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Trump says he’ll invite top tech execs to White House to talk about free speech


 ​P​resident Trump said he will invite the heads of the country’s top social media companies to the White House to discuss free speech and will have his administration ensure that Americans’ voices are not censored by tech companies   see also US court rules Trump can't block critics on Twitter President Donald Trump’s practice of blocking critics on Twitter runs “I am directing my administration to explore all regulatory and legislation solutions to protect free speech and the free speech rights of all Americans — that’s you people in this room,” he said Thursday at a “social media summit” at the White House  “We hope to see transparency, more accountability and more freedom – that’s on both sides,” he continued, adding that he hasn’t set a date for the meeting yet  The president invited a host of conservative media personalities to the summit, including Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, Fox News’ Diamond and Silk, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and Lila Rose, the founder of anti-abortion organization Live Action  Representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter were not invited  “On behalf of the nation it’s very important what you’re doing​,” ​ he told the bloggers, YouTubers, Twitter users and other attendees, telling them they’re “getting the honest word out ”  He singled O’Keefe out and asked him to stand

 “He’s not controversial, he’s truthful,” ​Trump said  ​He suggested that the tech companies are ​putting the brakes on his and other conservatives’ social media feeds ​  He said when he tweeted about something “it goes up and then they take it down ”  “It was like a rocket ship when I put out a beauty,” he ​said, but that has changed​   see also Twitter will begin flagging 'abusive' tweets from political leaders Some of President Trump’s tweets may soon come with a ​Trump said the companies say they’re doing “adjustments” when they’re really “playing games ”​  ​He also railed against his favorite target, the fake media, and ​complained about the poor news coverage his announcement on Wednesday about kidney dialysis got  Those stories “don’t get coverage because they don’t want to give credit to a conservative,” he said  In a lighter moment, Trump remarked about his critics who call him out for misspellings in his tweets  “I’m actually a good speller, but the fingers aren’t as fast as the brain,” he said

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