optics, once we have stretched the video will have about 2500 pixels wide by the same 1080 pixels high This gives a cinematic look to your videos in a tool like a mobile phone What comes in the box? the usual thing about sandmarc the interesting thing about this brand is that it includes the case in other brands we have to buy the case separately it is a new sleeve model Less rigid than the previous one, it covers more the edges and the metal back support is more exposed inside the box the optics and the clip something interesting if you do not have a phone compatible with the sandmarc cases Simply put it on the phone and you can use this anamorphic optics let's take out the lens which is really interesting here we´ve got it this kind of lens may seem a challenge because they are optics that we with a specific position because if we rotate it by compressing the lines if it is not perfectly perpendicular, what is going to do is tilt the lines that's why the optics has a small line and the case has another small line and we have to match them Tell you also that to use this lens you should not have any specific application, you can record with the phone's own app and then we will have to stretch that video at postproduction This is not very complicated simply in a tool like premiere we have to create a sequence that has a wider width and select the input video wich is not square pixels but applies a correction of a 133X what is the anamorphic lens aspect ratio Well, already this the truth is that it is very tight, very tight and now the lens as you have to rotate it in function if you want to record horizontally or vertically that is why it is oiled and you can notice that it has an excess of fat but nothing happens, it's normal

    here is ready, this is really an incredible tool I'm going to use it with the filmic pro application you know that this application is available in andoid and ios and allows you to record in flat profiles, log greater control over the exposition Log exposition, wave forms it is a payment application which includes more payment options within the application The good thing is that this application is already going to give me the stretched video You can use this combination freely but I usually use a support for smartphones let me assemble everything

    because as I have told you sometimes I use the phone for some works Obviously not all but in those that allow it for connectivity or because the client wants a job compatible with the production through a telephone For you can see it I will mount the complete setup even with the microphone and so what I would have is a tool that may seem ridiculous but you will see what it looks like not only will you get a more cinematic look but also also the texture or the look of this style of lens because when things go towards the edges they become more deformed and if you look at the movies the cars, the lanterns they make a kind of flares it's something that generates this kind of lenses because when the light was compressed and uncompressed generates that lines I'm going to record some plans so you can see the appearance of this sandmarc anamorphic lens I leave a link in the description to buy this lens and a discount of 10% with the code "davidlopez" [MUSIC] Another interesting thing to highlight with other manufacturers that also have anamorphic optics It is that this optics is compatible with sandmarc's own filters that's why they have kept it round in order to use the same ND or Polarizer filters They even have an external thread and we could mount filters from other brands Another thing that gives a very cinematographic look is the stability of the camera I usually use this kind of lens with a tool such as smooth 4 zhiyun which is a gimball for the smartphone The small drawback is that being for smartphones are not designed to support the weight of the lens and tend to decompensate and tend to tip over But there is a trick that is to add counterweights this we add on this side and here we put a weight to thread of an approximate weight of 40gr I'm going to put it back because on the front it exerts too much weight I'm going to move it a bit so that it is as balanced as possible As we move it on the side we will vary the weight There we have it perfectly calibrated and now we just have to turn it on We already have the gimball with anamorphic lens this is a sample of the results you can get with this

    [music] I hope you enjoy this review In the end it is about getting a different look with a different tool And in that way differentiate a bit from the rest nowadays we underestimate the capacity of smartphones but they don`t stop having cameras that allow to record 4K video up to 60 frames, with flat profiles, etc obviously they will not give the quality of a professional camera in terms of sharpness but for this world in which we consume a lot of content through social networks instagram are platforms that do not require the best quality and you can get amazing results for not much money If you liked it, you can subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to receive a notification each time you post a new video as well as leave a like and comment Bye

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