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UBA – Urban Bicycler App – Hattori Tech


Hattori Tech developed the UBA, Urban Bicycler App or in Portuguese cyclist apps urban, UBA in indigenous language Tupi-Guarani means canoe, the idea is quick response mechanism customer service and deliverers, where the customer can track your deliveries on time real and the UBA has a security system with tracking and locking coupled to the bicycle where the user can follow the bike path in real time avoiding possible theft and robbery in addition we provide platform support places where the cyclist can stay in rainy season, climate change or simply rest, is a gamified platform with simplified menu interfaces for deliverers and customers with ranking of deliverers for response to customer service by clicking the start button on the platform access login and password enter click in the Ranking button, see the score of the best ranking of employers music integration, gps integration in real time with customer tracking with SAMSUNG Creative Startup bootcamp and Design Thinking we learn to use Lean Canvas as tools to find existing solutions and alternatives for the problem that users are facing to find the definition product, find potential customers partners and people that I need to be enchanted, like our product, functionality benefits, lifespan of services, certainty matrix, assumptions and doubts in Hattori Tech projects we use the brainstorm and the Value Proposition Canvas to look for solutions for possible problems encountered within education, DT provides us with diverse visions and solution models and low-cost prototyping for make our products viable

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