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Trump Whines About Fake Tech Company Bias


>> I can tell you, they discriminate against me People talk about collusion

The real collusion is between the Democrats and these companies, cuz they were so against me >> That was Donald Trump on CNBC, whining and crying about how he believes he's being discriminated against by major social media platforms Donald Trump, who mostly communicates via Twitter and has millions of followers, feels as though he is being discriminated against by social media Here he is elaborating on that >> You think Facebook and Google and Amazon, are these companies too big now? Do you think the anti-trust scrutiny is warranted? And do you think they should be broken up? >> Well, I can tell you, they discriminate against me

People talk about collusion The real collusion is between the Democrats and these companies, cuz they were so against me during my election run Everyone said, if you don't have them, you can't win Well I won, and I'll win again Because we're doing well

>> What does that mean? I mean, how were they discriminating? How, how, the guy who got angry at NFL players for kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance because they're trying to raise awareness about unarmed black men getting shot and killed by cops Is arguing that he is the real victim, that he is the one who's actually dealing with discrimination and unfair treatment, he's a clown If you support him, do you like supporting a baby, because that's what he is He's a child >> Well, so there's two issues here

First, the guy's asking a serious question about anti-trust That anchor is very conservative, so it's a softball, he's saying to Donald Trump, hey, there's these conversations is about breaking up these tech companies So I'm sure you've thought of this, so what do you think about that policy? And Trump goes, well, they're very mean to me No, that's not the question, it's not about you! Are you saying that you might break up Facebook because they were mean to you? How could anybody be in favor of this guy? That's so sad and pathetic Imagine if they asked Obama, hey, are you thinking of breaking up the Facebook and Amazon? And he's like, well, they were mean to me, so I think I might break them up, I don't like them

Then Fox News would have lost their minds They would have been like, how could the President, what is he doing?! That's insane, it's all about Obama and his ego, right? But when it's Trump, they're like yeah, of course, they were mean to the baby, you can't be mean to the baby, right? So that is why we should take serious anti-trust action that would affect billions of dollars in the economy, maybe trillions, because they were mean to the baby? Cuz they put baby in a corner? >> My gosh, and by the way they haven't, they haven't I mean- >> And that's true, and then second point is, they haven't >> They haven't at all >> They are incredibly great to him

That's partly why he won >> Okay, so the rest of the interview was even more ridiculous and he was even more unhinged So let me give you a quick summary of what happened As we all know, Europe is way ahead of the United States when it comes to protecting their people from some of these major tech companies and some of the ramifications that come along with these major tech companies In fact, many of these companies have had to pay some pretty hefty fines in Europe

And so Trump mentions that, he's like, these are American companies and that's our money, and they're messing with our money On the other hand, they're really mean to me So I'm gonna be looking at possibly making them pay some fines as well >> Can I redo the quote? >> Yes, please do >> Okay, and guys, follow along with me because this is nearly indecipherable

So they're questioning Biden's mental health Are you kidding me? Listen to this quote He says, every week you see the EU going after Facebook and Apple and all these companies that are great companies, but something is going on So wait Let's pause

It sounds like he's saying the EU is going after these companies, but they're great companies, so the EU shouldn't do that But he says, but wait a minute, something is going on Okay, let's find out what happens after the commercial break And then he goes and says, but I will say the European Union is suing them all the time We are going to be looking at them differently

So now looks like he's back to disagreeing with the EU That we're gonna do it different than the EU >> Yeah Okay let's keep going They get all this money

We should be doing that, they're our companies So they're actually attacking our companies, but we should be doing what they're doing >> Yeah, yeah >> What? What is that? What does that mean? If you support Donald Trump and you think he's right, I have a simple question for you Right on what? >> Yeah

>> So you tell me Is he for antitrust regulations and more regulation like the EU is doing, or is he against that? Cuz I don't know, and you don't know, and Trump doesn't know That was a word salad, where he seemed to change his stance about four times in one paragraph >> And he doesn't even eat salad >> That's true

>> It's crazy >> So what the EU is doing is really strong That's why it's weak, and that's why we have to be just like them, but I'm against them That's why I wanna be them What the hell? So this guy is not fit to be president

It is super obvious The emperor has no clothes, and we're all going around pretending that he does Like, should we do this or should we do that? 25th amendment, remove him from office He is deeply unstable There is no rhyme or reason to that, that doesn't make any sense

And he says on national TV that he will make decisions that affect the global economy based on whether his feelings were hurt or not by these companies 25th amendment, there's no way around it You gotta do it right now There's tytcom/impeach, but we also have, in the description box we'll put the link

We also have a petition to get him out by the 25th amendment You got, this is, he could destroy the world economy on a whim And by the way, he wouldn't even know what he's doing He might actually be doing the opposite of what he wants to do, cuz he doesn't know anything

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