Ultimate UK Smart Home Tour 2020

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Hi I'm Will from Will Surridge tech, and today we're going to have a walk around my smart home showing you some of the kits I use day-to-day Now I started my smart home back with an echo dot and a tp-link smart plug while I was at uni but since graduating I've moved into this lovely house which has enabled me to expand my setup massively to what you see today If you stick around until the end I'll be able to give you the best hint to start your smart home and remember, anything I mention will be listed in the description below Now most smart home tours seem to start at the front door, but given this a rented house I couldn't change the lock and there was no existing doorbell for me to alter so I haven't; and so we're going to move very swiftly on into the hallway just like that So in here we have some hue light bulbs we've actually got hue light bulbs throughout the house a selection of normal white or white ambience or colour and connected to our radiator is a Honeywell Evohome thermostatic radiator valve now the Honeywell system is great it means I can have independent control over each room in the house so I'm not wasting energy heating rooms I'm not in

Now we're moving into the sitting room and we've got some lovely artwork on the wall this was newly created We've got these beautiful shelves behind me now these shelves I actually built myself back at the beginning of this year so I got a selection of scaff boards I sanded them down and treated them with some Danish oil and put them together like this – really nice effect We've got the philips hue light bulb on top, on this side we've got a record player and on the other side we've actually got the brains of the kind of TV system the entertainment system so we've got a hi-fi amp or an AV amp which is connected to the four speakers so we've got a two front and two rear surround sound system We've also got a Sonos Connect there and that is providing an ability to connect the sonos system to my hi-fi in here so I don't need a dedicated sonos speaker, I can play it play it through my normal speakers in here which is really nice effect and I've also got an echo dot there and an Xbox so that's great, we've got the Philips hue coloured lights and over on this side of the room we have the TV Now this is the Philips Ambilight 55 inch TV

It's a really good TV, really enjoy it the Ambilight ability is really good the ability to collect Ambilight with hue is great just to provide that fully immersive feel It was a big upgrade for my last TV, being 4k, being smart, having the Ambilight feature as well so I'm really pleased with this As you can see we've got some quite small speakers at the front, this is because I wanted the room to not feel like an entertainment room, well I'm not feel like a TV room to feel more cozy and kind of sitting room Now in here we've also got a Neos smart camera so this is the same body and shell as the wyze camera that you get in America but we don't have that over here we only have Neos version It's great camera great little thing

What I've actually done with this one is reflashed it with the original dafang firmware which takes it off the Neos cloud service and makes it more private So this is the dining room in here we have three Philips hue light bulbs, white ambient light bulbs – two of which in the orbs on top of the kallax here Under the kallax we've actually got some coloured LED strip; we can create a really nice warm ambience in here In here we've also got a Sonos ONE with Amazon echo built in it's nice to have the voice assistant built in to the speaker so it's all in one place and we've got good sound quality coming out of it We've also got the Honeywell Evohome gateway in here which is a small touchscreen interface which enables us to set up schedules on the heating and turn it on and off manually

Up here we have the Neos camera, so actually got a 2-pack and this one is that he's still running the original Neos firmware and that's it for in here Now in this cupboard we have the brains of the house we've got a Linksys WRT1900ACS router, that's running DD-WRT firmware I've found it makes it easier assigning DHCP addresses really that's the only reason I changed We've also got a Philips hue hub and we've got a Raspberry Pi sitting in a yogurt pot it's doing that because it keeps the dust off and that is what's running the brain so that's what's running home assistant Now I'll do plenty of videos about home assistant in the future but that's what it is and it's sitting right there

And now coming into the kitchen we've got a few smart home products in this kitchen we've got a Phillips you light bulb and light switch we've got some LED strip under the counter and we've got a Sonos Symfonisk speaker, it's the bookshelf speaker they made in collaboration with IKEA I've actually hacked this speaker to enable me to use external speakers so I've got a little switch on the side to switch between internal and external speakers I just thought I'd quickly mention these light switch covers I bought these on Amazon on I believe a Black Friday deal and they are not bad, they do the job, the problem I have as you can probably see is my back boxes are actually attached on the outside of the wall they're not flush and so when I try tightening up the light switch covers it just has nothing to press against – ordinarily I'll be pressing against the plaster around the around the back box but because they're wall-mounted back boxes rather than flush mount back boxes and it's got nothing to press again so I just kind of have to tighten it as much as I can without accidentally flipping the switch We've got a very small courtyard as you can see but we've done quite a lot with it, in terms of smart stuff not a huge amount we've got the festoon above us and that's provided into a smart plug we've got the heater on the back wall here that's plugged into a smart plug that enabled me to set a very simple automation that if it's on after an hour it goes off it just means I can't accidentally leave it on it burn the house down

We've got our speakers we have one speaker in there and we have another speaker there; so these are pointing in at each other into the table which just means we can have it a bit quieter and still experience the noise, we only wanted as background noise anyway, what it means we're not disturbing our neighbors at all in the same way I'm thinking about putting some LED strip along the bottom walls just to up like the walls bottom to provide a bit of colour And here we are in the master bedroom nothing particularly special here we've got some more hue light bulbs we've got another thermostatic radiator valve by Honeywell Evohome and we've actually got an Echo Spot in here Now the Echo Spot has since been discontinued and I'm not really surprised why, all it is is an echo dot with a clock face So this is the spare room this is actually where Florrie works we've got another Philips hue light bulb and light switch actually in this room the light switch, the original light switch is behind the door which is just a bit stupid so by moving over to the philips hue system we could stick a light switch on the right side for easier access and ease-of-use really We've also got a google home mini in here and this actually came free with a spotify deal it doesn't really fit the ecosystem that we normally use hence it being in the spare room but it does enable us to provide a little bit of radio or music for any guests that we have staying and for Florrie while she's working

So now we're going to go into the cave or my office and yeah in here it's quite a small room as you can see we've got some philips hue light bulbs we've got some normal light bulbs we've got some smart plugs and so all of my desk area over here is controlled on a smart plug which basically means I can come in turn the desk on and everything's on but that means I'm not wasting power on my monitor or my lights or my speakers or anything like that while I'm not in here Though behind me we have a charging station it's made from an Ikea pegboard and what I've done is I've mounted a 10-way USB charging brick and from there I can charge most of my devices in one go so I've poked all the cables out the back and then coming back through so it's all nice and neat and tidy I've also got cable ties to hold each device upright and keep it separate so everything has its slot Also behind there we have a Wemos D1 mini, this is currently connected to a door sensor so I can tell when the doors open and shut I've also set it up to include a PIR sensor I haven't quite got around to putting that in I'm not sure whether or not it would have the purpose I hoped it would in this particular environment just because of the way that if I'm in the room I'm probably sitting quite still anyway so it might not notice me it's great bit of kit I will be covering the Wemos D1 Mini and other esp8266 devices throughout many of my videos because it's kind of the basis of projects that you can make really and they're great bits of kits little Wi-Fi enabled microcontrollers – yeah that's about it for this room If you want me to go into more detail let me know in the comments and I'll do a full overview of all the tech I've got in here Now I said I'd give you a hint as to how to start your smart home so here it is – the first thing you should do is buy a voice assistant whether that's a Google home Mini or an echo dot or a bigger version instead these provide an excellent user interface to start with be that via voice all via the app, now it's great to use really simple really intuitive and has awesome features through automations and routines

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