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Tutorial “How to use IMPulse K1” Part 2 – Set up your IMPulse K1 Smartphone | How to start


Hey guys! This is Ovidiu from CryptoDATA, again Let's see the first steps I have the device

Just got it out from the box What do I do with it? First, let's peel it off let's take it out Basically, you have a protective layer on top, the initial one, and then if you want to remove the second one you have to peel it off

I would suggest to keep it there for a few weeks and maybe then, if it gets scratched, you can remove it Basically, have two protective layers on top of the screen, not just one The first one is the big one then you have a smaller one I have the device I need to plug in a sim card this means I need to take the accessories from the box Inside this box I will find the key for opening the sim tray

Basically, here I have the user's guide and the warranty certificates then I have the, let's say, legal requirements certificate I have a super cool gift for you This is a super cool silicon case that comes in a pack for free And on the side of this box, I have a key This is the key to remove the sim tray

This most likely some of you already know it for those who don't know how to use it, this is the pin o remove the SIM tray Basically, you take the pin, you plug it in this pinhole and then you can remove the sim tray Then, in this sim tray we have three slots: slot one, slot two and the SD slot Basically, this is slot one for SIM card, the second slot for the SIM card and the SD card slot

Let's take the SIM card If you have a SIM card like this, a brand new one, make sure you remove from this thing, the tiny little SIM card called the Nano-SIM This is the SIM card, this is the micro-SIM and then we have the Nano-SIM We will need to use the Nano-SIM You search for the way how to place it inside and you can place the SIM in the tray Let's do it with the second SIM card

There you go This tray should go back in Make sure you follow where the pin is, the pinhole is, and then you insert with that pinhole on to the side So if I try to put like this it won't go in so then I have to do it like this I just pluged the SIM tray inside Let's turn it on

On the side we have three keys Three buttons: volume up, volume down and the power or screen lock button On the other side, there's the SIM tray On the backside we have the camera, we have the fingerprint reader and all the necessary legal requirement labeling The device just booted up

To unlock the phone, easily press on the side key and swipe up This is all for today That's it A new episode upcoming Thanks!

Source: Youtube

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