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Hi I'm Sukhvin, I'm the Operations Director here at Riverwalk Tandoor I look after Riverwalk Tandoor and our catering company operations

One of the focus I had was to keep up with the trends, we will be providing our customers with the same products over the years so one of the things we looked at was what's new we can give to our customers and we decided that we will revamp, come up with new products, give it bit of a new design, new look, a fresh look which will attract the newer generation and the generation changes and all that Maintaining a relationship with customers is most important to us Occasionally some of our customers actually invite us to have a drink with them so yeah, we do come and have conversations with our customers, gather feedback and implement into our business We see a lot of families bringing their kids who have grown up and they're actually, now our regular customers So we've been using Zeemart for well over a year now

Initially I was a bit reluctant because why would we need someone else to do our orders when we're really doing it ourselves and I thought it could actually work well with us because we have three different outlets, so it's easier to actually manage our procurement So previously before Zeemart, most outlets or all our outlets in fact, managers will do the ordering for all the outlets and there was not really a way we could actually see what they were ordering on a daily basis Ever since we've got Zeemart, we're actually kind of able to track all our orders on a daily basis Zeemart has definitely save us a lot of time It's also helped the accounts team which we can consolidate our orders easily other than getting all the invoices being sent to us on a monthly basis Ever since Zeemart has come, we have actually pretty much, eliminated wrong orders going through

So it's easier to verify the product item Zeemart has actually save about 50% of my time You can actually look at your reports on the go, on your mobile, or from the desktop You don't have to necessarily actually go into the outlets and look into the invoice So I guess it's actually saved me a lot of travelling time

I think It's pretty simple to use, I wouldn't say is hard at all, it wasn't really a challenge to get people to start using modern technology If someone can use WhatsApp, think they are easily able to use Zeemart

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