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[Airplane whirring] [Car radio] [Underwater sounds] [Crowd and traffic noises] [Increasingly messy audio] [Footsteps] [Gentle music plays] [Phone typing sounds] In the past four years, I’ve made 16 trips in total to six countries countries like Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Vietnam India I take photographs and share about my travels on social media

[Phone typing sounds] the culture, the food, the life of the locals and it also teaches me to have an open mind and an open heart [Phone typing sounds] A lot of questions that I get are “Is it really safe?” “Won’t you have any communication problems?” The way I communicate is through phone I use translation apps So, I’ll translate from English to local languages that they speak [Phone typing sounds] You can get by with gesturing or using technology

So don’t worry about it This is how I gesture when I want to go to the bathroom If you are worried about getting around you can use ride-sharing apps like Grab I’ve tried Grab in Vietnam and Indonesia Grab has an in-built map feature which allows me to pinpoint the destination to the driver With the driver’s information in the app I can find him easily and ride with a peace of mind

Solo travelling has led to many different encounters with different kinds of people During a 17-hour train ride I met many kind-hearted people who gave me free food and I was really thankful towards them I also met little kids who came up and talked to me and they realised I was deaf and made fun of me I was very angry, but instead I took the opportunity to educate them

[Phone typing sounds] So, how I educated these kids was to show pictures from my previous trips and that allowed them to realise how I’m a fierce and independent person My future wish is to raise more awareness (for the deaf community) by showing deaf-owned businesses like cafes Any advice for travellers? [Phone typing sounds] [Record scratches] And don’t forget to bring your phone, ok? [Bell dings]

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